Valentyna - Mixed Breton and Bosmer by KingsGambit
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Inspired by some of the fascinating combinations people created by mixing the features of two races, Valentyna came to be. Half-Breton and Half-Wood Elf, she takes more strongly after her Bosmer heritage, gaining the same starting abilities as they do.

While her features, size and speed come from her Bosmer half, she has the skin tone, (red) hair and (green) eyes of a Breton. Save begins just inside Helgen Keep at the start, after having chosen to follow the Stormcloak rebel away from the carnage outside.

- Copy the file inside the attached archive to your Documents/My Games/Skyrim/Saves directory.
- If you already have a "Save 16" you may wish to rename this file by changing the number to first available higher number.

- Delete the file from the aforementioned directory.