Dark Ranger Armor by alceryes
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I enjoy playing a light armored, bow using, ranger. The Dark Brotherhood Armor has some great enchantments for this type of character, much more useful than other armor sets. However, it does not sit well, visually, with the ranger archetype. This Dark Ranger Armor mod uses the Thieves Guild armor set pieces but gives them the statistics of the Dark Brotherhood armor set. I have changed the weight, armor rating, and enchantments of each piece to match those of their Dark Brotherhood counterpart. I have set the value of the Dark Ranger Armor pieces to one gold each (they're meant to be worn, not sold). I have added the 'Dark Ranger Full Set' perk if you are wearing all four pieces, to mimic the 'Shrouded Armor Full Set' perk of the Dark Brotherhood armor. The Dark Ranger armor set is located inside the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary. See readme for the location (otherwise enjoy the Easter egg hunt)