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ArbitraryFA - Imperial.esm : Portable consumables used from inventory such as a hammer for tempering or bellows for smelting; new recipes to condense crafting materials and lighten your inventory. Portable camp gear such as a Cot to sleep in and a Utility Bench for crafting; and new traps. Imperial followers and better stat Armors/Weapons.

Full detail can be found at the forum topic:

1) Imperial Scout, Mage, and Soldier Auxiliary followers in the entrance of Castle Dour.
2) Castle Dour changed to CWImperialFaction. Changes a bed downstairs to player owned with a chest next to it named Imperial Scout Chest. Adds a Cooking Pot to the stove.
3) Adds Temper-able Imperial weapons with Elven stats and Penitus Oculatus armor with Scaled stats. Req. Advanced Armors Perk. Set Name: Imperial Regalia
4) Adds crafted [Camp] recipes, dropped from inventory -> enter sneak mode & activate.
5) Adds 1 use consumable [Kit] recipes used (activated) from inventory.
6) Adds 1 use consumable [Condensed] recipes used (activated) from inventory.
7) Adds crafted [Trap] recipes, dropped from inventory -> enter sneak mode & activate.

--- (1) Camp Gear - drop from inventory -> enter sneak mode & activate.
- "[Camp] Imperial Cot” - Bed
- "[Camp] Stool” -
- "[Camp] Utility Bench” - Tanning Rack + Utility Pack
- "[Camp] Utility Pack” - Unique Workbench used exclusively to make “[Condensed] Raw …” & “[Trap] …” recipes in the field (can be used directly from inventory as well, but is not a consumable)
--- (2) Crafted Field Kits - 1 time use (Activate the item from inventory, exit inventory menu, craft away wherever you are; once you activate one of the [Kit] used is removed like a consumable) Forge or [Camp] Utility Bench:
- "[Kit] Arms Hammer" (Temper Weapons/Grindstone) 1.3 lb
- "[Kit] Armor Tongs" (Temper Armor/Workbench) 0.7 lb
- "[Kit] Bellows" (Smelter) 3.0 lb
- “[Kit] Saw” - weigh 0.3 pounds ea, upon equipping/activating the player receives 7 firewood and 1 “[Kit] Saw” is removed from inventory. The idea is rather than carrying around 7 heavy logs, you only carry a light saw which can be used to gather the logs around you in the wilderness.
--- (3) Crafted Condensed Packs - 1 time use consumables to consolidate weight
Tanning Rack
- “[Condensed] Ingots - Basic” 3.0LB : 2xLeather Strips, 9xIron Ingot, 9xSteel Ingot
- “[Condensed] Ingots - Aesthetic” 0.3LB : 2xLeather Strips, 3xSilver Ingot, 3xGold Ingot
- “[Condensed] Leather” 1.0LB : 2xLeather Strips, 21xLeather, 21xLeather Strips
- “[Condensed] Field Kit” 3.0LB : 2xLeather Strips, 1x[Kit] Bellows, 3x[Kit] Armor Tongs, 3x[Kit] Arms Hammer, 1x[Kit] Saw
[Camp] Utility Pack
- “[Condensed] Raw Iron” 0.7LB : 1xLeather Strips, 9xIron Ore
- “[Condensed] Raw Leather” 0.3LB : 1xLeather Strips, 13xLeather
- “[Condensed] Raw Strips” 0.1LB : 1xLeather Strips, 13xLeather Strips
During the CW Questline the player does not really have a fix/convenient domicile, rather the PC travels between the Hold’s Camps, Forts, Capitals, and HQ. To combat this I introduce recipes with the concept the PC consolidates or redistributes his/her inventory (pack/backpack). If you have ever been hiking you may have made a few adjustments to belts, harnesses, distribution of weight, etc. and this simple rearrangement may help to lift some burden and give the sense of a lighter load; Of course the weight of the Condensed items added is greatly exaggerated.
So for instance: “[Condensed] Ingots - Basic” recipe requires 9-Iron Ingots, 9-Steel Ingots, and 2-Leather Strips (for the adjustments). Upon activating the misc sack item “[Condensed] Ingots - Basic” from your inventory you will receive 9xIron Ingots, 9xSteel Ingots and the misc item “[Condensed] Ingots - Basic” representing the adjustments to your inventory bag will disappear. So you gain everything you put into the recipe when you use it aside from a few leather strips *yet* rather than carrying around the weight of those 18 ingots you only have to carry around the misc item “[Condensed] Ingots - Basic” which weighs next to nothing and you will only need to take the ingots from the consolidated pack when you need them.
--- (4) Traps - Crafted with “[Camp] Utility Pack”; drop from inventory -> enter sneak mode & activate
- “[Trap] Imperial Tripwire” - Knocks down actors who walk through the trap (Not triggered by PlayerFaction)
- “[Trap] Packed Tripwire” - ! Please do not have more than 1 “[Trap] Imperial Tripwire” in your inventory or in the same cell at a time! Use a “[Camp] Utility Pack” or “[Camp] Utility Bench” to create a “[Trap] Packed Tripwire” which is opened thru inventory by activating the item, just like [Condensed] pouches. This will avoid many issues and bugs.

--- NOTES ---
1) If misc items added by this mod stop working for whatever reason when you attempt to activate/equip them from inventory try dropping all of that item from your inventory, pick them up, and then try to activate them again.
2) All items are crafted from a Forge, Tanning Rack, or [Camp] Utility under the “Imperial” category.

--- (1) Similar to the “[Condensed]” packs, I will introduce “[Voucher]”s which will be made from a much larger sum of crafting materials (Ingots, Ore, Leather) and weigh 0. You will be able to redeem a “[Voucher]” from an Imperial Quartermaster (Which I plan to station at every Fort as well, just like they are at the camps).
--- (2) [Kit] Saw - I would like to make it so while in an exterior cell the screen will dim and after an in-game hour passes the player receives 7 firewood.
--- (3) Craftable cooking fire that burns out after 3 hours, will also try to make something (if not this item) compatible with Hypothermia (Having issues with the fire not changing meshes each hour as I want it to)

--- --- ---
I am actually in the process of mapping out other factions, beginning with the Imperial Legion. That is the reason the name of my first file is "ArbitraryFA - Forsworn" (Arbitrary Faction Additions - Forsworn). Because I intended, or perhaps anticipated, ArbitraryFA - ... to be a theme of a mod series I release. The Forsworn to be honest, aside from being my fav faction, was the faction I wished to play at the time and having no experience with the CK the Forsworn Faction Pack mod was my experiment and orientation to modding. ArbitraryFA - Forsworn was my first mod.
I expect future mod releases concerning arbitrary faction additions like Forsworn Faction Pack; most however will likely be much lighter mods than my first (I really went all out with the word arbitrary), like the Imperial Legion, because they already have a vanilla/initial foundation in the game. The Forsworn did not, and I built it essentially from scratch.
--- --- ---

The mod will be based around how I play; and have similar adaptations/aspects to and stems from my mod
Forsworn Faction Pack
Nexus: http://skyrim.nexusm...le.php?id=12436
Steam: http://steamcommunit...tails/?id=15401

Some of the ardent and prevalent mods I will be using in conjunction with my game-play as an Imperial include…
WARZONES - Civil Unrest by MyGoodEye:
Wars in Skyrim IV by Alexandrox:
Imp's More Complex Needs:
Frostfall - Hypothermia, Camping, Survival:
Camping Kit of the Northern Ranger: