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Adds Rings that make player Detect Life and Undead, also improved nightvision (NightEye) also a ring of Clairvoyance.

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My first mod for Skyrim.
Just to learn Creation kit basics.

this mod started with a ring named "Ring of UltraVision" (as i lacked a better name)

It has been extended with additional rings, after user feedback in the comment field.

The latest version adds multiple rings.
The Original:
Ring of UltraVision (NightEye + Detect Life,Undead,Dwarwen and Daedra )
Ring of Aura Vision (Same as above, without NightEye)
Ring of Clairvoyance. (Constant Clairvoyance. aka shows path to current quest objective.)
Ring of Aura of the Dead. (Shows ONLY Killed NPC's)

The Rings are only craftable at the SkyForge in Whiterun, and requires the "Arcane Blacksmith" Perk.

The rings also have a "Uber version" of itself. wich provide greater detect distance. > Aurora Whisper shout.

Hope you enjoy this simple mod!
And please let me know if you have any issues.

* update 0.4
added ring "Ring of Aura Vision" that only contains: Detect Life and Undead.
Aura Vision Ring: Requires: Gold Ring and 1 filled Grand SoulGem

Tweaked prices.

* update 0.5
added ring "Ring of Clairvoyance"
Requires: one Gold Ring, 2 filled Grand SoulGem and Fire Salts.

Edit: Obs, there is someting wrong with the "Name" of the Default version. sorry.
also added optional file with Uber rings. (Detects life far away)
* update 0.5b

this subversion modifies the rings to detect all. aka includes dwarven and daedra
Only available as uber edition. if you want a limited range edition. let me know.

* update 0.5d
Includes new ring that detects only killed NPC's. no update for the "standard" version.
let me know if you think the uber versions is unrealistically "overpowerd" and i will release a separate version that does not include Uber rings.

* update 0.5g
Fixed Aura of the Dead (killed NPC's)