Path of The Battlemaster by Zigurd
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Path of The Battlemaster adds a new Combo Mechanic to the game through which the warrior aspect of gameplay is enhanced.

The Mod is built for warrior combat in general and works for any type of weapon.

How to Install:

-Extract everything in your Data folder or use the manager.
-Make sure you have the 1.5 version installed. (important)

How this works:

In order to trigger certain special attacks, the player must do a sequence of normal attacks or power attacks.
In order to get started, try any variation of consecutive power attacks. (I will add a combo move list later today)
There are 4 types of Power Attacks in the Game: Back, Front, Side and Standing. Linking Power Attacks with Normal Attacks or with other Power Attacks will trigger an unique Specila Move.

Ex: While with your weapon drawn, move backwards and hold down the attack button. After the attack animation is finished, link the attack with a Standing Power Attack (hold down the attack button while not moving)

Note: equip and reequip your weapon in order to trigger the script after loading the game for the 1st time.