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////Version 1.03////
Moryth's friends ''Seltih'' and the talking dog Kiko have arrived at Riften and they brought 5 spelltomes with them to sell.

- Cure
- Serenity Force
- Flames of Retribution
- Saint Ward
- Ethereal Anomaly
- Ethereal Maiden

''Nagroba'' has joined the temple in whiterun with new spells to sell.

- Summon Spirit Skeever
- Summon Spirit Mudcrab
- Summon Spirit Wolf
- Summon Spirit Bear
- Summon Spirit SabreCat
- Summon Spirit Mammoth
- Summon Spirit Troll
- Summon Spirit Dog
- Summon Spirit Fox
- Summon Spirit Goat
- Summon Spirit Horse
- Summon Spirit Spider
- Summon Spirit Stag
- Summon Spirit Dragon

A new stranger has arrived at the Markarth silver-blood inn named "Cecil' and he has the folowing tomes for sale.

- Blood Cloud
- Soul Rapture
- Soul Rot Shots
- Chaurus Terror
- Shade

((will be making more spells but these are the once i have so far.))

place the .rar file into C:\Games\Skyrim\mods and make sure it's check marked in the mod lists.