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This is a simple CHEAT item(ring) that will allow you to cast magic indefinitely.

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[size=13]Magica Master[/size]

Note - The mod is now updated to version 1.1, and the ring now can be disenchanted and re-enchanted on different item. The enchantment can be enchanted on Necklace, Ring, Hat, Circlet, Clothing, Helmet, and Armor. Please note that, you need to use at least Common Soul Gem in order to get 100% effect.

This is a cheat item(ring) that will allow you to cast any magic indefinitely. This ring is enchanted with effects that will make all 5 schools of magic cost 100% less magicka to cast, which will result in unlimited magic. I created this item for testing purpose months ago, and I decided to share it along with my other mod since it was sitting in my hard drive together.

This is for people who want to test their magic, or people who want to be able to spam their magic without 'tgm' command. This is not for people who want to play game normally. So, please use it responsively.


Installation is simple. Just use NMM to download, or download manually and add it on NMM, or extract the .esp file and place it in the Data folder.

How to use

I did not place the item on the world because this was made for testing purpose. After successfully installing the mod, you will have to open the console in the game, and type in "help magicka 0" without quotation mark to get its item code. Use "page up" and "page down" key to scroll up and down on the console screen if necessary. When you have to item code, type in "player.additem [item code] 1" without quotation in the console to receive the ring. And then you can put the ring on, and the effects will start kicking in right away. You can check the effects in your magic effect menu just like you would with other enchantments.