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Sorry, The following explanation is machine translation.
Please read readme.txt for details.

!! Important !!
When updating to v0.06->v0.07a or v1.xx, only replace GRHotKeys.asi.
However, please be sure to register all hotkeys again.

v0.07a above ->v1.xx only replace GRHotKeys.asi.


1. Update History

2012/03/11 v0.01beta (first release)
2012/03/12 v0.02beta CTD fix. etc.
2012/03/13 v0.03beta CTD fix. new function add.
2012/3/16 v0.04 Dual Wielding adapt
2012/3/24 v0.05 Armor set adapt
2012/4/7 v0.06 Bug fix. etc. Nexus Upload.
2012/4/18 v0.07a A load order problem is solved.
2012/5/1 v1.00 ArmorSet key registration correspondence. etc.
2012/5/10 v1.03 Load order auto search bug fixed.
2012/5/19 v1.04 Fixed UnequipAll(default U Key) -> Charge Down.
Fixed UnequipAll(default U Key) -> Not unequip custom enchantment effect
2012/6/13 v1.05 Fixed Skyrim 1.6 CTD. Fixed Shout Registration bug.
2012/8/1 v1.06 Fixed Skyrim 1.7 CTD.
2012/11/7 v1.08 Fixed Skyrim 1.8 CTD.
2012/11/7 v1.09 Fixed Skyrim 1.9 CTD.


2. Outline


- Add 21 hot keys other than a standard hot key.
- Equipment of both hands can be registered into one hot key by a set.
Of course, registration of only one hand is also possible.
- QuickCast function
Magic can be released only by pressing the hot key, without changing equipment of both hands.
- Add eight equipment set keys.
(For protector + accessory)
If this hot key is used, complete equipment can be changed with a one button.

(*) The above-mentioned function does not correspond to 1-8 standard key.


3. Installation/Uninstallation


- Install
First of all, ScriptDragon is downloaded and installed from a lower link.
Please refer to other sites about installation of ScriptDragon.

It should thaw and the asi folder in the made folder should have the following three files.

Please change one of the names of the following files with PC in use.
Note : GRHotKeys.ini.Note -> GRHotKeys.ini (Keys other than a numpad key are assigned. )
Desktop : GRHotKeys.ini.Desk -> GRHotKeys.ini (A numpad key is mainly assigned. )

Please move the following two files to the Skyrim/asi folder.

- Uninstall
Delete two installed files (GRHotKeys.asi, GRHotKeys.ini) manually after the end of a game.


4. Usage


---- Explanation of a term ----
Hotkey: The key which registers equipment of both hands.
ArmorSet key: The key which registers the equipment set(protector, Accessory) of those other than both hands

---- Control key ----

K - Registration Start.
B - Unequip one hand item.
U - Unequip all.
X - Interrupt Magic

(*)The above keys can be changed.

ALT - For registration of QuickCast
SHIFT - For registration/equipment of ArmorSet

---- Usage Hotkey ----

- The kind of Hotkey

Initial setting of the following two patterns is carried out by the kind of PC.

Note : F1-F9 9 0 - ^ \ @ [ ] BackSlash . ; :
Desktop : F1-F8 Numpad( . 0 9 + - * / ) Insert Delete Home End Pageup Pagedn

These keys can be altogether changed by GRHotKeys.ini.

Since F5 and F9 key are assigned to the quick save and the quick load by the standards of Skyrim,
please change from the setting screen of Skyrim beforehand.

- Registration to a Hotkey

Simple explanation:

Normal : Equip both hands -> Press K -> Press the Hotkey to register -> Finish
Shout : Equip Shout ( Both hand are empty ) -> Press K -> Press the Hotkey to register -> Finish
QuickCast : Equip magic -> Press K -> Press the ALT+Hotkey to register -> Finish

Detailed explanation:

Please read readme.txt

- Use of a Hotkey

Normal : Press the Hotkey -> Equipped both hands
Shout : Press the Hotkey -> Equipped shout
QuickCast : Press the Hotkey -> Magic is casted automatically.

---- Usage ArmorSet key----

- The kind of ArmorSet key

SHIFT + F1 - F8

F1-F8 can change.
SHIFT can not change.

- Registration to a ArmorSetkey

Press K -> Press the SHIFT + ArmorSet key to register -> Finish

- Use of a ArmorSetkey

Press the SHIFT + ArmorSet key -> Equipped