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IMPORTANT: My new mainpicture was taken with my alternate version!

discontinued so now you can make everything with it but nevertheless you have to credit the same users how I have done!!!

This is my first work/ project for Skyrim.
I haven´t big experience in modding or such else but I tried to make my own preset which is my special taste and I hope you like it.

Now my enb preset is ready for the new KAGE 0113 version sorry that it has taken so long but at the moment I have more to do in RL.
Thank you for your patience.

Some Screenshots which you can see by images aren´t made by the max settings and on the highest resolution because my PC isn´t fast
that means that the quality on better machines is much better.

Important: The following values are disabled by default EnableDepthOfField and UseComplexIndirectLighting to activate these effects open your enbseries.ini and change it as follows:

EnableDepthOfField=false > EnableDepthOfField=true
UseComplexIndirectLighting=false > UseComplexIndirectLighting=true

For more quality only recommend for powerful computers change it as follows:

Quality=1 > Quality=0 (for weaker computers you can change it to 2)
(for the best quality set it to -1 but only if you have a highend computer!!!)

SamplingQuality=1 > SamplingQualitiy=0 (for weaker computers you can change this to 2)
FilterQuality=1 > FilterQuality=0 (also for here you cange it to 2 for weaker pcs)
(for the best quality set it to -1 but only if you have a highend computer!!!)

DetailedShadowQuality=1 > DetailedShadowQuality=0 (here for weaker computers set the value also to 2)
(for the best quality set it to -1 but only if you have a highend computer!!!)

For better looking if you haven´t done open your SkyrimPrefs.ini and change the following values:


Now the new version 1.03 which is based on Boris Vorontsovs Kage profile is out!
Screenshots of the new version can you see at once my mainimage and by images.
please give me feedback what I can make better and if you like my preset endorse it.
Thanks to all users who have endorsed my work.

Credits goes to:

>> Plutoman101, 747823, Leviathan1753, Sydney666 and also Realyan (NMM) and CartmanIX(BAIN) for making the installers! All the mod authors who have agreed to collaborate with Realistic Lighting and everyone else who's helped find the issues around the plugin.
For their nice work called Realistic Lightning >>

used in version 1.01 and 1.03 of my preset

>> artem1s for his nice Dark Dungeon Mod >>
only included in version 1.01 of my preset

>> Retspadez for his outstanding fxaa post process injector >>
used since version 1.02

>> Matso for his nice DoF thanks man! >> his enb >>

>> Boris Vorontsov for his nice and popular graphics enhancement project ENB Series >>

sry for my bad english^^