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This mod that allows you to choose where you want to get the target for your Thieves Guild job when talking with Vex and Delvin. Plus: timed missions, more target cities and special items related to the jobs.

Permissions and credits
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!!! Check the sticky topic for possible information when jobs are not starting after dialogue !!!

This mod primarily allows you to choose where you want to get the target for your Thieves Guild job when talking with Vex and Delvin. Every other randomization and rules are as in vanilla.

For important troubleshoot information see the sticky topic on nexus mod's comments.

- if you like the fact that I added more cities show that trough endorsements (nexus), favorites (steam) and comments if you wish that I add more towns (villages) as possible targets for the jobs. I won't go on that path if everyone is just doing those jobs in Riften to get to the 125 needed to be done.
- in order to progress in the Thieves Guild you have to do those quests in all major cities (not those added by 3.00 is up to you if you want to do that, they count towards the 125 target but no special job, for now, if you do 5 in those minor cities), so in the long run don't forget to choose all of them.
- if you have a mod that extends cities or edits interiors and want those to be valid targets for the jobs fully compatible with my mod then contact me if you want any help in setting the things up for that

Current features as per latest update:
- Allows you to choose the city (hold) where to be sent on the job or the vanilla choice for total randomness (since 1.00)
- Allows choice for a time limited mission for greater reward, if you don't make it back in the time you willingly selected the job will fail (since 2.00)
- Adds Vex and Delvin's jobs in Dawnstar, Falkreath, Morthal, Winterhold (since 3.00)
- A logbook obtainable from Vex via dialogue that keeps track of your jobs done per city. The log will properly update after you successfully finish a job.
- Fixed vanilla issue when bringing back a stolen item could result in removal of another similar one as mentioned on wikis. Just did it because the issue was in quests I edited for other reasons, please report if still happens.
- Adds Nightingale Shield (with permissions from the modelers, see credits) with very unique enchantment as a reward after finishing 5 jobs in all 9 holds. If you already did that do one more mission then get the reward from Karliah when you meet her, if you finished her quests a courier will deliver a letter from her. PLEASE DON'T SPOIL THE ENCHANTMENT ON COMMENTS ;)

Update history: see changelog on nexus

- this won't be compatible with mods changing the jobs quests or the shell quest that manages them.

Thanks for the Nightingale Shield model permissions to:

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