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About this mod

Adds Open and Lock Spells to the Alteration school.

Permissions and credits
Tired of having to mess around trying to pick locks unsuccessfully?? Sick of wasting level gains on lockpicking just to yield blah/mediocre treasures? ? This mod is meant for you...

As a veteran of the Elder scrolls games, I was frustrated having to unlock chests and doors only with lockpicks, knowing that tried-and-true, superior arcane methods have long been available in the Alteration school of magic.

This Mod adds Open & Lock Spells to the Alteration school of magic. Previous Elder Scrolls titles have recognized the ability to open locks based on magical prowess in the school of Alteration. This mod extends that to Skyrim. The Open spells correspond to the various lock levels from Novice to Master and will open locks their level and lower. The lock spells applies a novice level lock.

How the Spells Work
The Spell works like the ability from 'The Tower' standing stone.
1) Cast the appropriate spell (grants caster the ability to magically open corresponding level or lower lock for 10 seconds).
2) Click a locked chest/door.
3) Options will appear to open it magically, or to use a lockpick.
4) Choose the magical option (on the left).
5) Chest or door should open.

By Request, a Lock spell is also available from Tolfdir. It works like the Open spells in that you cast it then click the door or container and select Lock from the pop-up.

Where to find the Spell Tomes
Novice Open from Lucan, Riverwood Trader
Apprentice & Novice Open from Farengar, Whiterun Court Wizard
Adept, Expert & Master Open from Tolfdir, Winterhold College Alteration Trainer
Added to the alteration leveled lists so various spell merchants should have them also
Lock spell only available from Tolfdir

This mod imbues the caster with the ability to unlock certain level locks (based on 'The Tower' ability) in an independent manner. As such, it should not conflict with other mods because it does not affect other aspects of the world (such as doors, containers, etc.). It is compatible with Midas Magic despite the redundant open spells. If there are any conflicts, please let me know and I will address if possible.

Change Log
Version 1.2
Added correct scripts to download package.
Added Lock spell by request.

Version 1.1
Corrected issue with Apprentice Opening.

Version 1.0
Added Open Spells for Novice, Apprentice, Adept, Expert & Master levels.
Distributed spells to alteration leveled lists
Distributed spells to vendors and alteration leveled lists.

Bethesda for making awesome games
zirize for Korean translation
Shadowmann for Russian translation

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Comments, Feedback and Suggestions are welcome.