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Druid Den by Kitty_k188
Skyrim » Player homes
Added: 06/04/2012 - 01:00AM
Updated: 08/07/2013 - 07:24PM

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2.8 Latest version

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Uploaded by kitty_k188


Last updated at 19:24, 8 Jul 2013 Uploaded at 1:00, 6 Apr 2012

Druid themed player home, also suitable for ranger type players and warewolves. Located right above the Valtheim Towers, close to Whiterun and has a beautiful view.

In V2.8 Home includes:

- Stable and pet pen

- Library with 3 named chests and lots of working bookselves

- Smithing/leatherworking/smelting area with 3 chests for material/supply organization

- Bedroom with manequins, display cases, shelves and safe

- Treasury with named chests for better organization, manequins and shield/weapon racks aswell as
dagger display cases also portal to Merchant in ext

- 3 different entrances (teleport stone to Mages Quarters, stable trap door to Cavern area & Main

- Mages area with enchanter/alchemy lab and named chests aswell as a alchemical garden (will be
upgraded) and a mage-specific Library

- Cave area has a shrine to Nocturnal, a Treasury (still under construction) a kitchen and companion

- Fully NavMeshed so your companions will follow you inside

- Teleport spell - Nature's call will work on followers aswell

- Dawnguard Room with teleport to Dawnguard HQ

- Warewolf Cavern

- Merchant

- Home no longer requires key

- Skeleton key in treasury

Future Updates:
- quest to obtain the home and "understand its origins"
- complete Dark Brotherhood area
- complete Warewolf pit
- pet wolf or saber as possible follower (eventually...hopefully) :P
- Vampire Area
- more NPCs with lore friendly background story

- Dawnguard DLC
- Dragonborn DLC

- also check out Saerileth's redesighn here :)

I'll be more than happy to try and help when it comes to bugs and fixes although my CK knowledge is very limited ^^

Hope you guys like it and plz note that this is something I made for myself and though it might not be a bad idea to share since I found nothing of this sort already made.

Thnx and enjoy :D

Credits - Thank You to!:

- Blary: Moth in Cage Resource, Ingredients Wall Art Resource, Alchemy Clutter Resource,
PotionShelf Resource, BookSets Resource, OpenBook Resource, FoodContainer Resource

- Oaristys: Modders Resource Pack

- Fountain in library inspired by Mattcm919 in The Asteria

- Also big Thank you for all who supported me and helped me out with glitches and general CK
stuff I didn't manage on my own

*If anyone recognises their resources please contact me to add to Credits (I download stuff and then
don't remember who's it is LOL :S so please notify me and I'll gladly give credit :)