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"Druid-like" home near the Valtheim Towers with epic view. Also suits Ranger-type player.
Features: Library, Treasury, Smithing/leatherworking area, Bedroom and Main hall with manequins and display cases, Mages quarter with alchemist's garden and Library, Stables, Werewolf cavern, Mini Vampire Lair

Permissions and credits
Druid themed player home, also suitable for ranger type players and warewolves. Located right above the Valtheim Towers, close to Whiterun and has a beautiful view.

In V2.8 Home includes:

- Stable and pet pen

- Library with 3 named chests and lots of working bookselves

- Smithing/leatherworking/smelting area with 3 chests for material/supply organization

- Bedroom with manequins, display cases, shelves and safe

- Treasury with named chests for better organization, manequins and shield/weapon racks aswell as
dagger display cases also portal to Merchant in ext

- 3 different entrances (teleport stone to Mages Quarters, stable trap door to Cavern area & Main

- Mages area with enchanter/alchemy lab and named chests aswell as a alchemical garden (will be
upgraded) and a mage-specific Library

- Cave area has a shrine to Nocturnal, a Treasury (still under construction) a kitchen and companion

- Fully NavMeshed so your companions will follow you inside

- Teleport spell - Nature's call will work on followers aswell

- Dawnguard Room with teleport to Dawnguard HQ

- Warewolf Cavern

- Merchant

- Home no longer requires key

- Skeleton key in treasury

Future Updates:
- quest to obtain the home and "understand its origins"
- complete Dark Brotherhood area
- complete Warewolf pit
- pet wolf or saber as possible follower (eventually...hopefully) :P
- Vampire Area
- more NPCs with lore friendly background story

- Dawnguard DLC
- Dragonborn DLC

- also check out Saerileth's redesighn here :)

I'll be more than happy to try and help when it comes to bugs and fixes although my CK knowledge is very limited ^^

Hope you guys like it and plz note that this is something I made for myself and though it might not be a bad idea to share since I found nothing of this sort already made.

Thnx and enjoy :D

Credits - Thank You to!:

- Blary: Moth in Cage Resource, Ingredients Wall Art Resource, Alchemy Clutter Resource,
PotionShelf Resource, BookSets Resource, OpenBook Resource, FoodContainer Resource

- Oaristys: Modders Resource Pack

- Fountain in library inspired by Mattcm919 in The Asteria

- Also big Thank you for all who supported me and helped me out with glitches and general CK
stuff I didn't manage on my own

*If anyone recognises their resources please contact me to add to Credits (I download stuff and then
don't remember who's it is LOL :S so please notify me and I'll gladly give credit :)