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Improved race descriptions for the character creator, aiming to improve immersion and make role-playing easier.

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The aim of this (admittedly simple) mod is to improve the race descriptions seen on the character creation screen. I always felt they were somewhat lacking, providing the barest details, but no real sense of the characteristics of the races, nor any indicators for role-playing.

The new descriptions all offer three things:
- General characteristics of the race (homeland, perhaps history, perhaps attitude)
- Information about racial abilities (though without using the names of such skills)
- Some observation about the race as seen in Skyrim

Obviously, I try to avoid spoilers, but I feel it is useful to know something about the High Elves (for example), their role in the Great War, and the Thalmor before you play the game as one, since these things will colour the attitude of numerous NPCs.

To give you an example, here's the original text for Wood Elves:
The clanfolk of the Western Valenwood forests, also known as "Bosmer." Wood elves make good scouts and thieves, and there are no finer archers in all of Tamriel. They have natural resistances to both poisons and diseases. They can Command Animals to fight for them.

And this is my version:
The Wood Elves - or "Bosmer" - of Valenwood are the best archers in Tamriel. The Green Pact prohibits them from harming the vegetation of their homeland (imported produce is permitted), making them religiously carnivorous. With a natural resistance to disease and poison, and the ability to command hostile animals, Wood Elves are supreme hunters. They can often be found hunting and poaching in Skyrim, though a settlement in the southern forests is rumored to exist.

(The rumored settlement is Elvenwood - I figured it wouldn't matter if you don't have that mod installed, since it's only a rumour ;-) )

I've tried to use American English as far as possible, although that's tricky because I'm British. If you spot anything which is just completely wrong, please let me know; that goes for typos as well, of course.

Similarly, if there are any howling errors in the lore, please tell me. I did refer to extensively, but I'm relatively new to the Elder Scrolls series (sacrilege!).

One other thing I should mention: this mod originally came about through some writing I did for T3nd0s Overhaul - Perks - Racials - Gameplay - More - having written descriptions for T3nd0's adapted/enhanced races, I thought I'd convert them back to the vanilla game and try to make my own mod.

Naturally, this mod will conflict with anything that changes the race descriptions or races, T3nd0's overhaul included.

But it does work with Live Another Life - the screenshots were taken in the opening cell of LAL, in fact.

Version Log:
1.02 (7 April 2012)
- Fixed typo in Argonian description (thanks Oryx)

1.01 (6 April 2012)
- Fixed typo in Wood Elf description.

1.0 (5 April 2012)
- Initial release

- Bethesda, for some reason, I can't remember what exactly.
- The Nexus, for being so awesome.
- T3nd0, for getting the ball rolling.

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