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Add the Hentai Demonis (retextured as Mithris by Korana) armor from oblivion. Now Called \'Demothris, Talos\'s Amazon\'

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Hi and welcome on my mod. You loved the Push up Bikini ? Unfortunately this is not practical for killing dragons. This a solution for you :
This mod is a convertion of Hentai Demonis armor by Zotmann12 and the retexture by Korana. I add to it my push up body to give a more natural effect with the tight clothes. The breasts are not wood, they own a physic. According to the clothing worn they change shape and adapt. This mod correct that. The effect is more noticeable if you have a character with a big chest. Remember, it is not animated, it has to be considered as a clothe.

You can have all the bonus of light armor. The defence is like the glass armor.
You can upgrade the armor at forge.

Important note : the armor can be combined with Dark Lilith Armor.

The armor is located in a chest in Solitude next to the execution place.

The Pushup body is a modified body from Caliente made by me. It "equip" the most of my clothing mods to give a more natural effect with the tight clothes. That why all my mods are uncompatible with other type of body . This body works perfectly with all the CBBE original bodies. See my others mods to see more examples. It doesn't replace anything.

Q : The push up Effect affect all the body/armor of the game ?

-No, only the clothes or armors called "pushup" will give you with effect. It is a body replacer dedicated to certain body armor I made.

Q : Next project ?

-Yes, it is a secret !

To give me motivations, please endorse ^^

Version 1.0 05/04/2012 (currently version)

- Make sure tu use the lastest update or the desired version.
- Make sure you have the lighe ''bEnableFileSelection=1'' in SkyrimPrefs.ini under [Launcher].
- Make sure "Demothris .esp" is checked in Data Files in the Skyrim launcher or in Nexus mod Manager.
- If you update, copy files into data directory and click Ok to overwrite files.

Calientes Female Body CBBE by Caliente

Not yet

* Caliente for her beautiful CBBE.
* Zotman12 for his original work on Oblivion.
* Korana For her retexture.

By l1nkown and mrkrossfaith