Karliah Jacket Armor for UNP by Saenic
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Added: 04/04/2012 - 11:36AM
Updated: 20/07/2013 - 12:59PM

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Last updated at 12:59, 20 Jul 2013 Uploaded at 11:36, 4 Apr 2012

When I saw Echo1162's CBBE Duelist Armor based on Hentais Karliah 2 Armor I loved it but since I play with UNP body it would have looked strange. So I learned how to use Blender and made my own Armor based on Hentai's original version. I didn't like Hentai's shirt so I removed it ;) For those who don't like that shirtless look I've made an optional version with Bra based on SFW Bikini.

This is a standalone armor called "Karliah's Jacket" which can be found in a new chest in Nightingall Hall. You can find it if you follow to corridor to initiation room and turn right at the crossing.
The armor is enchanted with several stats. The Thieves Guild Armor has thieving stats and nightingale/shrouded has combat stats and I didn't wanted to switch all the time so I put a mix of both on the armor.

- Karliah's Jacket: +30 Health and +35 Carrying capacity
- Karliah's Hood: +15% better Prices and +20% Bow damage
- Karliah's Gloves: +15% Pickpocket and +20% One-handed damage
- Karliah's Boots: +15% Lockpicking and +0.5 Muffle (same as most boots with Muffle)

The Gloves are modified Thieves Guild Bracers and the boots use the default Thieves Guild model.
The hood is invisible (takes circlet slot) because I found no cap that would match the open jacket ;)

I've added the Nightingale Armor Keyword so it gets a matching set bonus. I wanted to use Thieves Guild Keyword but it turned out there is no such Keyword and the default Thieves Guild Armor does not count as matching set.

- added optional black Bra color. Extract the file into Skyrim directory and replace the white one. Requires a version with bra installed and changes the color for both standalone and replacer.
- added Thieves Guild Armor replacer. Uses the same torso and gloves meshes like standalone. If you don't like the Thieves Guild Hood, use a No Helmet Mod ;)

- requires DIMONIZED UNP Body
- it was made with latest Creation Kit and therefore requires Skyrim 1.5 or later

It might work with CBBE but there is always Echo's Duelist Armor or Nausicaas Conversion ;)

- Extract all files in your Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\ directory
- Enable Karliah's Jacket.esp in your Launcher

Loadorder shouldn't matter as long as no other mod modifies Nightingale Hall.

- no weight slider support yet!
- small clipping issues when sneaking
- the armor uses parts of the original Thieves Guild Armor so if you have a texture replacer installed you might get strange looks
- no male model, male version has default Thieves Guild Armor look

- none

- Orignal Jacket Mesh and Belt textures taken from Karliah Armor 2 by Hentai
- Body Mesh and SFW Bikini taken from DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
- Idea based on Thieves Guild Duelist Armor by Echo1162

- Thieves Guild Textures taken from Bethesda's original Skyrim textures and HighResTexturePack