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Ever been annoyed by the comments guards make about your lycanthropy when you\'re already healed of it? Here\'s a simple fix to stop them.

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So when you turned into a werewolf, the guards will start making comments like,
"Uch. Been tending your hounds? You smell like wet dog."
"Is that... fur? Coming out of your ears?"

Well, that's good, but the problem is, even when you have healed yourself of the disease(lycanthropy) and are no longer a werewolf, guards will still make that comment.

This is a simple fix that will make the guards stop making those "fur" comments once you have healed yourself of lycanthropy. They will still comment about your "fur" in your ear if you still are a werewolf. This was done with creation kit, by adding a condition to the dialogue to check if the player is a werewolf or not(which Bethesda forgot to include).


Installation is simple, just use NMM to download, or download the file and add it on NMM manually. Or you could just simply extract the .esp file and manually place it in Data folder and activate it on launcher menu.

What is fixed?

I was able to find 3 comments that are related to player him/herself, and they are all fixed using the method I mentioned above. The comments are,

"Uch. Been tending your hounds? You smell like wet dog."
"Is that... fur? Coming out of your ears?"
"I find your wolfish grin... unsettling."

However, there are 2 more comments which are not directed at the player.

"I'm telling you, I heard it. Howling. Those werewolf tales are true."
"With respect, Companion, I'd ask that you and your friends muzzle that dog of yours. The howling coming from Jorrvaskr has gotten out of hand."

I left these comments untouched, because even when you finished the companion's quest, you'll still have one werewolf nonetheless, which makes some sense for guards to make those comments.

Optional files

I added an optional file that removes guards comment on Ancient Nord Armor about how it stinks. This is standalone and can be installed with the main file.

I also added an alternate version of the main fix, which removes the comment "Is that... fur? Coming out of your ears?" completely for Khajiit race for apparently obvious reason. (You don't say? They already have fur coming out of their ear!) This fix will still allow the other race werewolves to hear the comment. Do not install the main file together with this.

As requested, I also added an optional(alternate) version which disables the 3 comments that main file fixes. The guards won't mention anything about your fur, wolfish grin, or wet dog smell even if you're a werewolf. Do not install the main file together with this.