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Adds many new fish to the waters of Skyrim. Both smaller pond fish and bigger fish in the category with salmon. RND and IMCN patch available.

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If anyone wants to do a video review of my mod, please do so!

There is a few things I want you to know about this mod. First thing being that I'm using this as a learning experience. Second thing is that I am trying to make this mod as good as possible for everyone. So feel free to have some input in the comments. If I missed something vital within the mod after releasing the update, don't be surprised. I have done it before. Oh and if there is anything that's hard to understand in my Readme please feel free to tell me, because if you don't understand it, that's not good. :)

The intentions of this mod are to enhance Skyrim's aquatic life. I have added a total of 19 big fish. Big fish are the ones that will spawn with Salmon.
The 19 big fish are as followed:

1. Amago
2. Amur Catfish
3. Ayu
4. Blue Gill
5. Bocaccio
6. Carp
7. Cherry Salmon
8. Charcoal Hikel
9. Dolly Varden
10. Flathead Mullet
11. Herabuna
12. Large Mouth Bass
13. Oriental Weatherfish
14. Rainbow Trout
15. Tanago
16. Three Spined Stickleback
17. White Spotted Char
18. Yellow Fin Goby
19. Tiger Trout

I have also added a substantial 33 pond fish! They all have separate ingredients, which can be found within Fish Barrels, Apothecary Satchels, Vendors, and more.
The 33 pond fish are as followed:

1. Split Fin Cail
2. Black Cap Gramma
3. Green Maggy
4. Blue Maggy
5. Blood Red Maggy
6. Golden Spotted Tarril
7. Sapphire Goplet
8. Striped Yellow Tapo
9. Bamel
10. Blended Bamel
11. Lavender Bamel
12. Tiger Bamel
13. Golden Back Flit
14. Striped Copper Tapo
15. Brown Diamond Yue Fish
16. Blue Tagger
17. Dirty Tagger
18. Yellow Tagger
19. Purple Tinted Bassier
20. Emerald Tinted Bassier
21. Speckled Mote
22. Blue Headed Foby
23. Plum Foby
24. Mint Foby
25. Pink Zig Zag Zuet
26. Imperial Yip
27. Alpha Pasteled Wend
28. Omega Pasteled Wend
29. Royal Blue Weas
30. Peacock Rail
31. Lime Weas
32. Dark Orchid Weas
33. Lilac Dersol


-Random bug fixes
-Changed values for spawning range, and amount of fish spawned.
-Hopefully cleared out some/most the log spam.
-All fish have the same turn radius, so fish shouldn't do random 180s. This does make them do big circles though.
-Made a RND patch.
-Repriced some of the pondfish.


-Renamed female and male pasteled wend to Alpha and Omega. Dunno why I figured it was a good idea to introduce genders into the fish.
-Fixed a bunch of alchemy properties on pond fish.
-Increased spawning leashes so that fish aren't this big ball of... fish.
-Removed critterfish and critter scripts. Hopefully no problems now.
-Lowered how often fish are found in fish barrels, so should be much less of a gold farm (could find 20+ fish usually)
-USKP is now a master. It is needed for this mod to work.
-Updated ReadMe of course.
-Slowly getting back into the swing of things. Will hopefully start again on big waterlife mod soon.


-COMPLETELY dropped the Enhanced version. It was more of a learning experience, and it is no longer needed. I'll instead focus more on the fish aspects of the mod. :)
-Gave all the fish proper physics for when they are a dead limp body!! WOOT!!
-Fixed some grammatical errors in the Readme.


-Got rid of the player death issue. Don't know how it happened, but somehow it stopped the player from officialy "dieing". (MAIN reason for update)
-Redid/edited some of the fishes textures. Most fish that did not have proper/any scales before, now have scales. (Except for the scaleless fish of course)
-Redid normal maps so there is no reflections on the coloured spots on the fish, only the scales.
-Made some better textures for the pond fish. Also increased their texture size (1024*512), so the scales still look good close up. Seems a bi high for pond fish, but if my computer can handle it with no problem, I'm sure you can too.
-Fixed the normal map for Charcoal Hikel. For some reason it was the same as the texture.
-Touched up spots on Charcoal Hikel texture.
-Removed prototype Orca.
-Dead fish now say "Harvest _____" in both basic and enhanced versions.
-Included the .png file for Finn's Expedition map.
-Made a new README image with ASCII Generator v2.0.0. Looks slightly better than before right? :)
-Shavir is still a merchant.


-Fixed some small green patches on the new filleting table texture.
-Made a craftable filleting knife. (Under Misc at an anvil or whichever)
-Fixed the Nibbles Plaque. It now shows a message (of the words on it) when activated.
-Shavir is now a Merchant. He only sells you filleting knives and salts (because you catch the fish) but you can sell him fish and food!
-Fully rigged and animated all of the big fish! Going to add some new big fish soon, mainly using the already set up meshes, but I may try to make my own, and I'll be adding some new creatures too hopefully! (Orca, turtle, Lobster? etc.)
-Lowered the max rotation speed of the fish, so they don't do a 180 and look stupid doing it.
-Removed over 4700 doubled vertices in some of the fish models... don't know why they multiplied, but I had EIGHT layers faces. So maybe there will be a slight performance increase now. (Still a problem for the dropped fish, just not the animated ones.)
-Cleaned more dirty edits.
-Fixed the improper naming of "Three Spined Spickleback" to "Three Spined Stickleback"
-In basic version, the dead fish now say "Harvest ______" when looked at. I'll do this to the enhanced version too soon.
-There is a prototype Orca in the fishing cabin basement. It's animated, however it doesn't want to move...

3.0 (Jumped to 3.0 because this has a lot of tiny/big accomplishments in it!)

-Got rid of changes to Slaughterfish.
-Changed some fish attributes. Not quite final. ( Basic needs to be fixed slightly also)
-Fixed grammar errors in the Readme.
-Fixed quest issue for "Trespassing". Dialogue for shavir showed up early.
-Fixed quest advancing when picking up the unique fishing rod before meeting Shavir. It's now disabled until you first talk to Shavir.
-Changed all caught fish in the Misc section to be labelled as "Remains" instead of "Clutter". Looks better with SkyUI because of this. Also lets you sell to the right vendors! (Ex. Hafjorg)
-Added a portable filleting knife! Once it's in your inventory, press "Use" to activate. A message box tells you to exit the inventory to fillet fish. Once you exit the filleting menu, a filleting knife will be removed from your inventory. (NOTE 2 bugs are known with this, read "Known Bugs" to understand it)
-Made a new custom model for the filleting knife.
-Fixed Slaughterfish spell, for some reason it was almost impossible to see.
-Made a script that makes a message box pop up the first time you activate a filleting table. Also works for the filleting knife.
-Added lamp posts on the walk way leading from the cabin to the water.
-Added a lamp post to the warehouse upgrade.
-Fritz the fox has green eyes now. (To make him stand out from other foxes.)
-Removed a few more changes that weren't meant to be made.
-Made Lvl lists for fish eyes and scales. Not yet implemented.
-Made a new map for the Fishing Expedition Map.
-Made a custom texture for the top of the filleting table. (It's decent, could be better.)
-Seguri Butel is now in Whiterun, but I'm not sure if he moves around properly like a real guard.
-Added fish scales and fsh eyes to vendors Lvl lists.
-Added another carpet to the Carpet Upgrade.
-Went through all the quests, and couldn't find any severe bugs.
-Made a new upgrade for the fishing cabin. It replaces the old furniture with new Upper Furniture.
-Compressed the .bsa to the MAX. Using Optimizer Textures. (Mainly for my net's sake. If there are any issues, tell me so.)


-Roldin now starts the fight with you if you choose to kill him.
-All the fish models have weights now! After dropping a misc fish from you inventory, they no longer float, they fall properly! They are very stiff of course, since they are only one bone.
-Stingrays are completely removed.
-Lots of small bug fixes.
-Removed lots of dirty edits.
-ESP file size decreased by about 60kb.
-Got rid of any extra added fish spawners, this is too improve compatibility.
-Quest added, although not done. So if you start it it will be in your journal unable to be completed.

-Made a Lvl List for each fish meat, so the barrels have a chance of NOT having a fish.
-Fully rigged and animated fish!
-19 big fish are added.
-33 pond fish are added.
-Every fish can be cooked.
-The maximum number of fish per spawn point has been increased.
-The number of dragonfly spawns has also been increased for better visibility of spawn points.
-Summon Slaughterfish spell added. (Must cast while pointing at bottom of water)
-Weight of ingredients for pond fish increased from 0.3 to 0.5
-Weight of meat for bigger fish increased from 0.1 to 0.3
-Dead fish models for all of the bigger fish.
-Some fish are more rare than others.
-Fixed grammar errors in the Readme.

Credits to Bethesda for making yet again a great game, but not great enough to go unmodded. ;)

Thanks to Mr. Toru Miyazawa of the Toucan Corporation for the creation of the 3D models at the “Toucan Virtual Museum”.

The Nexus for being so friendly, helpful, fun, and for hosting my mod. Appreciate it guys! PS - People, go into chat once in a while. Fun people in there.

Arodicus for being a cool guy and all.

101 Bugs HD by 83Willow
Fishing in Skyrim by Arodicus
Birds of Skyrim by qasiermo

-Possibly anything that changes ingredient level lists. This mod should be used with Wrye Bash to combine with the Lvl lists of any other mod. Please and thank you. :)
-Any other mod that might edit salmon, pond fish, or the spawners.

-Dead fish do not spray blood when hit with a weapon. Not sure why at the moment.
-Swimming fish sometimes pop above water slightly.
-The odd time a player can find fish flying high in the sky. (Skyrim Bug! It's on Xbox360 too)
-Might be incompatible with some mods, since it edits Lvl lists. Just use Wrye Bash to patch them.
-Fish eyes have a stupid extra node that make them fall weird. (Used sabrecat eyes, might just make them from scratch soon)
-Biggest bug of all, not being able to fix these damn bugs easily! :P
-The dead fish models are not the EXACT same size as the animated ones. I accidently worked off the wrong ones, and refuse to redo them all right now. I have however made them very close to the same size, so you probably won't notice at all.
-The dead fish seem a bit too shiny. Will fix that soon.
-Fish Barrels generally have too many fish, thus easy gold farming.

-Add an Orca. Yes this is taking a long time, but that's mainly because I want to learn animations before I put it in game. I don't want it to have any problems. (It's getting there!)
-Add a turtle. Same problem as the Orca.
-Add a lobster. Again, animation for now.
-Add the stingray back. It's very close, a much better model too! Made from scratch. :)
-Make the fish Textures HD (Pond fish are fairly good now!)

-Have a 20% chance of harvesting "Fish Eyes" from the fish.
-Have a 20% chance of harvesting "Quality Fish Scales" off the fish.
-Have a 25% chance of harvesting "Fish Fins" off the fish.
-^^Made Lvl Lists for the above three, just not implemented yet. Need to make a scipt probably.
-Have a 30% chance of harvesting "Roe" from the fish. (Hearthfire includes this, but I want it added for other fish also.)
-Have a 1% chance to find jewelry/coins inside a fish.
-Have some cook-able food to make with the fish fillets, (eyes?) and the roe (once integrated).
-If the player fishes bare hands, have a chance of the fish swimming away. And not coming back ;)
-Have a reason to collect hundreds of scales, other than selling. (Maybe a new type of weapon/amulet?)
-Different types of Slaughterfish.
Ex. Swamp Slaughterfish.
-Maybe a few more fish.
-Penguins in the north. Hard for anims of course :P But imagine a little penguin stealing your fish and scurrying away. :)
-Maybe a sea drake?
-Nessie... yes this will be damn hard, but I'd love to do it!
-A pet fish aquarium that you can put any fish into so you can watch it swim around forever. Or maybe until it dies? :D
-When SkyUI allows custom icons for items in the inventory, I'll add a fish one. :)

-You can kill any of the bigger fish OR pond fish in the water by using Fus Roh Dah! Handy if you want them to stop moving. :)
-To summon the Protective Slaughterfish properly, you must aim at the bottom of a water source (bottom within 30 ft). If you cast it on land, the slaughterfish will just stay there and not move.

Improved Fish--->
Fishing in Skyrim   --->

___Q. I get ingredients from pond fish, but I'm not getting the big fish I caught?

A. It should be fixed now. I can't believe how badly I messed that one up. I changed from script to some section in the CK to give ingredients when activating the fish. And I left all the values at 0. As in, 0% chance of harvesting the fish in any month. Yaaaa, hopefully good now. Sorry to all!

___Q. I get a CTD when activating your mod.

A. This is something that's almost always on your end. It is most likely an incompatibility with another mod. If you have another mod that alters fish (other than Fishing in Skyrim) that may be the issue.

___Q. When is the next update?

A. I usually do not have an answer to that. It could be a week from when I plan, or it could be right on time. It's best if I just don't give an estimated time.

___Q. Will this work with Skyrim 1.3?

A. No, it needs the latest update. currently. Make sure your game is connected to Steam and that you have updates turned on. (You would be surprised how many times that comes up on comments.)

___Q. Is this compatible with IMCN?

A. Yes! I made a patch recently. It's in the optional files.

___Q. Is this compatible with RND?

A. Yes! It's also in the optional files.

___Q. Can you add _____ and _____?

A. I respect everyone's opinions and ideas, but don't expect it to be implemented. If it's an absolutely amazing idea, I'll be sure to consider it. But by now I have a clear vision of where I want this mod to go.

___Q. Why did you change from loose files to BSA?

A. It's just much easier this way. It only takes a minute to pack instead of 20 minutes finding all the files. I apologize to anyone who manually installs mods, because there will be loose files throughout your data files along with the BSA. I would recommend re-downloading the version you have, and pasting it all into your data files again. After clicking "Yes to All" when overwriting, then press Ctrl+Z and it will ask if you want to delete the files. Simple right? Another way is to select "Keep both files, but rename to ______(2)". Then just find all files that have a (2) on them, and delete those long with the original. NOTE This may remove some scripts (ex critter.psc) that are used for CK. If you don't have CK installed, do not worry. If you do though, you might want to Validate Integrity of the files.

___Q. The update is missing some needed files.

A. Tell me so, and I'll check it out. I have messed up a few times and forgotten to add some important scripts or meshes.

___Q. I'm getting some errors! This is my papyrus log....

A. Please, do NOT ask me about papyrus errors and expect an answer. I'll try my best to help, but I really suck at that stuff. It's hard enough to make my own scripts, nevermind understand all of them.

___Q. Why is your Readme so damn awesome!?

A. That is because I love you fellow Skyrim players and I want you to know everything you need to know!

-Creation Kit                  (Most of the work!)
-Nifskope                       (Second most work! Main software for models)
-Blender                        (2.6+ For any static items, 2.49b for the rigging)
-Nif Scripts and Team     (For rigging the fish in Blender 2.49b)
-Tes5Edit                       (Let me create the "Basic" version easily!)
-TesVGecko                   (Also helped with "Basic" version!)
-Notepad++                    (Great for Papyrus scripting, with syntax highlighting and auto complete)
-Sublime Text 2             (Even GREATER for Papyrus scripting! Amazing features!)
-Aimp 3                         (Keeping me happy with music!)
-Microsoft Excel             (Making spreadsheets for organization)
-Libreoffice Calc            (Also used for spreadsheets)
-Libreoffice Writer         (Found any misspelled words or grammar errors in my Readme)
-Gimp 2.8.10                 (For making textures)
-Internet                       (For searching stuff online of course)
-Nexus Community         (Helped when I had quick little questions to ask)
-Arodicus                       (The author of "Fishing in Skyrim". He's helped me a lot! He's a great rubber duck))

Because it makes me feel good! I like modding for you people. And by endorsing it gives me reason to continue.

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