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Added: 04/04/2012 - 12:32AM
Updated: 05/06/2012 - 07:21PM

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Last updated at 19:21, 5 Jun 2012 Uploaded at 0:32, 4 Apr 2012

Better Item Sorting is a modification of saige's "item Sorting" which adds prefixes to item names to provide a clean and consistent means to sort your inventory and chests or other forms of storage. Better item sorting also lets you know which items belong to quests, in case you want to hang onto them.

The original mod can be found Here.


My modifications:
  • Added "Ring" prefix to all rings
  • Added "Circlet" prefix to all circlets
  • Added "Amulet" prefix to all amulets/necklaces
  • Removes [Refined] suffix from moonstone and malachite ingots
  • Removed "Instrument" prefix from some misc items items and gave them the "Clutter" prefix instead
  • Removed "Bone" prefix from some misc items and gave them the "Clutter" prefix instead
  • Gave all non quest misc items the "Clutter" prefix
  • Gave all non quest/note/journal books the "Book" prefix
  • Gave all notes the "Note" prefix
  • Gave all journals the "Journal" prefix
  • Gave all spell tomes the "Spell Tome" prefix
  • Gave all spell books the "Spell Book" prefix
  • Gave pickaxes, woodcutter's axe and lockpicks the "Tool" prefix
  • Gave quest starting books the [Quest] Suffix

Future Plans:
  • Armour/Weapons/Clothes

All screenshots were taken in my player house mod The Man Cave.

Please endorse my mod if you enjoyed it, and please post any comments/suggestions to help me make it even better!


Better Item Sorting is also on the Skyrim Workshop Here.

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