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Story: High in the seven thousand steps of High Hrothgar lives a young man who dedicated himself to master the Thu'um, Hrethon, a greybeard. Though he was good, he was not close with Paarthunax, the Dragon grand master of the Greybeards. He would like to be alone and perfect his skill.

One day he saw a traveler, a woman from the path of Riverwood. He was captivated with the beauty of the young fair lady. Secretly he called for the woman and they talked. Soon after they started liking each other and finally fell for each other. The woman's name was Synthi, a Breton. Synthi loves Hrethon so much she would visit Hrethon everyday through the seven thousand steps just to see him.

They knew it was forbidden for a Greybeard to fall in love ; for Greybeards are to live in isolation. They knew someone will find out and still they persisted until one day they were caught. Hrethon was banished from High Hrothgar and moved with his lover Synthi to Riverwood. There they had a daughter named Belladayna who was taught by her father the voice and after sometime married a man from Hammerfell, Andre Valentine. Belladayna bore 3 daughters: Fiona, Wealtheow and Eliza Valentine. The three dedicated themselves to The Companions for glory and honor.

Location: Jorrvaskr (Mead Hall), Whiterun, Skyrim, Tamriel. (I want to be specific. :D )

V 1.6 Fiona: Dismay Shout, Wealtheow: Disarm Shout, Eliza: Staff of Storm Atronach
V 1.5 Oh what's that on their chests? :o
V 1.4 Fixed problems with the Brown Face.
V 1.3 Fixed problem with the Solitude area.
V 1.2 Area around Solitude does not work for now. (Inside Solitude is fine)

If you cant find it:
Open your console (Press ~ while in game)
Help (name of char)

Help fiona

This will show her ID code so type

player.placeatme #####

##### is the ID code.

"######" IS NOT THE ID CODE. :| its a set of numbers and letters. :D

Help came from oniiychan.
Thank you!

If you are having problems with the brown face still just check the last picture, it has instructions to solve it! :D Really, nothing is wrong with the mod its just how your individual Skyrim process it. :)


Fiona Valentine
The oldest among the sisters, she is the only one who learned a Thu’um from her mother. She is the toughest among the three, her high defence and dual wielding is perfect for tanking while damaging.

Race: Breton
Combat Style: Dual Wielding (Melee)
Essential (Cannot Die)
Leveling: Auto-level ( Levels with the character )
Hp: 200 Mag: 125 Sta: 175
No Level-up limit
Specialization: One Handed, Archery, Block and Heavy Armor

No Clothing ( Again yes, if you use a nude mod, she will be naked. WARNING: It might increase your one-hand mastery. IYKWIM. ;) I made it like this so you can make her wear anything. :D )
Hunting bow
2 DAEDRIC DAGGER OF INFERNO ( If you are too lazy to customize their weapon. It can be removed anyway. :D )



Wealtheow Valentine
The second daughter, even though she is younger than Fiona, she is taller than her and the tallest among them. She is a sharp shooter in terms of archery and can kill in silence with her sneak.

Race: Breton
Combat Style: Berserk Ranger (Bow)
Leveling: Auto-level
Hp: 175 Mag: 150 Sta: 175
No Level-up limit
Specialization: One-handed, Archery, Light Armor & Sneak

No Clothing
1000 DAEDRIC ARROWS (Infinite by the way)

Conjure Familiar


Eliza Valentine
The youngest and the smallest. She kills with the forces of nature and a deadly mace for emergencies. With an assorted spells learned and her high defence makes her a really tough opponent.

Race: Breton
Combat Style: Combat Sorcerer (Magic)
Leveling: Auto-level
Hp: 150 Mag: 200 Sta: 175
No Level-up limit
Specialization: Heavy Armor, Conjuration and Destruction

No Clothing

Conjure Flame Atronach
Lightning Bolt
Ice Spike
Frost Cloak


Everybody’s Perks:
None. ( Perks have tendencies of crashing the game at start up )


For EXTREME ownage, try using all of them with multiple follower mods.

If you think this is overpowered, it is not, weak opponents will obviously die but as the opponents get tougher they are the perfect equalizer. ;)


I used ApachiiSkyhair on them so better get that and ALWAYS PUT ApachiiSkyHair in the load order before the files. Game might crash at start up if not put first.

If you are not using the NEXUS mod manager, just drag the files in the .rar in the main DATA folder. :D

If you have questions or reports PLEASE message me or comment, I will be glad to help!


Mods I used:
Skyrim NPC Editor 0_75.1 by foretrenty
ApachiiSkyHair - by Apachii
Better Females by Bella - by BellaGail
CBBE body - by Caliente (Curvy)
Bikini Clothes 1.2v - by Snezko and Cotyounoyume (For the bikini in the picture)