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Replaces underwear with a modest Miner Clothes outfit, and substitutes some of the revealing armors and outfits for more modest alternatives.

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Replaces underwear and some revealing outfits with more modest alternatives. In particular:

1) Stealing clothes from a person or dead body no longer leaves them in their underwear. Now, they have a nice set of miner clothes under their clothes!
2) Some NPC types have traded their low-cut dresses in for ones with a higher neckline.
3) Forsworn Armor, Bandit Armor, and some Hide Armors have been replaced with a full Hide Armor Cuirass (the stats should be the same as before, only the appearance should be different)

Known bugs:
1) Khajiit will appear to have a human torso/arms/legs under their clothing or armor. This is a side effect of giving them the Miner Clothes outfit, and I don't currently know how to fix it. =(

If you find a good fix for the known bugs, or find another bug or another instance of immodesty that needs modding, please let me know! Thanks =)

(thanks to the author of this other modesty mod -- -- for, though I have not tested that mod, the description reminded me of a lot of armors/clothings that needed replacing)