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Expand your ranged arsenal from just Bows and spells to include many types of throwable weapons So far I have included Throwing Knives, Throwing Axes, Javelins, Throwable Potions, Grenades, a Throwing Shield(Captain Skyrims Shield), and a Throwing Hammer(Mjolnir)

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Expand your ranged arsenal from just spells and arrows to bring

[size=8]Death From Afar[/size]


I'm looking for someone to do a more up to date mod review or demonstration as the current ones show the older versions of the mod. PM or comment if your interested

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Expand your ranged arsenal from just spells and arrows to bring Death From Afar! Throw Axes, Knives, Javelins, Potions, Grenades, Torches and more.

This mod adds a whole new style of combat to Skyrim, Throwing Weapons. Like many I was disappointed when throwing weapons did not make it across from Fallout: New Vegas so I have taken matters into my own hands.

The throwing weapons can complement most play styles, here are a selection of them:

For the assassins there are throwing knives; where speed is crucial for quick take downs and sneak bonuses offset the lower damage of the knives.
For the warriors there are throwing axes; hard hitting but slow they are great for softening up the enemy whilst you charge into combat
For long range skirmishers there are javelins; long ranged and accurate they are excellent for keeping enemies at bay
For the alchemists there are potion grenades; with many different effects, ranging from flaming oil to anti-undead holy water, your sure to be able strike any enemies weak spot.
For the archaeologists there are the Dwemer grenades; high explosives which will decimate large groups of enemies quickly


TThe throwing weapons are simple to use, just aim and throw. They can also be dual wielded with both conventional weapons and other throwing weapons.

To get hold of these weapons you can craft them yourself at any forge providing you have the correct smithing perks for the job
If your impatient, however, there is also a chest in Riverwood which contains all of the weapons in the mod. The chest can be found on the walkway above the Western entrance to Riverwood (Road leading from Helgen)

Followers can only be equipped with the throwing axes for the time being. So far all of the housecarls and the hirelings and follower Companions can use them. I will extend the NPC use to the knives, javelins, potions and grenades eventually.

Each type of throwing weapon is governed by a particular skill, using the weapons will train you in that skill aswell.
The Potion Grenades are governed by your Alchemy Skill
The Throwing Axes/Knives/Javelins are governed by your Archery Skill
The Dwemer Grenades will be governed by your Smithing Skill

The following equation is used by the weapons to calculate the damage
(Base Damage * (1 + ((Skill level/100) * 0.5))) * Perk multiplier

Therefore levelling your corresponding skill and investing in the perks which increase damage by a percentage will increase your damage output.

Detailed Weapon List

Throwing Axes
  • Iron Throwing Axe
  • Steel Throwing Axe
  • Dwarven Throwing Axe
  • Elven Throwing Axe
  • Orcish Throwing Axe
  • Glass Throwing Axe
  • Ebony Throwing Axe

Throwing Knives
  • Iron Throwing Knife
  • Steel Throwing Knife
  • Dwarven Throwing Knife
  • Elven Throwing Knife
  • Orcish Throwing Knife
  • Glass Throwing Knife
  • Ebony Throwing Knife
  • Dragon Throwing Knife

  • Iron Javelin
  • Steel Javelin
  • Orcish Javelin
  • (Issae has given me permission to use the previous Spear models from his Nordic Spears mod)
  • Forsworn Javelin

Throwing Potions
  • Frost Throwing Potion
  • Gas Throwing Potion - Triggers flammable traps
  • Oil Throwing Potion - Triggers flammable traps
  • Poison Throwing Potion - Damages enemies over time
  • Illusion Throwing Potion - Throw at your feet to make you invisible for several seconds
  • Holy Water Throwing Potion - Harmless to the living, burns the undead.
  • Paralyze Potion Grenade - Paralyzes opponents

  • Dwarven Force Grenade - Knocks over NPCs but does not damage them
  • Dwarven Shock Grenade - Drains Mana

  • Throwing Torch - Allows you to light distant areas

  • Combustible Lemons
  • Throwing Shield - Knocks over enemies and returns to your hand
  • Throwing Hammer(Mjolnir) - Staggers enemies and causes shock damage, returns to your hand.
  • Fus Ro Dah Crystal - Acts like a fus ro dah shout but can be thrown
  • Unstable Centurion Core - Hugely big and damaging explosion

Perk List

This is the list of perks along with its correspondings skill. I am currently still adding these perks. They can be found in the Perk Trees plugin.

  • Glass Shards (1): Potions stagger opponents on direct hit (Implemented)
  • Corrosive Mixture (3): Each rank decreases an opponent’s armor resistance (Implemented)
  • Chain Reaction (1): Chance for multiple splash damage to occur on hit
  • Marksman
  • Balanced Axes (3): Each rank decreases the stamina cost power attacking with throwing Axes. (Implemented)
  • Executioner (1): Chance to decapitate target
  • Piercing Wounds (3): Adds bleed damage and each rank increases the amount of bleed damage. (Implemented)
  • Paired blades(1): Two knives are thrown per attack. (Implemented)
  • Impale (3): Each rank decreases an opponent’s armor resistance. (Implemented)
  • Force Throw (1): Javelins cause knockback (Implemented)
  • Combat Strike (1): Chance to increase 1h and 2h damage for several seconds upon hit.
  • Smithing
  • Refined Powder (5): Each rank increases grenade damage by 20%
  • Shell Shock(1): Grenades have a chance to cause fear
  • Fragmentation (3): Adds bleed damage and each rank increases the amount of bleed damage.
  • Soul Core(1): Grenades cause soul trap
  • Sneak
  • Shadow Throw(1): Throwing weapons have 6X sneak bonus (Implemented)






This mod was originally posted on Steam Workshop and can be found HERE

This mod also has a thread on the bethsoft forums which can be found HERE

Thanks to theycallmecheese for use of his dragon dagger model. You can find his Dragonbone Weapon pack HERE

Thanks to issae for use of his spear models. You can find his Nordic Spears mod that they came from HERE

Thanks to asc_kel for his weapon models, if you have any questions/suggestions about the way the weapons look this is your go to guy.

Currently Working On

Increased Damage from Power Attacks
Adding throwing weapons to more Vendors and Loot
General Tweaks

Planned Targets

Fused Potions (Timed)
Proximity Bombs
Ammo retrieval spells