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cMK - Power Books by crayo
Skyrim » Cheats and God items
Added: 01/04/2012 - 06:21PM
Updated: 18/11/2012 - 01:25AM

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3.1 Latest version

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Uploaded by crayo


Last updated at 1:25, 18 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 18:21, 1 Apr 2012


This mod was created mostly as a learning exercise. My thanks to MrDomino for his "Killmove Control" mod since I took a peek at his books/scripts to get some initial ideas of how to start. Find his mod at the URL below:

Please let me know how things work for you and if you encounter any problems.



If you were using a version prior to version 3 and then you upgrade you will lose anything stored in the power books storage chests. Before upgrading, make sure you recover all of the items you want to keep from your storage first, save your game, then upgrade and you can put your items back in storage.


This mod gives you access to several powerful features. Now in version 3 you have several choices as to how you want to access the features. The original "Power Books" method is still available. Also, there are now spell interfaces to each feature. You can either learn the spells from their spell tomes or you can use an "access" ring that will give you the spells when worn (and remove them when you remove the ring).

  • Mobile Crafting - craft anywhere in Skyrim
  • Storage - mobile access to several labeled containers
  • Vendor - access a wealthy merchant wherever you are
  • Teleport - teleport to major locations around Skyrim
  • Item Generation - choose what kind of items you need and have them appear in your inventory
  • - Ammo
  • - Alchemy Ingredients
  • - Crafting Materials (ingots, leather, soul gems, etc)
  • - Potions
  • - Poisons
  • - Spell Tomes
  • Power Items - powerful (cheat) items
  • - Ring of Atlas (+7500 carry weight)
  • - Amulet of Vocal Fortitude (Shout recovery time reduced by 95%)

You can find all of the necessary items in a stash chest in Riverwood (see images section for location). If you would prefer to have everything added to your inventory automatically when load your game then install the optional "Auto Add" plugin.


Version 3.0 now includes an NMM install script. Nexus Mod Manager is the recommended way to install the mod. Using NMM, when you activate the mod you can choose which optional plugins you want installed with it.

If you install manually simply place the BSA, ESM and ESP files in your Skyrim\Data folder. The files in the "Optional" directory should be placed in the Skyrim\Data folder as well (if you choose to install them).

Load order shouldn't matter since this mod doesn't alter any existing content and only depends on the base Skyrim data (but since this is my first mod I honestly don't know).


!! UNEQUIP RING AND AMULET BEFORE UNINSTALLING !! - Also remember to recover your items from the mobile storage or they will be lost after uninstallation.

If you installed via Nexus Mod Manager use it to uninstall as well.

Manual: Delete the BSA, ESM and ESP files from your Skyrim/Data directory (or use NMM).

Known Issues

If you equip the Ring of Atlas then uninstall the mod the ring will be gone but you will still have the bonus carrying capacity and can only be fixed via the console. Having the amulet equipped and then uninstalling can cause some odd behavior as well. Make sure to unequip the ring and amulet before uninstalling the mod.

Version History

  • Moved to a master/plugin file format so optional plugins are more easily supported
  • Nexus Mod Manager install script to make installation easier
  • Optional plugins (Auto Add, Hearthfire) now included in NMM install
  • More interface options (books, spells, etc)
  • General optimizations (scripts, organization)
  • Preparing to deprecate old (pre 2.0) books for future removal

  • Added dragon crafting components to the "materials" list
  • Added a few more misc. items to materials list (pelts, linen wrap)
  • Added ring/spell interfaces
  • Cleaned plugin so BOSS doesn't complain about dirty edits

  • Consolidated most books into one "Power Book - Items"
  • New book: "Power Book - Storage"
  • New book: "Power Book - Teleport"
  • All 4 books now craftable from tanning rack in case you don't get them or lose them

  • added a BSA archive with the scripts to version 1.2

  • Added new book for mobile crafting.

  • removed an item from the "Ingredients" FormList that was causing 2 "Salt Pile" entries
  • updated the "Materials" book to (correctly) list "Grand Soul Gem" instead of "Greater Soul Gem"

  • Initial Release


I'm not doing anything advanced in this mod, so claiming any of it seems silly. If you learn anything from looking at this mod or reuse any of it I would appreciate a mention though. ^_^