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Levelers Tower
Cheat mod for Skyrim
Version 3.5 - 04/14/2013
by WillieSea

*This mod will be updated on occasion as I dream up new ideas and fix reported bugs.

If your current version is Pre v1.4, you need to remove the insect jar display before upgrading.
If your current version is Pre v2.1, you need to remove all items from the unique displays in the display room before upgrading.
If your current version is Pre v2.5, you need to remove everything from the 'female' mannequins in the basement before upgrading.
If your current version is Pre v3.1, you need to remove everything from the food/drink pantries in the Kitchen and Apothocary. The Dragon Claw and Elder Scroll displays must also be emptied from the Display Museum.
If your current version is Pre v3.2, you need to perform a 'clean save game' for the blood chalice to work in the temple.

1. Install the RESOURCES file.
2. Pick only ONE of the following files, based on your needs. Do NOT install both plug-in (ESP) and master (ESM) files.
a. ESP file - Contains plugin version of the mod.
b. ESM file - Contains master version of the mod. If you have a lot of mods or home mods, you may want to use this one instead.
3. Install the plugin or the master file of your choice.
4. Activate the mod from the games launcher panel.


The tower is located North of Helgen, just to the right as you exit the Helgen starter dungeon. There will be a map marker pointing to it. Check the uploaded pictures for an image of the map and its location.


Player Home Base with so many features it will make your head spin. You can quickly create test characters for testing your own mods, re-create a lost character due to hardware failure or save game corruption, or just have fun making any type of character you like.

This readme document should have all the information you need to play the mod to its full advantage. Please read it before asking questions.


*TOWER TOP*--------------

*Welcome Book for you to read.

*Auto-sorter ALL your un-modified vanilla equipment that does 'all' items at once. It will not cleanse your equipment first, only move it. This includes your ingredients. If you crouch when you use it, it will also move all magical equipment.

*Individual Auto-sorters on each chest for all your un-modified vanilla equipment. If there is a magical version of the base equipment, if you are crouched (sneaking) when you activate the auto-sorter it will also auto-sort all of the magical version of that type of equipment. NOTE: This can be very slow so don't go crazy clicking buttons. These Auto-sorters will 'clean' the ownership from the items it sorts. Unfortunately, this also cleans it of any enchantments you placed on the item.

*DLC auto-sorters are added as they become available. They are NOT part of the 'All' button explained above.

*Arrow auto-sorter features the ability to 'exclude' a certain type of vanilla arrow from the auto-sorting script when you crouch and activate.

*Broom that will clean up the cobwebs. If they return, use the broom again.

*Explosive arrows - In arrow container. Fire, Frost and Shock. You can also make more at the forge, or spawn more in the lab.

*Ring of the Time Lords in ring container. Gives constant time slow down while worn.

*When crouched, activating the gold strongbox adds the selected amount of gold coins to it.

*Clocks to show the current game time, month, day of week and the date.

*Pull Chain that will empty all auto-sort containers back to your inventory (including ingredients), Display containers (will not remove visual effects), crafting safes, insect jars and most all mannequins. It will also stop the quest scripts from running so you can reset or remove the mod. This will stop the clocks as well.

*Holiday decorations!
-Frost Fall - Pumpkins!
-Evening Star - Christmas decorations.
-First Seed - Easter eggs. Includes 'Colored Egg Hunt' game. Activate the basket in the tower top to start the game. Ten random colored eggs will be hidden in 50 different random locations in the 'Basement'. Find all 10 eggs to get a 'Golden Egg' from the basket. Special egg mesh with golden shine to it, plus its worth 500 gold coin!


*Auto-sorter for your ingredients. If your crouching when you activate the auto-sort button, it will remove all ingredients from the jars and place them back into your inventory.

*Ingredient Jars - Each ingredient has its own 'named' container. If your crouched (sneaking) when you activate the individual jars, it will add the 'set' quantity of that ingredient to the container.

*Ingredient Quantity button will let you set how many ingredients spawn in the individual jars. See the line above this about ingredient jars.

*Storage chest wing for general storage needs.

*Displays set up for Shield/Weapon racks, Mannequin's, Book shelves, Display cases.

*Combat Dummy - Gives you experience if you hit it, to the skill you have currently equipped in your "right hand". If you activate the dummy, it will tell how much experience you gained from each skill. NOTE: Attacking with your 'left' had will give experience based on whats in your 'right' hand.

*Crafting - Arcane Enchanter, Grain Mill (grinds human or troll skulls into bonemeal, and Mammoth tusks into powdered Mammoth tusk), Alchemy Lab, Tanning Rack, Work Bench, Grind Stone, Blacksmith's Forge (is the only forge that can make all the weapons and armor found in the levelers tower's), Smelter and Cooking Spit.

*Blacksmith/Enchanter button to get your stuff required by that station from the chests upstairs. Activate in sneak mode to put them back.

*Spawn Fortify +100 Ambrosia potions for Blacksmith, Alchemist and Enchanting. An ambrosia potion is 'drank' if your crouched when you activate the button.

*Two chests with weapons and armor that contain each of the enchantments in the game. Useful for learning all magic effects at the disenchanting station.

*Merchant who always has gold. If she is running low, exit conversation and talk to her again. You can change the max gold she carries if you are sneaking when you activate her.

*Trash Incinerator added to basement near smelter.

*Ingot Bar storage and spawning next to the smelter. Crouch when activating an ingot bar to have the spawn amount added to the bar.

*Leather chest above tanning rack allows you to spawn leather with the same amount set for the ingot bars.

*shelf that will auto-store your insect jar collection. You can also take a jar back off the shelf.

*SITTING ROOM*---------

*Doomstones that you can have all of them at one time. Activating the doomstone again will remove the effect.

*Button to drop treasures for you to collect. Beware, too many drops can lead to a CTD.


*Spoils chest where all the arena booty is transferred to. In sneak mode, you have the option to destroy everything in the chest.

*Buttons upstairs to summon single enemies to battle, or watch them duke it out.

*Button on the arena floor (to the left of the gate in corner), to start 'Battle Mode'. A constant wave of enemies will spawn for you to battle. The bodies will be cleaned up a few seconds after they die and the spoils will go in the spoils chest behine the throne.

*Blood bowls, when full, can be used to restore your health, stamina and magicka quickly. By slaying enemies, the bowls will slowly refill again. They only refill when using the "battle mode" button on the arena floor.

*Levers that activate dwarven blade traps down below. There is a duplicate set on the arena floor below.

*Lever that will clean up the bodies in the arena, and put everything in the spoils chest for you. It will also kill anything still alive in the arena that are not part of the player follower faction. This will also clean up 'most' dropped weapons.

*Auto arena gates that only open for the player to keep the combatants on the arena floor.

*Button for Restorative Ambrosia potion. Ambrosia potions are 'drank' if your crouched when you activate the button.

*Lever on arena floor to turn on/off the dart and fire traps.


*All 'pickable' plants, fish, insects and fungus are in the garden.

*When you leave the garden, and move a few cells away, the garden will have reset and you can pick everything again.

*FEATURE - New Tomato Plant that you can pick tomatoes off of.

*FEATURE - New Apple trees, one for Red and one for Green apples.

*New Apocothery with Dark Elf merchant, Dreanna.

*-Low cost telekenisis spell for playing basket ball with cabbage.

*Dwarven Oil can be aquired from spigot.

*Teleport pad added to Apocothery.


*Player bed (Red covers) so you can rest. Provides the 'well rested' perk.

*Cook merchant, to buy and sell food and drink.

*Nirnroot plants, pick them, then activate the roots to water them. They grow back in 5 seconds. You can toggle the sound on/off if you activate it while sneaking.

*Pool of restoration, entering the pool will heal you completely and cure you of all diseases.

*Button to fetch all the ingredients from your jars, and all the food items from the chest upstairs. If you crouch when you activate it, it will send everything back to their storage chests.

*Cupboard of unending food and drink items. Both are menu driven so you can select what you want spawned.

*Large gemstone shower with button to turn it on and off.

*New Bakers Table with many new recipes. Includes new mesh for plate of scrambled eggs of many types.

*Bathroom with shower and toilets.

*Mirror in Restroom when activated opens the character generation tool.

*Secret doorway to Torture chamber.


*Mannequins, plaques, shelves and display cases galore.

*Dragon Priest Mask Alter to display the masks you have found.

*Dragon Claw Display.

*Daedric artifacts display. (Many unique items from the game)

*Extra Mannequin Display room under museum.

*Mining Camp*--------

*All ore deposits are never-ending. Stops at 50 ore, then you can activate it again.

*Several bedrooms and a kitchen area.

*Several windows that look out into spacious caverns.

*Job Board in mining area, to instruct miners what ore to mine for you. They will mine for up to 5 days between your visits. And its a random amount they mine each day. Make sure you visit at least every 5 days or they will stop mining for you.
For example, from 1 to 10 for the rare Ebony, and from 1 to 50 for the cheap Iron. The other ores get varying amounts between those two based on their value in increments of 5.

*New minable Dragon Scale and Dragon Bones from new deposit.

*Great Library*------

*Teleport map to all the major cities and towns.

*Teleport map to all the Dragon mounds.

*Teleport map to all the war camps.

*Spell tomes in basement for each 'spell tome' in the game, which allows you to toggle having the spell or not. DLC included.

*New Spell Tomes:
01. Flames, Frostbite and Sparks that do a LOT more damage per second. When you level up, these three spells will power up if you activate the book again. At level 20 you can get the second power level, and at level 30 you can get the third power level.
02. Summon Dragon but only when outside. For those times when you want to fight one on your terms. Can also summon a togglable friendly dragon.
03. Night Mare, a magical horse you can summon or send back home. Fast, durable black horse with glowing blue eyes.
04. Night Eye - With extended duration. You can cast it again to dispell it should you no longer need it.
05. Home - A spell that will teleport you home to the towers, and then back to where you came from via the 'Return' selection. It can also send you to one of the major cities or a number of unique locations.
06. Telekenisis - Strong and costs less to use than the vanilla spell of the same name.
07. Summon humans - Imperials, Stormcloaks, Bandits and Vampires.
08. Dimensional Chest - Cast this to open a pocket dimension chest and fill it to reduce your own carry weight.
09. Mark - Cast on an NPC or actor so they can bypass the exterior force field.
10. Control Weather - Change the weather in your location to anything you like.
11. Lightning Blast - Strong lightning bolt with a very long range. I made this to attack dragons flying overhead before they could fly off.
12. Chameleon - When your sneaking, your detection sneak skill is increased by 100% and your sneak skill is improved by 25.
13. Harvester - Constant use spell that will auto-harvest many plants, fish and gold thats just lying around. Be careful near towns, it does not check for ownership. Also its range is limited to 3000 units.
14. Water walking - Cast to make that quick trip accross the water.
15. Collector - Magically picks up random junk, uncooked foods and drinks, sacks, barrels.
16. Azura's Word - Adds a perk point to the player.

*Lots and lots of book cases. Also containers for storing all your scrolls and notes.

*Great Temple*-------

*All shrines available.

*Static Display of each religious necklace.

*Azura statue in Temple grants Azura's Blessing with 50% protection to fire, frost and shock, and fortifying health, magicka and stamina by 100 for 1 day.

*Talos statue in Temple grants the Voice of the Sky blessing for 1 day.

*Mara statue in Temple grants Gift of Charity for one day, which is +10 to speech.

*Nocturnal statue in Temple grants nocturnals ability to improve your stealth.

*Activating the brazier at the altar gives you a potion of Buffy Ambrosia. Regenerates health, stamina +50%, resist poison 100, fortify one-handed, marksman and two-handed by 50, resist magic 100%, and instant restore health of 50 points.

*If you have the Dawnguard DLC, blood chalice and Auriel shrine will spawn.


*Button to Spawn infinite supply of random soul gems. The higer your level, the better chance for bigger gems. If you crouch, it will spawn filled soul gems.

*Button to Select soulgems to spawn from a menu list. In crouch mode, you can select 'filled' soulgems.

*Lockpick training chests of each difficulty level to help you practice your lockpicking skills. They automatically relock when closed.

*Lockpick spawner next to the practice locking chests.

*Arrow concentrator crafting table. Turns weaker arrows into stronger versions with little loss of weaker arrow quantity.

*Shrine of Nocturnals Power allows you to add or remove any of the three nightinggale powers. You can even have all three at once.

*Potion concentrater crafting table. Will turn 2 weaker potions into 1 stonger potion.

*Potion grab button near concentrater to move potions from upstairs. Sneak to send them all back.

*Soul Gem workbench to condense empty lesser soul gems into better soul gems. Also has a hammer to create soul shards from any empty soul gem.

*Soul gem grab button near concentrater to move soul gems from upstairs. Sneak to send them all back

*Buttons to increase your Health, Stamina or Magicka by +25 each click. No max so be careful.

*Button to cleanse you of most of your crimes. Sneak and activate this to see a 'list' of all holds available and how much gold you are wanted for. This will not cleanse any of your crimes.

*Buttons to increase each of your skills by +1 level (sometimes it will be +2 levels if your already advanced in that particular skill a little bit.) If you crouch and activate the button, you will get a LOT of levels so be careful.

*Button to add the perk, 'Longer Days, Shorter Nights' which will make the daytime go by at a slower pace, while night time will go by at a faster pace. If you crouch when you activate it, you will get Longer Nights instead.

*Button to change your characters movement speed, from 100%, to 115%, 130%, 145% or 200%. Use with caution as some game functions also mess with this stat.

*Button to change your carry weight in amounts of +100, +500, +1000 and -100.

*Button to gain a dragon soul to use. If you crouch, you can set the number you will get.

*Button to change your Unarmed Damage in amounts of +1, +10, +25 and -10.

*Button to change your Critical Chance in amounts of +1, +5, +25 and -5.

*Button to spawn all the ingots, dragon parts, firewood, leather and leather strips. In sneak mode, you can select the quantity to spawn.

*Button to spawn all the pelt and fur items. In sneak mode, you can select the quantity to spawn.

*Button to spawn all the arrows. In sneak mode, you can select the quantity to spawn.

*Button to know all the ingredients effects for potion making.

*Button to 'learn' all shout words. You must use a dragon soul to activate them. If you crouch, you will be taught all words and no dragon souls will be required.

*Button to select what type of armor Night the mare will wear when you summon her. (the horse) If you have a mod that changes horse armors, it will interfer with this selection.

*Button to add perk: Friendly Trader - Allows you to open the inventory of NPC's and freely trade with them. Player races only, non-vendors. Crouch and activate NPC, select 'Trade' and go wild.

*Button to add Leveler's perks:
> +2 Enchantments - You can place 2 more enchantments onto items.
> +10% Weapon recharge when you kill a monster or creature.
> Quad-Souls, twice as good as Twin-Souls perk.

*Holiday settings button where you can turn on or off the holiday decorations.

*DLC spawn buttons. If you have the DLC loaded, the buttons will appear.

*Mannequins with special leveler's armors on them.

*Weapon racks with special leveler's weapons on them.

*Torture Chamber-------

*Features the Adventurer's Maze for your evil delight. A number of adventurers try to get through the maze and you try to stop them using the buttons to cast spells down on them. For each kill, you get goodies placed in the rewards chest (in the hallway just outside the control room).

*There is a sleeping cattle for vampires to feed on.

*There are two torture victims that you can do what you want with (smack them around a bit, they won't fight back, go anywhere or die).

*Prison cells added with two victims. You can torch them in their cells.

*Fence Merchant - Buys stolen goods.

*Easter Egg room - Can you figure out how to open it? I made this room for my supporters who have donated to this mod. If your a supporter and you wish me to explain how to open this room, send me a PM via the Nexus.
> Spam and spawner which heals you for 500 points.
> Posters of all my Leveler's mods I have made in the past.
> Posters of the 'Ancient Towers' for Oblivion, which was the predecessor of this mod.
> Some special weapons and a necklace.
> Button to add the Steam achievements to your account. Includes the DLC.
> Board with buttons to teleport you to each of the 'Mysterious Gems' locations so you can rebuild the crown of benzirah for the thieves guild.
> More to come...


*Paintings - Screen shots for the paintings were created by DarkStone, Victoria and WillieSea at and allowed to be in this mod by the original authors approval.

*Painting Frame mesh - WillieSea

*Clocks - WillieSea

*Garden planter boxes mesh - WillieSea

*Tomato Plant mesh - WillieSea
*Tomato plant texture - Elinen

*Apple Trees mesh - WillieSea

*All Retextures - WillieSea

*Custom Horse - WillieSea

*Ambrosia Potion mesh - WillieSea

*Spoils chest mesh - WillieSea

*High Definition re-created teleport maps - WillieSea

*Help with formatting Nexus page - Saiodin

*Basement NPC merchant clothing - Cotyounoyume - A little sexy armor and clothes
Retexture by WillieSea

*Garden Apothecary Merchant clothing - SydneyB - Ashara Princess of the Woods for UNP

*MystikHybrid's Horse Armors v1.5 - Gabriel Gullbergh, Hybrid Media

*InsanitySorrow's resources: Washlines, washbuckets with wringer, scrubby brush, spool threads, Telescope, Butter churn, Ice Cream maker, Crystal ball, Hourglass.

*Tamira's Halloween Pumpkin, part of the TESA resource library.

*WillieSea - Spam can and textures. Can created from modified Block, by InsanitySorrow.

*Tommy2368 - Scripts for weather control, oven backing script, and friendly help with some of the other scripts, like the pantry menus.

*Hentai - Hentai's Maxi Armor for Maid.

*KURESE - Converted from Oblivion by asianboy345 - Mina armor for Bard.

*DonKalleOne - DKOs Exquisite Robe for Priest in temple.

*NULL9 and Syndharos - Male Cleric Armor - Variants - Defender, Guardian and Protector.

*Ghostifish - Magical Alchemy Harvest-o-tron - Pointers on making my own version of automatic harvesting of things around you.

**If you see something you think you made and I did not give you credit, please let me know and I will investigate. I have been making this for a while and I may have forgotten someone. Sorry if I did.

If you like the mod, PLEASE endorse it.
If you like me, I like Kudos.
If you use the mod, please consider making a donation.
Even one buck helps! Thank you for your time. (As an added benefit, donating gets your intials on the easter egg room painting and I will tell you exactly how to find it.)

***NOTICE on RE-USE***
You may use any of my objects in this mod without asking me first with the following exceptions. You may not re-use anything that I have given credit to someone else for that is in this mod without their approval. You should give me credit if you do use anything of mine, but I will not police the mods to make sure you do.

If you wish to create a different language version of this mod, feel free to, but please only upload the objects you changed the language on. The other objects need to be downloaded from the location it was originally uploaded to by me. You may point to this mod in your own mod if you wish to do this.

This mod may not be uploaded in its entirety to any other web locations without my consent. I can be reached through private message on the nexus as 'WilliamSea' or on TESAlliance as 'WillieSea' or on the Bethesda forum as 'WillieSea'.

If I do not respond within 30 days to a private message, you may assume your granted permission and the mod is in public domain now.

*There could be a 'gap' in the neckline of the merchant when she is in her bikini.
*When the blood in the arena updates, it vanishes for a second. Dont know why but it does.
*Individual Auto-sorters clean enchantments from vanilla game objects that you enchanted yourself. Use the one-button general auto-sorter (under pull chain) if you don't want your items 'cleansed' of enchantments or crime. It will also clean 'city' names from special weapons, such as the Axe of Whiterun.


04/14/2013 - v3.5
01. More things added to Harvestables spell: Salmon, Salmon Roe, etc.
02. Fix set vender gold menu.
03. Removed several notes to keep from breaking "favor' quests.
04. Add perk point spell created called "Azura's Word".
05. Seventeen new weapon displays added to Display Museum.
06. Arrow sort changed, now must crouch to get selection menu.
07. Towel textures redone in living quarters.
08. Leveler's Collector spell added, picks up random junk, uncooked foods and drinks, sacks, barrels.
09. Fixed easter egg property that had lost its link.

03/23/2013 - v3.4
01. Aetherial crown, shield and staff added to Dawnguard spawn button in the laboratory.
02. Removed some extra lights from buttons, and gave them a glowing center instead.
03. Added perk 'Unrelenting force' to the perk add button in the laboratory.
04. Added 'Easter theme' to the tower which included the 'Colored Egg Hunt' game. Activate the basket in the tower top to start the game. Ten random colored eggs will be hidden in 50 different random locations in the 'Basement'. Find all 10 eggs to get a 'Golden Egg' from the basket. Special egg mesh with golden shine to it, plus its worth 500 gold coin!
05. Display room has shield Spellbreaker and Shield of Solitude added above dragon claw display.
06. Version sign updated (tower top that shows which DLC you have installed.) updated 'Supporters' sign with the one new donation.
07. Nocturnal statue added to laboratory top. Allows you to add or remove any of the three Nightingale Powers. You can even have all three of them.
08. Fixed texture issues on some unique meshes.
09. Living quarters entrance, removed one couch and added three more mannequins.
10. Medicine cabinet - Added to the 'Potion' menu: Potion of Prolonged Invisibility, All Prime Elixirs of Conflict, Escape, Keenshot, Larceny and Plunder.
11. Torture chamber secret door will now auto close when you leave.
12. Auto-sort for Dragonborn DLC - Added enchanted Heavy and Light Chitin and Heavy Nordic armors.
13. Spell Chameleon - When your sneaking, your detection sneak skill is increased by 100% and your sneak skill is improved by 25.
14. Spell Harvester - Constant use spell that will auto-harvest many plants, fish and gold thats just lying around. Be careful near towns, it does not check for ownership. Also its range is limited to 3000 units.
15. Spell Water walking - Cast to make that quick trip accross the water.
16. Added a book on alchemy to the alchemy station recipe box.
17. Added menu to gold strongbox in the tower top to allow you to select how much gold will be added when you crouch activate the strongbox.
18. Ingot bar containers in basement next to smelter will now spawn the set amount of ingots into the bar when you crouch and activate the bar.

03/03/2013 - v3.3
01. Fix medicine cabinet script.
02. Ebony ingot mesh fixed.
03. Priest added to Temple with AI packages.
04. Easter Egg room Achievement menu max 75 now.
05. Dragonborn Armors added to auto-sorter, crouch to sort uniques and all bonemold enchanted. Lots more to go.
06. Crafting Materials button fixed so you can change the quantity.
07. Dragonborn spawn button added to Lab.
08. Gaurdian, Protector and Defender NPC's added with AI Packages.
09. Ghostly cat AI packages added with pet beds.
10. Some mesh texture paths fixed.
11. Beds added for Bark and Barkeep.
12. Barkeep merchant added to Basement bar.

02/24/2013 - v3.2
01. Medicine cabinet now spawns Philter of the Phantom.
02. Golden Mug and Golden Candlestick can now be tempered.
03. Blood Chalice added to temple instead of Blood Shrine.
04. Rod of Power deleted.
05. Give Dragon Souls +25 now gives 25.
06. Hearthfires Wooden Sword now spawns.
07. Shelf of ingot containers added next to Smelter in Basement.
08. Mark spell should now work on any living or undead thing you cast it on. (For passing force field outside tower.)
09. Display room books fixed. All items verified to work correctly.
10. Holiday decorations set to game month display. In-game month Frost Fall displays pumpkin theme. In-game month Evening Star displays christmas theme.
11. Holiday settings button in Lab allows you to turn them off or on.
12. Magic Door now properly closes after use.
13. Levelers Perks now work correctly with vanilla perks of same type. Extra Effect and Twin Souls.
14. Briarheart Geis added to 'Enchanted Weapons Chest' next to forge.
15. Added missing spell tome 'Revenant' to Library basement.
16. Auto-sorts added for Dragonborn DLC. Armor, Weapons, Misc and Food. Only non-magical items.
17. Ingredient jars added for Dragonborn DLC.
18. Bedrolls added to Temple.
19. Night Eye spell redone for better less blurry viewing.
20. Werewolf and Vampire buttons fixed, should work error free now. (Thanks Tommy2368)
21. Gemstones added to Crafting button in Laboratory. Menu totally redone.
22. Forge transfer button in Basement updated with DLC support.
23. Food transfer button in Living Quarters updated with DLC support.
24. Potion transfer button in Laboratory updated with DLC support.
25. Weather spell updated with DLC support and minor fixes applied. (Thanks Tommy2368)
26. Dragonborn Ingredients added to the Auto-sort buttons.
27. NPC Maid added to living quarters with a full schedule to sweep the place up.
28. NPC Bard added to the basement bar and she will sing the two songs when requested.
29. Shadow light removed from living quarters entrance and replaced with regular light.
30. Food and Drink pantries now include dragonborn DLC items.

12/16/2012 - v3.1
01. The 'pull chain' script will 'stop' the update of this mod's quest scripts as well as remove all levelers spells and abilities. It also asks if you really want to do that before doing it. You will then have to reset the mod to get it working again.
02. The DLC spells are now in the library basement.
03. Werewolf/Vampire give/cure buttons. Mostly works, you should be out of vampire form for the cure to work.
04. Added chicken coops to the nests in the garden.
05. Trying to get the new function to add perk points to work.
06. Lots of 'auto-sort' changes, mostly to notes.
07. Leveler's spells of flame, sparks and frostbite now have 3 power levels, dependant on your level. Click it again to update the spell level.
08. Magic doorway got a new animated texture. :)
09. By crouching, you can get a list of your crime amounts in each hold instead of them being cleared to zero.
10. Fixed sort all for Dawnguard ingredients.
11. Temple: Added a 'Buffy Ambrosia' for the vampire slayers out there. Gives 100 resist poison and magic, regen health and stamina at 50% better, fortifies 1/2 handed and marksman, and restores 50 points of health. Last but a short time, enough for one fight.
12. Lowered effect time on temple blessings.
13. Added missing Lightning Rune spell tome to library basement.
14. Easter egg room has 'rod of power'.
15. Get Roe from fish on kitchen counter.
16. Added DLC learning ingredient effects to button in Lab.
17. Changed mirror script to change your looks.
18. Transmute arrows from lower types up to better types. For example, 6 iron arrows can be transmuted into 4 steel arrows.
19. Achievement in easter egg room now gives up to number 65.
20. Weather spell added, thanks to Tommy2368.
21. Elder scroll and dragon claws now work the way the weapons do (so they don't loose quest status, etc)
22. Draugr armor can be upgraded at armorers workbench.
23. New floor texture for laboratory.
24. Fixes to summon evil dragon scripts to include DLC dragons.
25. Tower top exterior, button to make bunnies attack the tower.
26. Temple, button that will remove all leveler's shrine enchantments.
27. Easter Egg room, teleports to all the mysterious gems that are in the little open jewelery boxes.
28. Fridge, pantry and medicine cabinets have new mesh, and new menu driven scripts for selecting items.
29. Temple, added two alcoves, one for the Blood Shrine and one for the Shrine of Auriel. Only works if you have the Dawnguard DLC activated.
30. Oven in kitchen now will use ingredients to bake many types of goodies. Thanks Tommy2368! I added my own special touches to it.
31. Moved to crafting button in Lab: Linen Wrap,
32. Health, Stamina and Magicka button in Lab, if your crouched, it will subtract 25 points instead of adding them.
33. Spam now has 'food' sound effects, instead of 'drink' sound effects.
34. Christmas decorations added. In next version will be tied to the current game month being the 12th month.

11/11/2012 - v3.0
01. Apocothery (Garden) teleport pad.
02. Jail Cells in Torture Chamber with two prisoners.
03. Spell tome textures for Magic Door, Mark
04. Text fixed on containers, bug jars
05. Home spell 'markers' fixed.
06. Auto-sorting of more items added to existing sorts.
07. Beverage and Food Pantry now allows you to select what you want (Kitchen in living qtrs and Apothocary in Garden.)
08. Critical Chance button has new selection for -50.
09. Dragon Burial ground in Mine (by soul gem deposit) that you can mine to get dragon bone, gems and dragon scale.
10. Fixed Conjure Flame Atronach and Conjure Flaming Familiar to toggle correct spell.
11. Fence merchant in Torture chamber so you can sell your stolen goods.
12. Potion Condensor now only shows recipes that you have the ingredients for.
13. Exterior force field now applies fire damage during the day, and frost damage during the night.
14. Quad-Souls perk, twice as good as Twin Souls perk.
15. Containers for Unique armor and weapons. The display room has a button for each so you can access these containers from there.
16. New container for Silver weapons
17. Display that shows which DLC you have installed - In tower top.
18. Spawn button for 'Mass' add of DLC objects to the player. (Tower top) Only visible if you have the DLC activated.
19. Ore in now added to miners chest instead of ingots. You can also have them stop mining. Amounts have been decreased. A bug was fixed where the second ore amount was the same as the first ore amount.
20. Torture victims should now whine when you hit them. No fix for them getting hit off their manacles.
21. If you have the Dawnguard DLC activated, several items will appear in the torture chamber, including a coffin to sleep in.
22. DLC ingredients added to ingredient storage with their own unique pot textures. Scripts only work if you have the DLC activated.
23. Auto-sorts for DLC added. Scripts only run if you have the DLC activated. These are not part of the 'Auto-sort all' button.
24. In Lab, button added to Soul Gem condensor that will give you all the empty soul gems from the chest in the tower top.
25. When the 'Auto-sort all' button is pressed, several items will be returned to you. (Torch, cure disease, lockpicks, axe, pickaxe)
26. Blacksmithy, transfer all constructable button now also transfers the furs, pelts and ore.
27. Living Quarters, the kitchen oven can now be activated to make your own 'Home Cooked Meal'.
28. Easter Egg room added. Button to add steam achievements. Spam for 500 health restore. Uber weapons and necklace. Posters on previous Levelers mods. Dont ask me where it is. If you have donated to the mod, send me a PM with your paypal initials, and I will tell you how to find this room.
29. Attempt to create 'cure' button for vampire and werewolf, in the torture chamber across from the Fence Merchant.
30. Pumpkins in tower top decorate the tower during the 10th month. Code in place for monthly decoration of tower.
31. Pull chain now grabs more stuff, and leaves all Levelers items in 'Unique Armor' chest.
32. New textures for Laboratory walls.
33. Dining room in Living Area now has giant fish tank on left side of room outside the windows.

09/30/2012 - v2.9
01. Bit more clutter in living area bedrooms, inluding a few jewelery boxes. (strongbox)
02. Cleared ownership of some items in the Garden Apothocary.
03. Lever to turn force field surrounding towers off.
04. New spell you can cast on NPC's that adds them to the Levelers faction, so they can bypass the force field.
05. Added more unique locations to the teleport home spell: Dawnstar Sanctuary, Jorrvaskr, College of Winterhold, Ragged Flagon.
06. New 'hand' to display rings.
07. Misc new gold items now have proper name with 'gold' in object name.
08. New perks added: +2 Enchantments to items, +10% Weapon recharge
09. Added unenchanted versions (including recipe) of the Circlet and Necklace.
10. Chaurus Chiten added to auto-sort for Pelts.
11. Adding new cell, Torture Chamber. Features the Adventurer's Maze for your evil delight. A number of adventurers try to get through the maze and you try to stop them using the buttons to cast spells down on them. For each kill, you get goodies placed in the rewards chest (in the hallway just outside the control room). There is also a sleeping cattle for vampires to feed on. And two torture victims that you can do what you want with (smack them around a bit).
12. Job Board in mining area, to instruct miners what ore to mine for you. They will mine for up to 5 days between your visits. And its a random amount they mine each day.
For example, from 1 to 10 for the rare Ebony, and from 1 to 50 for the cheap Iron. The other ores get variing amounts between those two based on their value in increments of 5.
13. Added resources to different areas, from InsanitySorrow and Tamira, downloaded from the TES Alliance.

08/27/2012 - v2.8
01. Lots of grammar and spelling fixed, thanks to the list provided by Tommy2368.
02. Longer Days/Nights button has been fixed.
03. Fixed Human Bandit spawn where sometimes a stormcloak would spawn with them.
04. Changed perk board messages. (may not see it without a clean savegame)
05. Contructibles cheat button has Leather Strips added to it.
06. Removed duplicate Jarrin Root ingredient jar.
07. Moved all teleport maps the the library, upstairs on other side of table from teleport pad.
08. Azura statue in Temple grants Azura's Blessing with 50% protection to fire, frost and shock, and fortifying health, magicka and stamina by 100 for 1 day.
09. Talos statue in Temple grants the Voice of the Sky blessing for 1 day.
10. Mara statue in Temple grants Gift of Charity for one day, which is +10 to speech.
11. Home spell redone. Now contains 8 mark/recall locations, expanded city menus and a unique locations menu. It still has the 'home' and 'return' functions as well.
12. Laboratory teleport pad added.
13. Wizard Merchant added to Library.

08/19/2012 - v2.7
01. More horse armor selections for Night the mare. Saddle, Daedric, Dragonbone, Dwemer, Ebony, Frost. Selectable from button in laboratory.
02. Temple navmesh fixed to prevent followers getting stuck.
03. Force field around exterior tower, prevents anyone not in player, follower or player horse faction from getting too close.
04. Temple and Mannequin basement set to not respawn, items placed here should now be safe.
05. Some spelling issues fixed.
06. Telekenisis tome in garden apothocary now works.
07. Longer Nights added. Crouch when you activate the Longer Days button to get Longer Nights instead.
08. Spell added: Dimensional Chest - fill it to reduce your own carry weight. Spell tome in Library basement.
09. Removed call of valor from shout button.
10. Time Lord ring crafting recipe fixed.
11. Hopefully fixed exterior door so it does not ask the question again (when the cell resets)
12. Soul Shards can be created using hammer on soul condensor workbench in Laboratory.
13. Soul gems can be condensed, where lesser powerful ones can be condensed to make the next most powerful soul gem. Workbench in laboratory.
14. Chests were deleted in basement, at the 'end of the chest' hallway. Remove anything from them before installing this version.
15. Snowing animation added to space outside the Dining Room in the Living Area cell.
16. Perk added from button in laboratory: Friendly Trader - Allows you to open the inventory of NPC's and freely trade with them. Player races only, non-vendors. Crouch and activate NPC, select 'Trade' and go wild.
17. Recipe for Taffy tread added to bakers table.
18. Dwarven Oil can be aquired from spigot in garden.
19. Jarrin Rood added to ingredient jars. Non-sortable.

07/29/2012 - v2.6
01. Music and accoustic room sounds added to all cells that had it missing.
02. Freezer now has a mini-atronach powering it.
03. Potion concentrater crafting table. Will turn 2 weaker potions into 1 stonger potion.
04. Both Enchanted armors can now be upgraded on the work bench.
05. Arena - Added Forsworn summon button.
06. Perk tree buttons. Each perk tree will allow you to add individual perks, or to add them all.
07. Basement main room, added fireplace and lounge.

07/22/2012 - v2.5
NOTE: Remove anything you placed on female mannequin in basement BEFORE installing new version.
01. Magic door that you can 'set' the destination that it sends you. Placed where Marble Dibella statue used to be.
02. Spelling punctuation fixes.
03. Clairvoyance, Ice Storm spell tome now give correct spell.
04. Freezer added to kitchen.
05. Autosort forsworn armors.
06. Linen wraps can now be created.
07. Levelers Draugr armor has visible hands in first person.
08. Arena Dremora summon button, third menu now spawns correct selection.
09. New Cell - Mannequin only cell added 'under' display museum. Find trap door entrance next to teleport pad.
10. Religious amulet 'displays' added to temple, in front of each altar.
11. New statues in entrance to Temple.
12. New Cell - Labratory, all the cheat buttons moved here as well as Lock pick training chests.
13. Dragonplate Leveler's armor added, no retexture yet. Includes Recipe, Temper and enchanted version.
14. Alteration spells tomes in library now have correct graphic.
15. Cave ramp to Mining Camp fixed.
16. Critical Chance and Unarmed now have option for +100.

06/24/2012 - v2.4
01. Spell tome toggle finished in Library basement.
02. Draugr armor made playable. Recipe, temper created for it.
03. Fixed forcefield in Arena protecting balcony.
04. Created room bounds in Living Area.
05. Two miners added to mining camp.
06. Great Temple created with all shrines.
07. Linen wraps added to constructables button.
08. Summon human spell, Imperials, Stormcloaks, Bandits.
09. Master bedroom added safe, weapon racks.
10. Trash Incinerator added to basement near smelter.
11. Added teleport pad to Library.
12. When crouched, activating gold safebox adds 5000 gold pieces to it.
13. Auto stack bookshelves in library. Scroll bookshelf containers.

06/10/2012 - v2.3
01. Fixed area behind windows in dining hall.
02. Fixed Arena force field.
03. Created living area room bounds.
04. Created Master Library cell. Still a WIP. All cell retextures done but no bookselves yet.
05. Library basement with 'toggle spell' tomes. Green lights indicate you 'have' the spell. Only half of them done.
06. Added 'Fake' spider control rod to display room.
07. Added miner (who will not mine yet) to the mining camp.

06/03/2012 - v2.2 - List of fixes:
01. Teleport map for War camps (Imperial/Stormcloak)
02. Added second teleport to Arena, can only activate it and teleport 'to' it.
03. Mirror in Restroom when activated opens the character generation tool.
04. Facial color textures for Cook added.
05. Pull chain to clear towers out - Added Display container, crafting safes, insect jars and all mannequins.
06. Fixed room bounds in garden pond.
07. Added ingredient jar for flour.
08. Added more to Apothecary including Dark Elf merchant, Dreanna.
09. New dragon amulet for Levelers Amulet. Also added slight glow.
10. Fixed glow on Levelers Circlet.
11. Create new teleport map flags that have a slight glow and are colored.
12. Fixed Friendly dragon.
13. Created 'Mining camp' out of the ashes of the old living quarters.
14. Added force field to arena balcony.

05/28/2012 - v2.1 - List of fixes:
01. Button to turn off gem shower.
02. Many more unique objects for display.
03. Displayed unique objects no longer loose their upgrades and enchantments.
04. Grain Mill now does more grinding, HoneyComb to Honey, Wheat to Flour and a few more.
05. Internal teleport pads, which you can also 'Activate' as the 'target' for the return Home Spell.
06. New working 'Bakers Table' for crafting baked goods.
07. Bake Breads, apple pie, baked potatoes, Creme Treat, Sweetroll, Honey nut treat, scrambled eggs (new mesh) and much more.
08. Battle Mode in Arena inciniration no longer kills close by enemies.
09. Added skyforge ability to blacksmith station.
10. Quest scripts no longer run except when needed which helps with effeciency.
11. Added 'spawn' barrels of certain ingredients in the kitchen.
12. Added Female mannequins option to some of the mannequin stations.
13. Rebuilt entire living quarters.
14. Many more paintings.
15. Wood chopping block outside tower.
16. Pull Chain in tower top that will empty all auto-sort containers back to your inventory (including ingredients)
17. Bathroom added with shower and toilets.
18. The old Living Quarters area will be converted into a mining area.

05/13/2012 - v2.0 - List of fixes:
01. Added menu -1000 to carry weight selection
02. Daedric artifact weapon display
03. Elder Scroll display
04. Added easier exits from living qtrs cavern lake
05. Diving board, fish, dragonflies added to cavern lake
06. Added more gemstones to gemstone shower
07. Ash piles in arena are removed with corpse remover lever
08. Added charcoal to contructables menu
09. Alchemist apocothery added to garden
10. Low cost telekenisis in apocothery
11. Cheat button for Shouts added for both 'learn' or 'teach'
12. Can set quantity of dragon souls to add
13. Arena battle mode explosions now clean up dropped weapons
14. Mannequin added to arena
15. Crouching when activating skill increase buttons will advance that skill a LOT
16. New floor in arena that looks more natural
17. Shanara merchant now buys 'everything'
18. Removed max limit from health, stamina and magicka buttons
19. Levelers Circlet has new magical glow
20. Added auto-bookshelf to bottom of all shelves in display room

05/06/2012 - v1.9 - List of fixes:
01. Dragon Claw Display
02. Daedric artifact display (clavicus Vile mask for now)
03. Arena Spoils chest 'auto-sort' option
04. Ambrosia potions are 'drank' if your crouched when you activate the button
05. Auto-sort for all 'other' potions added with container
06. Paralysis potions added to poison auto-sort
07. Open top chests added to display room
08. Added taproot to spriggan sap to mill stone recipes
09. Balcony off master bedroom with cavern, and infinite ore deposits
10. Gemstone shower demo
11. Cleaned Cook of quest related dialog
12. Added circular balcony around tower exterior
13. Added soulgem selection button

04/29/2012 - v1.8 - List of fixes:
01. Added new room, 'Display Museum'
02. Added '200' to speed increase list
03. Fixes to: Button textures, Ectoplasm spelling, Throne name
04. Soul gem transfer button next to enchanting station
05. Food transfer button near cook in living quaters for food and ingredient transfers
06. Arena corpse cleanup lever now also cleans up most dropped weapons
07. Moved bath to living quarters
08. Adjusted Basement layout
09. Button near alchemy lab to set number of ingredients spawned when you crouch activate an ingredient jar
10. Added 'gemstones' to the blacksmith fetch button
11. Fixed dart traps so they work on everyone

04/22/2012 - v1.7 - List of fixes:

01. Removed second script on arena floor dart triggers

02. Added containers to crafting benches

04/21/2012 - v1.6 - List of fixes:
01. Added more items to the 'fast sort' button
02. All armor enchants should be available to enchant on your own items
03. Fixed experience gain on training locked chests
04. Firewood added to correct auto-sorter chest and also added to blacksmith button
05. Added key sign to chest
06. Renamed Bedroom to living quarters
07. Cook NPC added to living quarters
08. Added barrel of unending food to living quarters
09. Fixed auto-lock training chests
10. Moved firepit in living quarters
11. Added lever in arena to turn off fire and dart traps

04/18/2012 - v1.5 - List of fixes:
01. Soul Gem auto sort, if your sneaking, will also sort filled soul gems
02. Added 'Fast Sort' of most all items button. Does not cleanse items of ownership or of self placed enchantments
03. Bug Jar collection now enables static bug jars
04. Disables horse when dismissed to stop game engine from sending the horse you your 'fast travel' location
05. Forge button now sends constructables back to container when activated in sneak mode
06. Recreated bedroom navmesh
07. Removed sparks from outside tower as it was reported to cause some CTD issues

04/15/2012 - v1.4 - List of fixes:
WARNING: If you placed an insect jar, go retrieve them BEFORE you install this new version.
01. Various bug fixes and enhancements
02. Lighted up basement
03. Added powdered mammoth tusk
04. Created new throne so you can look around while seated
05. Added Leveler's Shield
06. Re-did arena spawn buttons into two boards. More button will be coming in later releases
07. Improved some scripts for effeciency. May help some people with CTD issues
08. Added multiple menus to existing menu's that had too many options and were thus truncated. Should help people without widescreen monitors
09. Added pelt and fur spawner button
10. Added arrow spawner
11. Gold auto-sorter fixed, and limit lowered to 10K
12. Added more constructables to spawn button, firewood, dragon bone, etc.
13. Added when in sneak mode, you can set the quantity of items to spawn from the buttons
14. Arena spoils chest, when in sneak mode, you have option to 'clean out' the container
15. Moved insect collection jar shelf to fit new bedroom hallway
16. Re-vamped auto-locking chests into training chests, that will re-lock when you press the button
17. Re-worked bedroom with new cook area and elevated viewing area. Added clock
18. Added 7 new mannequins to area

04/08/2012 - v1.3 - List of fixes:
01. Fixed Throne
02. Fixed Home spell script
03. Began Bedroom cell. Please this is still a work in progress.
04. Cleaned mod of some vanilla cell changes
05. Brightened Basement cell

04/07.2012 - v1.2 - List of fixes:
01. Fixed many of the activation messages, and added some messages to objects.
02. Nirnroot - You can toggle the sound on/off if you activate the nirnroot while in sneak mode.
03. Added two blade trap levers to the arena floor. Now you can turn them on and off, while in the arena.
04. Summon Dragon spells. Agressive dragons now give souls. Friendly dragons will fight for you. Just try to keep him in the cell your in, he flys off to attack your enemies in a rather large radius. The friendly dragon is a toggle spell.
05. Changed 'Dovakiin' messages to 'Old Friend'.
06. Increased basement lighting a little bit.
07. Added a trigger zone that should close the arena auto door when you move away from it, in case it gets stuck open.
08. Auto-sort ingredient button, if your sneaking/crouched, it will take all the ingredients from the pots and put them back into your inventory.
09. Home spell converted into a multi-menu so even with a small screen resolution you should be able to see all the selections.
10. Merchant max gold, if your sneaking/crouched and activate the merchant, you can change the max gold she carries. Some people do not get any gold from selling to a merchant with more than 20K gold. Now you can choose how much gold the merchant has. This becomes active the next time you activate her. It will also now 'remove' gold if they have more than the set max.

04/01/2012 - V1.1 - Fix Throne room navmesh, Arena remove corpse lever killing your followers, new button to know all ingredient effects for potion making. Updated tomato plant texture.

04/01/2012 - V1.0 - Initial release.