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Adds a new type of glass armor to the game. Comes in 5 flavors plus vanilla.

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Update 1.3:
Beast Helms are done.
Reorganised the file structure to prevent overwriting of my other mods.
Hopefully fixed the shine problem once and for all.

I've added a Variant 2 replacer. This will replace ALL the splinter armors with a new mesh. See the screen shot for details. The Texture used in the screen shot is:
Malachite And Moonstone Glass Armour and Weapons by cmdo

Howdy Y'all!

I felt the glass armor was terribly lackluster for a high end, endgame style armor. It's gaudy, washed out colors and uncharacteristic bulkiness had to go. So, after much expirementation, I present glass Splinter Armor.

Glass Splinter Armor can be made from exactly the same materials list as normal glass armor, at the forge, with the glass smithing perk. Glass splinter armor is mapped to the vanilla txtures, so any replacer you use will be automatically fit to the splinter set.

I have also included 5 bright recolors of the glass Splinter armor, which can be crafted seperately. These require a common gemstone per piece, thus 4 for a complete set. the colors are:

Red - Common Ruby
Blue - Common Sapphire
Gold - Gold Ingot
Diamond - Common Diamond
Green - Common Emerald.

Weight, Stats and mats are otherwise identical to vanilla glass armor.

What Works:
Has Male and Female Versions
Weight Slider works
Upgradeable at the workbench

What Doesn't:
Not finished with beast race Helmets
Started making transparent Glass Parts but nothing good enough to share yet
I did not make Ground Models, so on the ground or at the crafting window they will appear with the original vanilla meshes. I did change the colors so you can get a feel for what it will look like.

Happy Modding!

Bethesda, for creating the best game I've played in a long time and filling it with great armors to mod.
Nifskope, for making all this possible.
FOMM and Blender: These tools are essential for modding, and free, so kudos to their developers.
GIMP: because I'm too cheap to buy photoshop.
DDS Converter 2 by Bluehair: Does exactly what it says it will.
The Nexus Forums: For occasionally having a quick answer to some of the obscure problems I ran into.

Terms of Use:
Do whatever you want with this. If you took my ideas and meshes and made a better version, I'd be flattered.