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This mod brings immersive details and life to the docks of Skyrim and Raven Rock in Solstheim.

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  • Turkish

At the Fishing Docks

People gather to work and pretend
Hard times come and the sea nothing sends
A deep blue ocean holding great mysteries
Where fishermans venture for the fish meeting

Should i blame such careless actions
While devouring theyre catch in discretion
Or should i stop being a worthless shadow
And go live by the meadow.

I believe God is holding something big for me
And i should go forth as a water stream.

By: Unknown Dock Worker.


Better Docks is a mod that brings more details to the docks of Skyrim and also Raven Rock's dock in Solstheim.
I always felt the docks were very empty for each city and there was nothing interesting to see there;
So i decided to mod them and try to bring a different feeling to the player, while keeping it lore friendly and simple.

There's dock workers in the vanilla Skyrim inside the east empire company wharehouse so i decided this mod could also add dock workers to the other docks as well.

Here's some information about them:
  • 1º - The new npc's added have the generic name "Dock Worker" this is to avoid confusion, so that you know they belong to this mod.
  • 2º - They all work or hang around the docks during the day and stay at the local inn during the night.
  • 3º - They all respawn.
  • 4º - There's 2 dock workers in Dawnstar, 4 in Riften, and 5 in Solitude.


Any mod that alters the same area may be imcompatible.


I'm not responsible if anything bad happens to your game or computer.

Use this mod at your own will, and remember to back up your saved game files.


If you want my permission to edit this file or upload it in another site, send me a detailed message with your intentions first.


daofu (author of "Populated Cities" mod) for taking the time to add the npcs to my mod.