Dragh Race - Drachis inspired by xardasmans
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UPDATE V0.3 - I haven't had time to do a lot on the mod for a while so I decided to give you a little update just so you know I'm still here and I won't leave the mod at least until it's out of beta. I use open files and haven't had the chance to test out the archived version yet so don't be too mad if it's not working properly.

I'll keep it short for now and will update the description a bit later.

This mod adds a new race called the Dragh. It's not extremely lore friendly, but if you use your imagination it can work for you. The Dragh have custom textures (for now I'm halfway done only with the head since it's probably the only thing you do see of your characters), they are more combat orientated than their argonian cousins. They get bonuses in heavy armor and block as well as in one and two-handed weapons combat (subject to change). I added new skills that match the theme more and still stay loyal to their reptilian roots:

Resist Poison and Disease - 50% resistance.
Resist Damage - 15% (their heavy scales provide extra protection and reduce their effectiveness as thieves).
Dragh Claws - a copy o the khajiit racial skill with little to no bonus (mostly aesthetic).
Weakness to Shock - 25% (started looking a bit overpowered so I added this nerf).

The race is completely based on argonians and uses all their assets so if you have mods that change those it will almost certainly affect dragh as well. The dragh are slightly bigger though. Furthermore your health and stamina regeneration are increased while mana regeneration is decreased meaning this race is mainly aimed (if not purely) at warriors. The reason why I did this is because it didn't feel like races have any impact on your play-style and that didn't sit very well with me, so if you want a mage I suggest not going for a dragh, because you'll have to wait an eternity for your mana to recharge.

Extract your selected archive in the Data folder of Skyrim.

1. Delete Dragh_Race.esp
2. Delete Dragh_Race.bsa or textures/actors/character/draghmale folder and all of its contents

Feel free to contact me with any and all ideas, textures you might have and whatnot.

Currently I have no female version, there are some strange clipping issues on some armors, I can't get rid of all the glossyness on the bone-like formations across the body and I have to check if I can do something about the first person camera (makes the character look shorter than actual).

This mod is pretty much a WIP and all support is greatly appreciated as I don't really understand everything. If I don't attract enough attention I'll probably discontinue hence the mod being here in such an early stage of development.

I have provided 2 archives - one with a .bsa and the other with a folder structure for the textures. I highly recommend using Drachis' argonian retexture or if there is another you like better it's as simple as copying the files in textures/actors/character/draghmale as the used files are named as the argonian files, but in a different directory so you can use your textures without messing with the original race.

P.S. The sword in the shot is JaySuS' Argonian Blade

V0.3 (10.04.2012) - made the spikes on the tail a bit bigger.

V0.2 (01.04.2012) - Finished most of the head for now. I think it's good enough for a beta anyway also did the tail and fixed a minor issue which concerns texturing. Next I think I'll do some female textures.

v0.1b - initial release...