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The Unlimited Blade Works

Release date : April 2012
Category : Magic and Effect
Mod version : 0.666
Author : Elysees
Uploader : Hentai

This mod was once stolen by someone who claimed it's his but by the effort of many people in my country and Skyrim Nexus staff - LadyMilla,
it had been taken back to rightfui modder -Elysees.
For the futher information refer to this forum thread

Everybody do a mistake.
When I first start the modding, I borrowed meshes from Tona's armor but didn't made proper readme file even though I credited him in the description.
I apologized him twice and put every mods a readme file. Elysees too had mistake to didn't give proper credit but He couldn't cope with the problem because of his
English skill.
I know the person who stole this mods had made a couple of great mods I really want him to back to modding.
I know he is still insist this mod is his and our community is hacking site. but if he accept his mistake and give us sincere aplogy
We won't pursue this matter never again.

This is a magic lots of blades are fallen from the sky and kills everything in the area. (Except the player of course)
3 kinds of magic will be added automatically
they are Blade Works
Unlimited Blade Works
Reality Marble Unlimited Blade Works

- Blade Works
powers magic
Damage : 5 + Alteration skill/5
auto targeting in the area
Default area radious is 2400
( You can change this radious with console " Set ubwBladeWorksRadius to 2400" )
If you don't like Auto-targetting then (Set ubwBladeWorksRadius to 1)
If you want to change the magicka spending then (Set ubwMagicka to 30)

- Unlimited Blade Works
Radious 100 Area
Damage : 5 + Alteration skill/5
The Number of projectile : Target * (25 + Alteration skill/2)
Magicka : Set ubwMagicka to 30

-Reality Marble Unlimited Blade Works
Radious : 45Area
Draw your enemys to the area which has 240 area
Damage : 5 + Alteration skill /5
Target * (50 + Alteration/2)
The Number of projectile : Target * (25 + Alteration skill/2)
Magicka : Set ubwMagicka to 30

If you want to back from the Sanctuary do the magic once again
Unlimited Blade Works and Reality Marble Unlimited Blade Works shares their trigger castings

*Unlimited Blade Works and Reality Marble Unlimited Blade Works changed to area based magic

*The blades still stuck to player but it doesn't do a harm.

* It doesn't harms your companions ro allies

* added a sounds when you have not enough magicka

-When you want to change the damage
` > Set ubwDamage to 1.0 (100% = Default)
Set ubwDamage to 2.0 (X2)

Skyrim official patch at least 1.4

Extract the zip files to \data folder, and check the UBW.esp at the launcher Menu

Thanks to Bethesda for the best games.