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Red_Mage 21 and platyhelminthes

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Just a rough beta retexture of the Dwarven Greatsword to make it resemble the legendary dragon-slaying greatsword Durandal from \"Fire Emblem 7: the Blazing Sword.\"

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Extract to your primary "Skyrim" directory, simple as that.

Plunged into the heart of Alduin's Wall in Sky Haven Temple. Partially because it's easy to find that way along with it being a logical place for an ancient dragon slaying weapon to be located.

Mostly for the reference to the original French Durandal being driven into a stone wall.

-Equal to the Ebony greatsword in damage (because nothing is as powerful as Daedric weapons in the Elder Scrolls lore)

-Significantly lighter and faster swinging then most greatswords (this is due to the multiple references to the sword being surprisingly lightweight and easy to wield in the Fire Emblem games)

-Has its own enchantment based on the Dragonbane's, albiet with fire rather then shock damage; cannot be destroyed to learn its enchantment.

-Requires Arcane Smithing and quicksilver to be tempered.

OP? Perhaps. But I tried to keep it as close to the Fire Emblem weapon while keeping it as lore friendly as possible and this was the result. If you don't like it you don't have to download it. Or do and just tweak it with the Creation Kit to your heart's desire, I don't really care what you do with the files as long as you don't try to claim credit for them.

Enjoy kicking dragon ass in Skyrim with this beast of a sword!


Durandal platyhelminthes Custom:

This is also platyhelminthes' customized variant of my Dwarven Greatsword retexture available for download. His version has a custom sheath and is also located in Sky Haven Temple (abliet on a table rather then in Alduin's Wall).


Credit for the original dwarven greatsword resources goes to Bethesda.

I do not take any responsibility to any damage this retexture may cause to you, your dog, your significant other, or your favourate set of feety pajamas.