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A request to give people light for those nightly strolls.

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[size=3pt]Warning - This mod WILL leave permanent effects on your save file, due to scripts and items being handed to NPCs. Torches will not be removed from people when uninstalled. I am looking into ways to fix this, but like many mods use at your own discretion and backup saves before trying it out; make sure you like the mod before dedicating to it.[/size]

If you haven't used this mod before, it might be best to use People Have Torches 1-1-1 (and Villains Have Torches 1-1-1 at the same time) if you are worried about permanent side effects from persisant scripts. The bugs with these versions are mostly cosmetic, like dead people holding torches ect.

Again, I'm sorry to anything who causually downloaded this mod and were effected by perminate effects. If left installed, the only problem you should incounter is log spam (and only if you leave it enabled for general gameplay where thats both unnessisary and not recommended), if uninstalled the effects shouldn't be too detrimental, however the people who were given torches will keep their torches (say you went to Whiterun with the mod installed, uninstalled it and with to Markarth, the people in Whiterun will still have torches but not the people in Markath or anyother place you haven't visited). You have now been warned, but let me know of any other problems other then the ones mentioned.

Someone requested me on the forums to give people in the game torches so that at night they aren't just walking around in the dark with night vision or something (make sense most with dark night mods).

Update: There are now compatibility patches for this mod to go along with Cloaks of Skyrim and Immersive Armors, they can be downloaded together or independently here. Thank you track1044 for making these patches :).

There are two versions of this mod, the Torches and Lantern versions. Only download one, you don't need both. The torches version does what you'd expect, gives people torches. The lantern version gives 60% of people torches, and 40% of people lanterns. This is for both civilians and bandits, so there should be a decent mix of the two.

Warning, there are some problems with the lantern version. Nothing game breaking but things you should know. Most of the problems are on the player's end and are the result of the ways the game handles handheld light sources. One problem is that when the lantern burns out or you enter and exit water (perhaps other scenarios I didn't find) it renders you unable to use your main hand until you reset your weapon. To compensate, I've made the lantern last 10 minutes instead of 4 for torches, to make this less of an issue (it would be unbalanced to completely remove the burnout[let me know if you want this changed]). Also, lanterns (even in the the hands of enemies) can look a little odd with some animations, namely blocking and especially the "torch bash", which is minor. Also, only one of the candles in the lantern is lit... If none of this bothers you go ahead and use the lantern version.

Like most other mods, you may need to wait in an empty cell for 3 to 5 days to get this to work on an old save. If that doesn't work, let me know.

This mod is done in a simple way, in the game normally each NPC is assigned an outfit which is based off a set of items. All I did was edit several of them to include a torch, doing it in this way reduces the amount of necessary edits and keeps compatibility with all mods that edit NPCs, in fact the only problem that would arise is if a mod did edit a general outfit and, if this mod was loaded before the other, would simply have it so villagers with that outfit did use torches. I haven't tested very long, however they seems to take their torches out and use them at night as you might expect, not sure if there are any glitches. One thing to note is that I limited my edits to what I felt was appropriate, which was villager base clothing (including upper class but exclude beggar), as such all bandits, rogue mages, and less common entries were untouched. If you want anything added or there is a bug let me know.

The lantern version is thanks to Gunner6999 for allowing me to use his lantern mesh. His mesh is part of his Better Wieldable Lantern mod. His mod adds a variety of craftable lanterns, each different if appearance and light, as such is a nice addition along side my mod.



I merged both Villains and People version because it turned out better then I thought it would, but I'm still not sure what I may have missed.

Also there is now a lantern version, but there some problems with it based around the way torches are handled. I've detailed more above.


1.1.1 (1.1 was bugged, so I removed it quickly and replaced it with this)

Added torches to a few more outfit sets.

Removed Update.esm dependency, hopefully will make the mod compatible with older versions of Skyrim, if not sorry.

Changed the way torches are given. Instead of strait dropping a torch into their inventory via outfits making it a part of their outfit witch equips torches to dead bodies and makes them untradeable on living people, I added a "Token" to their outfit, which gets equipped and replaced with a normal torch. This fixes untradeable torches and the torches equipped on dead bodies all at once (and perhaps other things). The token is an armor, but it uses equip slot 56 which is normally unused, so unless anyone else has a mod that adds to outfits an equipment that uses slot 56 then I can't think of anything else happening.