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This Mod adds 31 necromancer spells into the conjuration school.

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I can't speak English very well.

This mods adds 31 necromancer spells into the conjuration school.
These can be purchased from the vendor who is in Whiterun stables or under the entrance of college of Winterhold.
Furthermore, each conjuration perk makes their spells more powerful.
(Those perks haven't modified. Therefore, I think that there is little influence of the other spell mod. )

These spells are for necromancers.

If player has Dragonskin effect, Bone Wall may not functional normally. Please cast them, you have not Dragonskin.
If you had installed previous than v1.0, please delete all "NSS***.pex" files ( e.g. NSSBugsSwarmScript.pex ) in "skyrim\data\script" folder.

Spell list
Scapegoat - The summoned creature is made a vicarious victim.
Drain Soul - Absorbs magicka from corpse.
Poison Mist - Spray poison.
Ghoul Touch - Target speed is made late.
Weaken - Decrease target protection.
Raise Skeleton - Creates skeleton from corpse.
Blood Rain - It rains blood.
Corpse Decay - The corpse emits toxic gas.
Active Corpse - Reanimate very active corpse.
Iron Maiden - Reflect damage.
Cursed Bless - Decrease target magic resist.
Assassin Dagger - Create dagger which can be swung at high speed.
Blood Charge - Absorb health.
Bone Wall - Creates wall with bone.
Conjure Bugs Swarm - Summons bugs swarm.
Rotting Corpse - Reanimate rotten corpse.
Thorn Skin - Summoned creature can reflect damage.
Final Command - Explode summoned creature.
Sacrifice - Eat familiar.
Baptism Poison - Poison attack for long duration.
Bone Spear - Penetration attack.
Energy Drain - Absorb Health, Magicka, and Stamina.
Flaming Corpse - Reanimates Flaming corpse.
Zombie Mastery - Fortify reanimate level cap.
Shadow Morph - Invalid physical and magical damage.
Miasmal Aura - Offensive and defensive cloak.
Corpse Explosion - Explode dead body.
Soul Steal - Absorb health in near area.
Punishment - Reflects damage perfectly.
Executioner's Axe - Create very strong axe.
Conjure Inferno Army - Summons five undead soldiers.

---Extra Spell---
Blink, Bone Stair, Bone Prison, Calling, Cannibalize, Conjure Furniture, Magic Shield, Silence
Death Cry, Deadly Bombing, Hell Fire, Poison Nova, Rest In Peace, Poison Shower, Scarlet Needle

Version history
Fixed bug which couldn't buy Spell Book of Blood Rain.
Added 15 extra spells. These can be obtained in the following procedures.
- Buy the license book from the each vendor.
- Read the license book, you will get the key.
- Open the chest near the vendor.
- Take the spell books.
Changed effect of the Raise Skeleton.
- The skeleton will succeed level, ability and equipment in life some degree.
- The level of skeleton which can be created is dependent on conjuration level.
Changed effect of the Punishment.
- Can reflects all projectile damage.
- Dose not die from over damage any longer.
Changed duration time of Blood Rain and Corpse Decay.
?Fixed bug which conjuration skill goes up unusually when using Raise Skeleton.
Fixed Bone Wall. When taking to the Atronach perk, the problem which can not summoning was corrected.
Fixed Cursed Bless. The bug on which applied enemy was paralyzed was corrected.
Duration time of Bone Wall was changed to 60s from 30s.
Changed Raise Skeleton effect as follow.
- Duration time was changed to permanent.
- The max of number was changed to 20.
- As the upkeep cost, 20p of magicka is necessary per one skeleton.
Added new spell: Raise Skeleton, Bone Wall
It changed so that Inferno Army could not be summoned continuously.
It changed so that Sacrifice can be used for zombie.
Added new spell: Scapegoat, Blood Rain
Rebalanced spell cost for high level spells.
Changed visual effect for Bone Spear.
Added some test spells.
Added spell vendor.
Added practical guide of necromancy spell.
Removed spell chest from Dragonsreach.
Fixed Bugs Swarm and Inferno Army.
The bug which cannot summon was corrected.