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Added: 30/03/2012 - 06:26AM
Updated: 31/03/2012 - 03:35AM

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Last updated at 3:35, 31 Mar 2012 Uploaded at 6:26, 30 Mar 2012

Adds craftable Khajiit and Argonian tails that can be made at any smithing forge (found under misc). The basic tails can be enchanted with almost any enchantment, including Sabrecat Might, a new enchantment capable of boosting unarmed damage much more than the vanilla fortify unarmed enchantment (accessible by crafting and disenchanting a Khajiit Tail of the Sabrecat).

Does not modify races. This mod replaces the default skeleton with renamed copies of the skeletons used for Khajiits and Argonians. If you use another mod that modifies beast skeletons, you might need to copy and rename those to replace the skeletons I've provided to prevent conflicts.

As far as I have been able to tell, this does not cause any issues. These are the same as the skeletons found in my other tail mod -

-- VERSION 2.0:

Can now craft various colors of Khajiit tails and a "plain" Argonian tail that will have a color close to the skin tone of any given character. Available colors are based on the default hair colors, but skin tone will affect the tails, so they won't exactly match (especially if green, thus reinforcing the wisdom of Kermit).

Tails are now weightless.


Craftable items (found under misc):

Argonian or Khajiit Tail - 1 Leather

Argonian Kinship Tail (50% Disease Resistance, 50% Poison Resistance, Water Breathing) - 5 Leather, 5 Salmon Meat, 3 Skeever Tails

Khajiit Kinship Tail (Match or surpass the Khajiit default unarmed*, Sneak +10, Pickpocket +10) - 5 Leather, 2 Sabre Cat Pelts

Khajiit Tail of the Sabrecat (Sabrecat Might** 30, AKA +30 unarmed damage) - 10 Leather, 5 Sabre Cat SNOW Pelt

Argonian or Khajiit Tail of the Archmage (All spells cost 15% less, +50 magicka, magicka regenerates 100% faster) - One adept robe from EACH school of magic.

* +12 unarmed for all races with an additional +6 for non-Argonians and non-Khajiits. The end result is that all non-Khajiit races get an unarmed damage bonus equal to that of a Khajiit, and Khajiit claws become twice as effective.

** Sabrecat Might's base bonus to unarmed damage is 20, which is four times that of the vanilla fortify unarmed enchantment. With all relevant perks and 100 enchanting, it gives +50 to unarmed damage. This can be increased further with the help of fortify enchanting potions. Only tails and footwear can be enchanted with Sabrecat Might.

To install:

Unzip and merge with the Skyrim data folder. Adds textures for the tails and overrides default skeleton.nif files. This is necessary for the tails to animate properly.

To uninstall:

Delete or deselect DSmystictails.esp, then delete, rename, or overwrite the skeleton files (assuming they're not being used by other mods). You can also delete the custom textures, though they shouldn't conflict with anything whether they're there or not. These files can be found in the skyrim folder under the following paths:

Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets\skeleton.nif
Data\meshes\actors\character\character assets female\skeleton_female.nif
\data\textures\actors\character\khajiits\(17 .dds files, each 5.45 kb in size)