The Bow of the Drow by Nicoroshi
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The Bow Of The Drow v1.2a by Nicoroshi

The Reason for this mod:

I created this model based on the Lothlorien Bow from the Lord of the Rings Movies for my Drow character in Oblivion.

It was one of my favorite bow models that I created for Oblivion so I wished to use in in Skyrim as well.

What this mod does:

This mod adds one 'Bow of the Drow' to Hob's Fall cave. It is in the final chamber by the dead Imperial female that the necromancers were working on.

This bow is also craftable if you have the Ebony Smithing perk.

How do I install it?:

Unpack the downloaded 7zip file to a known location (like 'my desktop').

Open the file, and either copy to folder or drag, and drop the folder labeled 'Data' into your Skyrim folder.

NOTE: The Skyrim folder is normally located at C:SteamSteamappscommonskyrim.

When prompted by windows answer "Yes To All".

Start Skyrim, and in the Data directory place a checkmark by Bow of the Drow.esp.

Play and enjoy.

Or skip all of that and install using Nexus Mod Manager :)

How strong is it?

Same damage as the Daedic bow but without any enchantments so that the player could use it as their main weapon through the game, and enchant it to suit their own playing style.

Version History:

v1.0 Initial release
v1.1 Adding missing .esp (Oops!)
v1.2 Changed damage from that of Ebony Bow to that of Daedirc to match the description.
1.2a Added a space between the words 'The', and 'Bow' in the name as it appears in game.


J.R.R. Tolkien for the idea of the shape of this bow.


This mod is alright to convert into other languages(for my friends Eriko, and Elandra) but would like to keep the files specific to TES Nexus, and, and ask that an English version of the original readthis file is included in the files.

The model, and texture will remain specific to this mod until I decide otherwise.

Author's note:

Being a modder I am disappointed in the bone structure, and animation created for bows in Skyrim. :(

It's not that I do not know how to rig a mesh but keeping a curved structure intact using the animation, and bone structure provided is nearly impossible (I can see why most of the bows in game are based on the same shape, and static in the middle).

If you're reading Bethesda. Please bring back bow morphs like Oblivion had in the release of the next Elderscrolls game.