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70 non-replacer male and female face/neck warpaints. As well, tutorials on making non-replacer warpaint mods work with conflicting mods and making them work extended slider colors

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***Big Important Note -- I stated this in the sticky on the comments page, but I am no longer offering support for this mod. My time with modding for Skyrim is done.***

Race Menu compatible plugins are up and running! If using the plugins, no need to download other renditions of the mod, and if using the Race Menu mod by expired6978, there should be no need to add warpaints to other mods, make replacer tats, and it will be compatible with other races and mods that alter races. Thanks to expired6978for that genius mod!

To use the warpaints with the race menu mod, you will need to go to the textures menu, and add the desired warpaints from there. Then they will show up on the warpaint slider.

That being said, the instructions for adding warpaints to other mods, and the replacer instructions are still available.

Alright, so this is basically the start of a port of my WyldTats mods from DA and DA 2. It is a collection of 70 face and neck warpaints based on a few different scifi and fantasy sources (Stargate series, Primal on PS2, Final Fantasy, some originals I have permission for and some originals on my part, and various stock sources on the web -- if something was mistakenly taken from a source that is not stock let me know and I will take it down).

The warpaints are for males and females, and they are all non-replacer versions.

Due to how tedious it is to actually add colors, it was something I ended up not doing. There are two options for you here: Choose a vanilla warpaint, and pick a color. Then pick your WyldTat of choice, and it will be whatever color you just chose for the vanilla warpaint. The other option is to use the Extended Slider Colors mod -- and I have instructions for using that mod under the miscellaneous section of downloads.

Now, if you are using expired's Race Menu mod, this will be a non-issue, as you will be able to use the full range of colors that mod offers with the warpaints.

It is recommended that you use the nexus installer. If you decide to do it manually, just drop the wyldtats.esp and wyldtats.bsa into your program files(x86)>steam>steamapps>common>skyrim>data folder.

If installing the loose files for adding the tats to other mods, from the data folder, go to data>textures>actors>character>character assets>tintmasks folder.

If installing the patches for custom races, install the custom race esp file into the program files(x86)>steam>steamapps>common>skyrim>data folder.

Again it is recommended that you use the nexus mod manager for all installing and uninstalling needs. If you decide to do it manually, just delete the wyldtats.esp and wyldtats.bsa files from the program files (x86)>steam>steamapps>common>skyrim>data folder. To uninstall the loose files, just delete the files from the data>textures>actors>character>character assets>tintmasks folder.

Basically, any mod that has an "esp" file that modifies the races is likely to cause a conflict with any non-replacer warpaint mod (mine included). There are two workarounds for this: Change the desired warpaint into a replacer version, or add the warpaints to the conflicting mod. I have instructions for both workarounds under "Miscellaneous" downloads.

Note, that when using either method, you will need to either delete the wyldtats.esp file, or just make sure that it is unchecked. You will also need to download the "loose files" folder to utilize either option.

From time to time when working on the original WyldTat mods, I would often get requests for various tats. I will say that I have done requests before, and I won't rule out ever doing them again, but with still having my work cut out for me in porting the old tats over and having to deal with work/family/etc, it is highly unlikely I'll be taking requests anytime soon. Thank you ahead of time for your understanding in this=)


Hate to say it, but I am no longer offering support patches for custom races. I am busy working on a few things for my own custom race, and I have some stuff in life to deal with. As such, something had to give, and that was it. Basically, if you want to use my mod on a custom race, try the Race Menu mod as mentioned above, or follow my instructions under downloads for adding warpaints to custom races or changing them into replacer renditions.


A special thanks to KrimsonLust for showing me what I need to do to get Warpaints up and running in Skyrim.


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