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WOW, 2000 Downloads within 1 week! I did not expect this at all, thanks for playing everybody :)


Unbelievable, 3000 Downloads! Thanks everybody!

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This dungeon pack adds 5 new dungeons to the world of Skyrim.
Dungeons have a wide variety in difficulty, style and length.

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Portial Keep:

Portial Keep is a fallen prison, once owned by Imperials. Since a few years a group of bandits made it their Headquarter. It is quite big and very challenging. I recommend to check every room atleast 3 times to make sure you won't mis any important items.
Estimated level: 18+
Estimated Time: +/- 25 minutes

Hustar's Bunker:

Hustar's Bunker is a hidden base located in unused sewers. A few hostile nord's are living inside to stay safe from the law. This dungeon can be a very challenging and walking around inside it can give you a nervous feeling because of the sad and scary looks.
Estimated Level: 15+
Estimated Time: +/- 20 minutes

Holgar's Tumb:

Holgar's tumb is a small tomb. Draugr's and skelletons have been living inside for hundreds of years. The tomb has been cleared several times already but the undead monsters inside keep coming back. The entrance ( A sewers hole ) is located inside riften.
Estimated Level: 7+
Estimated Time: +/- 15 minutes

Gretory Temple:

Gretory Temple is a very old Dewmer temple and only a few people have been inside but nobody came out alive. This dungeon is has the most impressive looks and feel and is aimed at the higher level players. A lot of loot can be found in this dungeon.
Estimated Level: 25+
Estimated Time: +/- 30 minutes

Farian Cave:

Farian Cave is a frozen cave, inhabited by a group of bandits. The cave isn't very big but has some hidden rooms and loot. This dungeon is aimed at the low-medium leveled player.
Estimated Level: 10+
Estimated Time: +/- 20 minutes