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Last updated at 7:17, 22 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 16:50, 29 Mar 2012

Contain sensual material.

This mod adds several Japanese style clothing to the game. 4 new outfits with some color variations.
Most of the models come from Hentai Mania by Zotmann12. I added my Push up body to the models to give a more sexy effect. The effect is more noticeable if you have a character with a big chest. Remember, it is not animated, it has to be considered as a clothe.
You can find the next to the japanese house, in the Onsen.
All the outfits are ''weight-slider'' compatible.

For now it is a beta version. If you notice bugs, please report me.

The Pushup body is a modified body from Caliente made by me. It "equip" the most of my clothing mods to give a more natural effect with the tight clothes. This body works perfectly with all the CBBE original bodies. See my others mods to see more examples. It doesn't replace anything.

Version 2.0 Epidose 2
- Add the Nakanishi Onsen, a new place, next to Thalmor ambassy

Version 1.5
- Add Black Miya
- Add a Bokuto

Version 1.1
- Textures path fixed for Kazehana
- Add panty for White Kazehana
- Add amissing ''_n'' texture for Miya.

Version 1.0

Next update :

- Add first person view
- add combat clothing
- Add new clothes.

- Make sure tu use the lastest update or the desired version.
- Make sure you have the lighe ''bEnableFileSelection=1'' in SkyrimPrefs.ini under [Launcher].
- Make sure "Sekirei.esp" is checked in Data Files in the Skyrim launcher or in Nexus mod Manager.
-If you update, copy files into data directory and click Ok to overwrite files.

Calientes Female Body CBBE by Caliente

-Some poeple repport a glitch on the geta.

* Caliente for her beautiful CBBE.
* Zotman12 for his original work on Oblivion.
* KURESE for the panty.
* Nao1001 for theBokuto.
* Scot for the bambous.
* Pandur for the japanese house.

By l1nkown 2:20 and Red Uzume by mrkrossfaith