Urosh Yal Stronghold by screamingabdab
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Urosh Yal Stronghold

1.2 is the latest version.
Added 2 Followers, Haskeer a heavy armour wearing, dual wielding berzerker and Shatom a light armour wearing spellcaster.

Download the Sabre Cat Textures file and follow the instructions to avoid un-textured sabre cats.

My first mod, has become my first project and this is the result.

Urosh Yal is situated south of Rorikstead at the edge of the tundra overlooking the valley.

As an Orc player I was disappointed with the none existence of somewhere Orcish to call home so I decided to make myself a house. This became a small settlement, which eventually led me to this. A fully functioning stronghold, complete with guards (both Orc & animal), a wise women, mine, full crafting facilities, a longhouse and a few surprises.

Inside the longhouse you'll find a journal detailing the history of Urosh Yal, so before you start posting about things that don't fit please read that first :)

Future plans include more dialogue for the NPC's, some quests & a possible expansion below ground.

I'd advise you to use Wandering Mannequin Fix to prevent wandering mannequins.

Credits - The additional Sabre Cat textures are from this excellent mod available here New Animal Textures

Also got to give a thanks to Lupus78 for letting me know how to insert links & images to my description.
And my thanks go to fg109 for sorting me out with a Blessing script for the Shrine of Malacath.