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Replaces the old dragons with thirteen new, heavily-scripted dragon breeds to provide more interesting gameplay.

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NOTE: This mod is not compatible with the Dragonborn DLC. It will no longer be supported, and I will not be reading any comments. A compatibility patch for Dragonborn is available here, with much thanks to evrymetul.

Dragons are certainly intimidating, and they have fancy music, but playing Skyrim will make one lose interest in them pretty quickly. Aside from some breathing fire and others breathing frost, they all behave the exact same way, and there isn't much to that behavior. This plugin replaces the standard dragons with thirteen new dragon breeds, each heavily scripted to provide more interesting gameplay.

Over a thousand lines of script!
Forty-nine new dragon textures!
Dragons stay on the ground a reasonable amount of time!
An actually satisfying Alduin fight!
Summons! Spell barrages! Exclamation points!
And more!

Requirements: A program capable of unpacking .rar files.

Extract DragonsDiversified.rar to your Skyrim/Data folder, select 'Data Files' from the Skyrim loader and check the box beside DragonsDiversified.esp. If you use Deadly Dragons, make sure you are also using the compatibility patch available at

Note that, if you want to be surprised by the new types of dragon, you may want to skip the following section.

Blizzard Dragon: Conjures a life-leeching blizzard while in combat.
Dracolich: Summons Draugr and can only be harmed by hitting the Essence floating around it.
Dragon Firesage: Launches a steady stream of fire attacks.
Dragon Frostsage: Launches a barrage of frost attacks every ten seconds.
Ice Dragon: Forms a regenerating suit of icy armor.
Illusion Dragon: Conjures phantasmal copies to confuse and chip away at its enemies.
Inferno Dragon: Conjures short-lived sentient fireballs to overwhelm its foes.
Oblivion Dragon: Summons Daedra to its location wherever it lands.
Shadow Dragon: Vanishes as it flies through the air.
Spectral Dragon: Sends an invulnerable, life-draining mist to devour any enemies.
Twin Dragons: Call an ally to help them.
Wild Dragon: Calls a steady stream of wildlife to their aid.
Wind Dragon: Sends anything nearby flying with its tail bash, landings, liftoffs and breath attacks.

Dragons Diversified may have compatibility issues with any mod that changes the Dragon Leveled List (including the actor that uses it as a template).

Thanks To
Bethesda Softworks for making quite a serviceable modding wiki. Also, you know, the game.
The Nexus' Grey79, tunaisafish, Arkelius and gsmanners for assorted scripting advice.
My esteemed brother for creative advice and moral support.
The Nexus' Yakusza for running some comprehensive compatibility tests.

v1.05: April 6, 2012
-Made Alduin somewhat less face-meltingly hard. He's still terrifying, just not *as* terrifying.
-The Dragon Frostsage's (and, by extension, Alduin's) rapid-fire attacks are no longer AoE.
-The later Ice Dragons' armors regenerate more slowly.
-Made the dragons' assorted summons immune to mind control effects.
-The Spectral Dragon's mist will now vanish when it goes under 30% health, to stop it murdering the player while they rodeo the dragon to death.
-The Spectral Dragon's mist will now move to the Dragon whenever it takes off, in hopes that it will get embarrassingly stuck less.
-The Spectral Dragon will now drop visible remains when slain, and looks a bit fancier while dying. Thanks to the Nexus' Aknevrec.

v1.0a: March 29, 2012
-Now includes actual, bundled-in scripts! Sorry to the almost-500 people who downloaded a completely non-functional mod.

v1.0: March 28, 2012
-Initial release