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Changes to 1096Bimu\'s mod, Sabers Swords

Permissions and credits
Since 1096Bimu apparently "went rouge a couple of months ago... and... done with skyrim mods" + "There is no need for any requests... everything I uploaded onto this site... are free to use... I give permission to all requests made previously that I have no responded", I've decided to make some changes to his mod and share it.

This mod is like the original, swords in the same place, etc. But please make sure you uninstall the original mod and save the game.
People who never use the original, look at image section for where the items are located.

Process of this mod: slow. Reason: Archer's mod (Video link below), Real Life stuff.
Solution: Have free time to model? Please pm me :D.
Prototype Archer's mod
Expect things to be different from the vid. It's a prototype...

SKSE and Skyrim Version 1.6

Nexus Mod Manager or manual extract the files to Skyrim\Data

Recommended Mods - Pretty much what I've used to make a saber look-a-like (Enjoy, since people keep asking me..)
XP32's Saber Lily Outfit - Can be use with CBBE, just need one of UNP files to work (Don't remember, look for Caliente's answer on UNP and CBBE Compatbility) + make sure weight is 0 for no clipping problems
Dualsun's Combat Idles
Fizban007's Saber Armor - Make sure weight is 0 for no clipping and triangles, Fizban haven't updated the mod since...2011? so the slider weight thing isn't working. (Left I think when he said he was going to add it)
Radioragae's Hair Pack of TES IV

Let the videos explain. Also the videos here to show you how the mod works (Just in case). More under Video tab.

Current Version: 2.06a
-Supposedly for 3.0 but Change Saber Alter's Excalibur Morgan and Vortigern models to picture below. (Model/texture is crapped, I know. I don't have any modeling and texture experience. UI's take time to adapt when I don't know the symbols. Sorry D:)

Upcoming 3.0 - FINAL VERSION (SLOW)
-Add Saber Alter's Barrier power (Fate/kaleid liner Prisma?Illya)

-Will be scripting Caliburn and Saber Lily's Caliburn to do straight up instant kill for a number of seconds.

-Possible Change on Avalon and Tyrant Clap works. [Tyrant Clap-Done, working on Avalon objectrefence script]

-Red Saber (Fate/Extra) sword (WIP), abilities (Making it sync with sound), sound (Youtube rip), + Noble Phantasm (WIP, Xmarkeref, where do I put it? O.o)

-Audio Change with Strike Air (Vocal sound stands out more)[Done]

~Known Bugs~
I don't have always have conflicts with this mod. When I do, I look at the bold words for solutions.

teleporting, fix: 3rd person camera OR don't stand on ledges (Doubt it, doesn't happen to me 90% of time -.-) OR don't get hit, might be animation related.

Lag when hotkey: Might be the textures, according to one comment from the Japanese version of skyrim nexus.

IT DOESN'T WORK: Image Section, Green Text picture '-.- OR
REINSTALL MOD IT STILL...:You might want to reinstall Skyrim (happen to one guy) or be sure to be not above esp limit.

CTDs: Use BOSS. Still do!: check your mods.... :D

Hakari aka 1096Bimu for making the weapon models
Fenixant for the textures used in 1096Bimu's mod
Elysees - Script work
Xilver - Midas Spells, how to use FXs
kksung01 aka MrDplop (Youtube name) - meshes
Type Moon for Fate/Series