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When exiting werewolf form, have all of your previously equipped items re-equipped for you!

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Do you like this mod? Try my latest mod! A FULLY voiced quest modDwemer Colosseum!

I was going to make a version for dropping your gear rather than just re-equip it, as some of you know (Werewolf Aftermath Dropper), but I will not longer bother developing it as it seems someone else has stepped up to create Werewolf Aftermath - Gota Get My Stuff Back . This is a penalty-driven realistic alternative.

I do not personally recommend this as it is no longer officially supported by him. I do not intend to fill this void either as it is more difficult to achieve and does not in any way appeal to me.

GOOD NEWS EVERYONE! ~ (Hubert J. Farnsworth)
(1) V4.0 released, as stated in earlier announcement. It should fix the enchantments not being applied properly. Kind of a big deal really. Enjoy! :D
(2) After some research I have discovered EquipItemEx is the solution to your problems regarding the lack of enchantments being restored when items are equipped using the normal, vanilla equip function that the engine uses. Thank the creators of SKSE & SKYUI for providing the greater need and possibilities to make this possible for us. v4 inbound & a small fix for Dawnguard shall also be included.
(3) Released V3.1! I have tested it, and it should work perfectly (but does look semi-weird when it saves your weapons...) Anyways, Please let me know if it it worked for you, and such. SKSE is now a requirement!
(4) Released V3! Probably tiny kinks need to be looked into. But it should be fully function-able now. Please read the files subscription on the d/l page for some insight. :)
(5) Please leave me some feedback! Is it working good for you? No issues? :)
(6) I HAVE RELEASED V2! *Should* be compatible with ANY other werewolf mods. However, it currently does not re-equip weapons and might never unfortunately. Since the way the script works in the werewolf quest... and I can't touch that without conflicting. Enjoy the compatibility!

Hi peoples. I have a problem with being a werewolf. Having to re-equip all my gear when I'm done. :O! This mod fixes that.

Here is a demonstration video:

Nexus exclusive, no exceptions. No re-uploads.

Credit: Korodic (Concept, Scripting, & Implementation), DeadlyCobraXXX (Scripting), & fg109 (Scripting)