Markarth Abandoned House Cleaned by Psylvermom
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Just listed -

Beautifully appointed one bedroom condo in the heart of downtown Markarth. Walking distance to the shops and tavern. Just a short trek up the hill will take you to Understone Keep for an audience with the Jarl. Includes all crafting amenities: private forge, enchanting lab, alchemy lab and indoor cooking spit. Fully furnished with many custom touches including cold storage for food items. Must see to believe. Perfect for the young Dovahkiin just starting his or her adventures.

Special thank you to ShadenzZz and P210 for helping me work out the bugs. You are awesome.

Prerequisites need to be met:

1. You must complete the associated quest.
2. Remove anything you want to keep from the house before you load this mod.
3. Save your game.

Note: When you start a new character, deselect this until you complete the quest.

The update has a small mesh folder (MAHCMeshes) that needs to be placed in your SkyrimDataMeshes folder.

****** SPECIAL NOTE FOR VERSION 3. The meshes folder has been replaced by a BSA file. Remove the MAHCMeshes folder and place the BSA in the Data folder with the ESP. ******


Workroom with workbench, anvil, tanning rack, grindstone and weapon racks (look up)
Alchemy and Enchanting stations
Small harvestable garden
3 Mannequins (you can use sexchange)
Shield and weapon plaques
Bookshelves to hold up to 126 books
Small storage chests for recipes


Take everything out of the house you want to keep. Deselect it in your load file or unsubscribe whichever applies. The original house will load in its place.