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Randomly-generated NPCs have been added to cities.

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Alternatively, "Skyrim Comes Alive" for the originality-challenged.

This mod adds 236 generic townspeople and sets them to spawn randomly in certain places throughout the cities of Skyrim to add to the atmosphere of a bustling urban area. They will walk around and interact with their surroundings, and are grouped by class, so lower-class people will be more likely to spawn in poorer areas of the city and nobles will appear more often near the castles. In addition, Windhelm has its own lists to ensure that Dunmer will only spawn in the Grey District and that Argonians will not spawn at all.

In this mod, you'll find:

* Alik'r Warriors
* Beggars
* Children
* Citizens
* Companions (Whiterun only)
* Drunks
* Hunters
* Imperial Soldiers (taverns in Imperial holds only, rare spawn)
* Lepers
* Mages
* Mercenaries
* Nobles
* Priests
* Prostitutes
* Stormcloak Soldiers (taverns in Stormcloak holds only, rare spawn)
* Thalmor Justiciars (Solitude and Markarth only)
* Vigilants of Stendarr
* Wenches (Taverns only)
* Workers (Markarth only)

Known issues:

Some people have reported the game not loading when you go into cities with this mod. This is apparently due to having too many objects load, so if it's a problem, try the lite version. Any help with this is much appreciated, since I don't know how to fix it.

NOTE: The facegen data files will not work with the lite versions of this mod. If you want to use them, just rename genpeoplelite.esp to genpeople.esp and it should work. Thanks to Morchai for this.


July 31, 2012 - I have uploaded a new file containing facegen files for the NPCs. Download this to fix the grey face glitch. A big thanks to Edg3k for doing this, since the way my keyboard is set up prevents me from doing it on mine.

Revision 2 - July 8, 2012. MAJOR UPDATE! I have added crime factions to the NPCs (so you can get arrested if you kill or steal from them) and added them to interior cells, so they can now be found in taverns and castles. I've also added a version to use one-third of the spawn points, since some users were having trouble with the lite version.

Revision 1 - April 27 2012. I've added a lite version that adds half as many spawn points. Use this one if your computer can't handle the full version. Also, in the full version, I've added some packages to Companions so they'll dine in Jorrvaskr and reduced the number of spawn points in Solitude and Windhelm, since a lot of people were having issues there (I'll admit, I went a little crazy with the two capitals). All cities work fine for me now. Finally, I fixed the NPCs using blacksmith equipment, except for workers, who have a good reason for it.

Future Plans:

* Civil War support (so, for example, Justiciars and Imperial soldiers could spawn in Eastmarch if the Empire takes over there).
* Adding NPCs to smaller villages (although I'm not sure if they'd wander away from the towns).