Ale and Mead Labels by Axhoff
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Ale and Mead Labels
version 1.0
by Axhoff

Gives various ale and mead bottles their own label.

What it does:

Replaces the textures on the following drinks: Ale, Argonian Ale, Dragon's Breath mead, Mead with Juniper and Nord Mead.
Adds versions of Argonian Ale, Mead w/ Juniper and Dragon's Breath mead to the food vendor in the inns and mead barrels.

Copy the content to your Skyrim Data folder. Enable esp file.

You are free to use the textures and meshes in your own mod but please give me credit.

You are NOT allowed to distribute this file to other sites than the (Skyrim) Nexus site.
You are NOT allowed to use these meshes and textures in mods other than for Skyrim.

Original meshes and texture(s) are the property of Bethesda.

Bethesda for the original mesh and texture.