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richmond_b's Super Nifty, Extremely Portable Whetstones

This mod adds a nifty little item to the world of Skyrim - whetstones! Now you can sharpen and maintain your blades on the


I found it was strange that there were so many swords in Skyrims, but only one way to sharpen them, so now whetstones are

availabe to be purchased from various merchants around Skyrim.

There is also a free whetstone on the counter of the Riverwood Trader. I guess the owner must have been too flustered by

the robbery to even notice it was there.

- Added an animation
- Refined the Scripts
- Closed the possible exploits
- Made the whetstones available at more vendors
- Decreased the weight of the whetstones
- Added Credits to Readme
- Various Bugfixes

What It Does

- The whetstone is meant for players who enjoy roleplaying, hunting, fishing, camping, etc. I found that I disliked

having to head to a blacksmith everytime I wanted to improve my weapon. I also found that carrying a grindstone around via

a portable campsite mod was unrealistic and tended to break immersion. So, I created this mod to allow players to sharpen

their swords wherever they are, allowing them to roleplay a bit.

- The whetstone allows players to upgrade their weapons wherever they go. This is balanced by the fact that they can only

improve the item half as much as they would be able to at a grindstone. To balance this, I removed all ingot requirements

for use with the whetstone. The ingot requirements of the grindstone remain untouched.

- The whetstone will only work on weapons with blades (swords, daggers, axes, etc.). This means that hammers, bows and

maces can not be improved with the whetstone.

- Weapons added by other mods will not work by default, but the modder can make his mod compatible with this one. (See


*Note To Modders - If you would like to make your weapon mod work with the whetstone, all you have to do is duplicate your

improvement recipe and change the keyword to "Whetstone" and have it loaded before this mod. This would also allow

compatability via a bashed patch.

What This Mod Is Not
- This is not A Cheat mod, or one that unbalances the game in any way. I have tried very hard to keep this balanced and

true to both the game and the real world. If you are looking for a way to make all of your weapons instantly legendary,

look elsewhere.

- Add a temporary damage bonus to your sharpened weapon.
- Redo the mesh and texture of the whetstones.

- Simply unzip the archive to your Skyrim/Data folder.

- Simply delete d_b Whetstone.esp and d_b Whetstone.bsa

I would like to thank a lot of people on the Bethesda Forums who helped me hammer out the scripts used in this mod. This

includes, but is not limited to:
- Cronos988
- Amethyst Deceiver
- RandomNoob
- JustinOther
- -KC

Release History
3/28/2012 Version 1.4
3/26/2012 Version 1.0
- Simply delete d_b Whetstone.esp and d_b Whetstone.bsa

Release History
3/28/2012 Version 1.4
3/26/2012 Version 1.0