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NEW: Now with glowing eye textures.
This mod aims to make werewolves more brutal and aggressive by making them sound like savage beasts they are supposed to be, with 3 different sound overhaul versions to choose from.
Now also with werewolf body and eye textures and an optional speed upgrade, and a skyrim video series I made.

Permissions and credits
NOTE: The mod is finished, there will be no more updates!

The final update is a lower volume version of the Alpha werewolf sounds, and HD versions of all three werewolf textures.

The Legend of Cain series is on a pause at the moment!

Who would have thought a simple sound/texture replacer could get this much attention eh? :D

Skyrim mod sanctuary and Legend of Cain shoutout by Gopher

Gopher has finally decided that both my mod and series deserve to be shown to the world in these videos!
- The sanctuary video shows every part of the mod and a detailed walkthrough of how to install every file


These are the original 1.3 werewolf sounds that I made when the mod was first created, and they offer a better, but reduced ''scary and aggressive experience'' as a werewolf (Although, I admit I may have gone a bit too far with the tiger and lion sounds)

CHANGES from Vanilla

- Added a loud wolf howl
- Reworked shout sound
- New transformation sound
- New sounds for ''maul'' and ''feeding kill'' execution moves
- 1 new sound for attacks


This version offers a much more terrifying and vicious experience as a werewolf by adding bone breaking and cracking sounds, some original 1.3 sounds have been kept however, but most have been remade.

CHANGES from Vanilla

- New idle/breathing sounds
- Added a new wolf howl (with the option of downloading the old one)
- A louder and more menacing shout sound
- Most execution moves now include bones cracking and crunching
- The ''feeding kill'' and ''head crush'' execution moves now sound more vicious
- New sound for the feeding animation
- 2 new sounds for attacks

Note: There are two versions - the main version and the second at 70% volume!

This version offers the most terrifying and horrific experience as a werewolf - In addition to bones cracking, blood gushing and splattering sounds have also been added.
Some of the sounds from the previous 2 versions have been kept however, but most have been remade.

CHANGES from Vanilla

- Deeper idle/breathing sounds
- The wolf howl has been kept in this version
- A louder and more imposing shout sound
- In addition to bones breaking and cracking, blood squirting and splattering sounds have been added
- The ''feeding kill'', ''head crush'' and ''maul'' execution moves now sound much more horrific
- The ''feeding kill'' execution move now has a vicious throat tearing climax
- New sound for the feeding animation
- 2 new sounds for attacks

I felt that Skyrim's werewolves were too slow for agile beasts that were supposed to run very fast and outrun any normal human, so I changed the speed a little:

RUNNING SPEED increased by 15%
- The original speed was just about as fast as the player, if not even slower - a werewolf should be able to outrun a human even when not sprinting (also the foot animation now matches the speed instead of dragging on the floor)

SPRINTING SPEED increased by 15%
- Ah, the heart of the problems! By the game guide, werewolves are faster then horses.
But this is not true - you can tell when modding, the numbers dont lie (werewolves are exactly 12% slower then horses)
- With this mod, the werewolves can now run as free and as fast as a wild stallion - teach those damn deer that you are far worse then any common wolf!

WALKING SPEED increased by 30%
- Not that you will ever walk around in your werewolf form, but if you happen to try it, now you can do it a little bit faster!!


USE MY MOD WITH THE FOLLOWING MODS FOR THE BEST EFFECT AND BEST EXPERIENCE AS A WEREWOLF - please don't forget to endorse the authors of these impressive projects (Note that these mods are fully tested for compatibility)

Moonlight Tales - Werewolf and Werebear Overhaul
- This awesome new mod by Brevi/Spwned (The creator of Tales of Lycanthropy) is basically an enhanced version of Tales of Lycanthropy plus my mod
( minus the sounds) - It contains all my retextures and 4 glowing eye models, in addition it also contains werebear transformations and a TON of options for easy customization, including how to make your own wolf form unique! A MUST HAVE MOD for any self-respecting werewolf fan!!!
Tales of Lycanthropy - Werewolf Overhaul
- this mod is something no werewolf lover should ever miss - It gives you a complete overhaul of the werewolf gameplay including the return of the Sanies Lupinus disease from Morrowind, moon based werewolf transformations, new transformation animations etc. and goes along with my mod just perfectly!!!
The mod also contains the unique werewolf model I use for the Alpha werewolf in the pictures.

Werewolf Mastery by RolandSir
- This mod gives you a huge amount of werewolf improvements, all via a single customization ring - Includes various boosts for both the wolf and human form, increasing damage, allowing you to switch shouts and transform in and out of wolf form at will, and even adds a new perk tree.
Improvements are too numerous to list here, but it gives you a TON of bonuses
Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack
- for those who want more variety of textures of all Skyrim's wildlife, don't miss this mod - It not only gives you 3-10 textures for every critter in Skyrim, It also comes with 10 unique werewolf textures!
Automatic Variants
- This mod allows you to use more then one specific texture on NPCs, allowing you to use many different werewolf textures at the same time - use in combination with my AV pack to get 5 unique NPC werewolf types used in the Legend of Cain series
Predator Vision by Gopher
- This mod started out as a mod for vampires, but also works for werewolves - it allows you to see better in the dark ( very good for DARK NIGHTS mods users) and the vision is very clear - it also adds the predator vision sight so you can see warm-blooded creatures around you
Footprints by jonwd7
- Includes footprints for your character and most NPCs and creatures, including werewolves - a great mod for immersion!
Wet and Cold and Get Snowy
- A great immersion duo - when going wolf in cold weather or a blizzard, your werewolf will now be covered in snow and breathe out visible moisture from the nose and mouth, or get wet and drip water drops in the rain!

Nature of the beast II
- This mod is a continuation of the Nature of the beast mod - it adds several sophisticated biological abilities and is best for werewolf players. It allows the player to smell the world, become and live as an Alpha werewolf and the ability to gather and command a wolf/werewolf pack. In addition it allows you to transform into a monstrous lizard similar to a were-dovah.
Bloody Cannibalism
- This mod makes feeding a bit more fun - you rip apart the body and leave a heap of bones and blood on the floor - a bit unrealistic, but very fun

- I will need feedback from you guys on this one but I have tested it alongside some other mods

SOUND FILES - Will directly overwrite any other werewolf sound files (even ToL sounds)
TEXTURE FILES- Will directly overwrite any other werewolf textures
SPEED FILE - Will conflict with other werewolf speed enhancing mods

- The speed will conflict with Advanced Legendary Werewolves, however if my mod is placed first in the load order, it only seems to shut off the speed part of the advanced werewolf mod
- The mod works perfectly along with Tales of Lycanthropy - Werewolf Overhaul but my sounds will overwrite all his sounds until removed
- take note that my shout sound will replace all his shouts, so if you want his shouts just open the data/sound/fx/npc/werewolf and delete the npc_werewolf_shout_01 sound!

1.0 - Your werewolf can now truly howl and scare enemies to death with the new sounds!
1.1 - Now with the option to increase speed, your werewolf will run faster then ever before!
1.2 - Tweaked the speed a bit - upped the running speed by 5% more (now 15% more then vanilla) and increased the sprint speed from 10% to 15% to outmatch the speed of horses
- also solved the weird bug where running sideways would trigger the sprint speed
1.3- Added a lot more sounds including the shout, transformation, finishing moves and attacks
1.4 - Added a new sound set named FERAL WEREWOLF, that offers a more aggressive and brutal experience as a werewolf
1.5 - Mod renamed to HEART OF THE BEAST after multiple complaints about the previous title
1.5 - Added a new sound set named ALPHA WEREWOLF, the most horrific version yet
1.5 - Optional eye textures used in the upcoming Legend of Cain episodes are now available for download
1.6 - Werewolf eye textures replaced with a new improved version - werewolves will now look straight instead of sideways
1.6 - Mod updated with werewolf textures used in the upcoming Legend of Cain episodes - the textures are now a main part of the mod instead optional
1.7 - An updated mesh for glowing eyes has been released, available for both the default and the ''Howling'' werewolf model from tales of lycanthropy
1.7 - A fix for the ''glowing white orbs'' present by default on the eyes is now available for download
1.8 - Updated and improved body and eye textures have been released, fixing previous mistakes like too brightly colored hands and improving the quality and color of the eyes. This is the final update.

1) Spwned/Brevi - Special thanks for their awesome Howling werewolf model that is used both in my series and in the pictures as the Alpha werewolf, an updated version of which with glow maps is available for download! The original model and the mod is available here - Tales of Lycanthropy

2) Elementroar - Special thanks for his help on the glowing eye model meshes!

3) Bethesda for Skyrim and for including werewolves in the game.

4) Magic the Gathering artists for their amazing werewolf art used on the front page.

5) All the people that took time to upload amazing screenshots of their werewolves, a big thanks - just keep 'em coming!

(That goes double for Cain's story - might make me create new videos sooner :D)

Take note that I created my own story here that may conflict with the lore in the games!

Also, the video annotations from youtube may not display properly on these small screens, so it is RECOMMENDED to watch directly on youtube by following the links!


'' Even a man who is pure of heart
And says his prayers by night
May become a wolf
When the wolfsbane blooms
And the Autumn moon is bright ''

Watch the episode in HD 1080p quality on youtube!


This is the pilot episode of the upcoming Legend of Cain series octalogy, the series will use a cinematic ENB to provide realism and a cinematic feel, and I will make sure no ''gameplay'' is visible, to keep it as real as posible!

The 5 minute pilot shows in detail the horrible night that will change Cain's life forever and how the legend itself began - the night his closest friends and comrades all got slaughtered in front of his very eyes, and as the only survivor he was forced to live the rest of his life - as a werewolf... ( More info located in CAIN'S STORY)

[size=7]EPISODE 2 - THE BEAST WITHIN[/size]

'' It is said there is no sin in killing a beast,
only in killing a man...
But where does one begin and the other end? ''

Watch the episode in HD 1080p quality on youtube!


The episode takes place 29 days after the pilot, on the day before the night of the full moon, and shows how lycanthropy is equal parts gift and a curse.
Cain discovers he can use his inner wolf powers in human form to accomplish extraordinary feats of speed and agility, but soon also realises he will be a prime target of the Silver Hand werewolf hunters.
Being a new breed of werewolf ( unlike the Companions), Cain discovers the inner beast can take control of his body if he is injured or agitated, but when it does it will eliminate any threat before fading away, and he can do nothing to stop it - he is not even conscious.
Since this episode takes place a month after the bite, Cain also experiences his Blood Moon ( his first full moon), which marks his first and most painful transformation into a wolf.


'' He who helps the wolf kill,
will be killed by the wolf later. ''

Watch the episode in HD 1080p quality on youtube!


A month has passed since Cain has had his blood moon ( his first full moon), and ever since, he has been haunted by monstrous visions of his time in wolf form, preventing him from restful sleep.
Taking up to drinking to relieve some of the mental stress, he has wandered into an old tavern - completely unaware it's the night of the full moon.
With an impending transformation, and with werewolf hunters in his footsteps, Cain will soon learn that being a werewolf is a heavier burden then he ever expected...

[size=7]EPISODE 4 - PACK MENTALITY[/size]

'' For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf,
and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack. ''

Watch the episode in HD 1018p quality on youtube!


Nearly three months have passed since Cain's first full moon, and Cain has been struggling ever since to keep the beast under control, using all his might. In order to avoid harming anyone, Cain has distanced himself from other people, and lives in the woods as a hunter - traveling to villages rarely and only briefly to buy necessary supplies.
Spending most of his time keeping the beast within under control, Cain has discovered a way to use his curse as a tool - using his enhanced speed, senses and reflexes to aid him in hunting, he has also discovered that wolves treat him with respect.
With the full moon just a week away, Cain is preparing for his next transformation - even though there is no danger yet however, he is about to find out that his wolf may not be as easy to controlas he thought,
once the beast within him hears the call of it's Alpha....

[size=7]THE EVENT TRILOGY[/size]

Before the series itself began I have created a sort of ''sneak-peek'' trilogy of short videos that shows parts of Cain's life.
However NOTE that the story did not exist at the time, the ENB enhancements were not made yet, the custom werewolf textures were not used, and my skills in sony vegas and the in-game console were very poor!

Considering all the flaws,


Watch the episode in better quality on youtube!


When the full moon shines on the night sky for the first time since a person was ''infected'', the human will undergo his first, most agonizing and most painful transformation...


Watch the episode in HD 1080p resolution on youtube!


Werewolves are the greatest hunters of the land, and when they give in to their animal instincts and form a pack - the resulting chaos and bloodshed could be unimaginable...


Watch the episode in HD 1080p resolution on youtube!


Ten long winters have passed since his first full moon, and even though he tried to control the beast within, the call of the hunt was too tempting to pass, the smell of fresh blood was just too strong to resist...
Cain has slowly become intoxicated by the werewolf's power, and still unable to control his ''urges'' even in human form, he has become a wanted man in most of Skyrim's holds - a thousand septims were offered for his capture...


- After the series is finished, there may be a three-part ORIGINS trilogy, each episode explaining in detail the backstory of three major characters - Cain, Varek Lowell and the Alpha.

- Feel free to leave comments if you like the series and if you have questions, and of course if you have any good ideas on how the story should continue!