Gash Murug - the abandoned orc stronghold by Krag
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Added: 26/03/2012 - 07:25PM
Updated: 02/11/2016 - 06:06PM

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Last updated at 18:06, 2 Nov 2016 Uploaded at 19:25, 26 Mar 2012

You are welcome to use my mod however your want and redistribute it, I'd be grateful if someone ports it to SE.

Gash Murug is an abandoned stronghold located in the mountains between Morthal and Whiterun where you can store your goods, eat, sleep, craft, ask for help... oh, and fight dragons!

Having troubles making the mod work?
- If anything doesn't work like it should, disable the mod, make a safe save far from where the stronghold is supposed to be then enable the mod and load your safe save.

Changes in v1.2.2:
- The location now correctly display "Gash Murug" instead of "Ghash Murug".
- Removed wrong cells linked to the mod for better compatibility with other mods.
- Fixed Buhrza's face not displaying correctly.

Changes in v1.2.1:
- Grindstone added.
- Interior forge removed and replaced.
- Walkways added.
- Orcish guardtower added behind the longhouse.
- Gash Murug lore reworked (special thanks to Virrey)
- Navmesh reworked.

Changes in v1.2:
- Woodcutting furniture added.
- Stronghold slighlty enlarged to add a forge outside.
- Trapdoor leading directly to the cellar added behind the longhouse.
- Navmesh reworked.
- Quest script reworked.
- Buhrza stats reworked.
- Burhza now owns an Orcish Bow.

Changes in v1.1.1:
- Added GTFOrc version for those who prefer being alone.
- Buhrza won't flee when the dragon attacks.
- Navmesh reworked.
- Added dragon perches in the stronghold to make dragon fights more interesting.

Changes in version 1.1:
- An Orc NPC, Buhrza available as follower.
- Short quest given by Buhrza.
- The chest in the cellar now faces the right way.
- A few additional meshes outside

This is my first mod and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.
If there's anything you want to ask or report a bug, please do and I'll try to answer as fast as possible.