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!!Toggle Mage Armors (Oakflesh, Stoneflesh, Ironflesh and Ebonyflesh) off first before casting another Mage Armor else you'll have a hard time deactivating all the armors (they don't stack though)!!

Togglespell will make certain spells toggleable and drain your max magicka in return.


- You can't active a toggleable spell if you current (not max) magicka goes below 25 (after casting the toggleable spell). It automatically gets removed after cast.
- Lowers max magicka by a set amount
- Toggles a spell by recasting it
- Keeps a spell on for 100 ingame days unless toggled off
- Will show you the amount of magicka lowered in the active effects
- Does not use a QuestScript

Spells and their Costs

Spell Cost

Candlelight 20
Waterbreathing 40
Flame Cloak 50
Frost Cloak 50
Lightning Cloak 50
Muffle 40
Invisibility 100
Oakflesh 40
Stoneflesh 60
Ironflesh 80
Ebonyflesh 100


Either use NMM to download and install or copy the Data folder into your Skyrim Installation and overwrite when asked.
Then activate the ESP either with NMM, the launcher or some other tool.

*Optional Files always need the original files being installed first unless said otherwise.


Deactive the mod with NMM or delete the files
../Skyrim/Data/ToggleSpells - MagicEffects.esp
../Skyrim/Data/ToggleSpells - Spells.esp


ToggleSpells - MagicEffects.esp will conflict with anything that changes the magiceffects of the toggleable spells and the ones from Mage Armor Perk.
ToggleSpells - Spells.esp will conflict with anything that edits the toggleable spells itself.

Known Bugs

1. Mage Armor spells do not work correctly when trying to override them.
Example; when you're using Oakflesh and have it active and then try to cast Stoneflesh it doesn't apply the first time.. the second time it does but it still makes it rather buggy.
Solution; toggle your previous Mage Armor off before activating another.


Thanks to Bethesda for creating the game and Creation Kit.

Tools Used

Creation Kit


You can use the file however you like just remember to give credits where due.