Aranea Ienith Improved by Damar Stiehl
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Aranea Ienith Improved
Author: Damar Stiehl
Version: 1.0


Aranea Ienith, the priestess of Azura, is not one of the most popular followers because gaining her means giving up the Black Star. It doesn't help that she's also mediocre and a bit ugly. This is a simple mod that improves her a little bit.


ApachiiSky Hair (esm version):


High Quality Eyes:
Less Ugly Elven Faces:
OR Less Harsh Elves:
UNP or CBBE Body mod.


The mod will conflict with anything that modifies the NPC entry for Aranea.
The mod works fine with Increased Follower Limit, Followers Can Relax, Let's Get Naked and other similar mods.


This is a personal mod first and foremost. I am no face designer, but I think Aranea turned out nice - she looks exotic and edgy without straying TOO far into the "anime elf" territory. I think. And yes, her hairdo is a bit on the "XTREME" side. If you think you can do better, you are probably right.

Besdes a facelift, Aranea is now a better companion in general. She will scale all the way into level 80 with you, has Mage Armor perks, and Novice, Apprentice and Adept perks in Destruction, Conjuration and Alteration (since those are the schools that she actually uses).


Q: How do I get her to wear something unhooded?
A: Give her any armor and a helmet, then take away the helmet.

Q: An NPC mod? From you? Really?
A: Yeah, I can't believe it either.

Q: She's still ugly.
A: Probably. Can you do better? Let me see your face skillz. Maybe I'll incorporate it into the mod.

Q: What's in the Aranea.bsa?
A: Exported textures that make her face tints actually show up in the game and cure the "mismatched head and body" Bethesda bug. There are no secret evil hidden scripts that will cause the Adoring Fan to pop out of the bushes every five seconds. Really. Honestly. You can *TRUST* me.