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Swimming speeds reduced when wearing armor. Heavy armor reduces speed more than light. Skinny dipping results in faster swimming. Great for roleplaying.

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This mod gives the player speed penalties for wearing clothing/armor when swimming. Heavy armor reduces swim speed more than light armor.

Swim naked - it's fastest. Excellent for roleplaying.

I thought the default swim speeds were way too fast compared to real life.

I called it Better Swimming instead of realistic swimming, because it's not perfect.

Speed breakdown:

Wearing anything: -10%
Heavy armor: -40% (any item)
Light armor: -25% (any item) (doesn't stack with heavy armor)

Additionally, your inventory weight compared to your carry weight will influence your swim speed as well, up to 40% slower (30% for Argonians) at max capacity.

Wearing heavy armor fully loaded = -80% swim speed

Argonians (and anyone with the active waterbreathing effect) bypass the armor slow downs, so the slowest you could be while waterbreathing is -40% (-30% for Argonians).

If you drop all your stuff by the shore (or in the water) and go skinny dipping, you suffer no penalties.

Feedback wanted.

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Please edit, redistribute, and make derivative works. I would appreciate credit. I'm sure someone out there can make swim speeds more realistic.

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