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Agony's Sorting Frenzy - Ultimate (Included Mod List) 74 Mods

83Willows 101BugsHD v4.1
Apocalypse Spell Package v3.04
Arise - Chapter 1 - The Black Sacrament v4.1
Armored SabreCat Mount v1.01
Ashara Princess of the Woods Armor v3.4
Atvir Dres - The Last Prince of Tear v0.295
Asteria v1.1
Babettes Feast - Improved Cooking v1.1
Bandolier - Bags and Pouches v1.101
Belua Sanguinare Revisited v1.3.9.3
Better Bows v1.4.1
Better Vampires v5.7
Blood Witch Armor v1.1
Build Your Own Home v1.82
Cerwiden -SMART Healer- AI Configurable Companion v1.7.1
Cloaks of Skyrim v1.1
Cooking Expanded v1.2b
DaggerCraft v1.4
Deadly Dragon Armory v4.4.0
Deus Mons v1.211
Divine Aegis v1.5.1
Dovahkin Hideout v0.9.2
Dragon Knight Armor v2
Dragonbone Weapons v3.1.6
Dread Hunter and Huntress Armor Echo v2.2
Dread Knight Weapon Set v0.99
Eisen Platte Armor v1.5
Evil Mastermind Armor v1.0
First Aid v1.3
Frostfall - Hypothermia Camping Survival v2.0
Frostmourne and Lich King's Armor v1.0
Immersive Armors v6
Isilmerial LOTR Weapons v4
JaySuS Swords v13D
Knight of Thorns Armor and Spear v1.0
LC-Become King of Riverhelm v2.5
Leere Armor v1.5
Levelers Tower v3.1
Lustmord Vampire Armor v1.2
Magicka Sabers v0.3
Masters of Death - Sicarius Armor v2.1
Midas Magic v0.08
Monster Wars v5.1
Moonpath to Elsweyr v9.5
Mystic Elven Armor v1.6.5
Nicoroshi's Creations v1.2
Nico's Craftable Arrows v1.5
Omegared99 Armor Compilation v3.6
Phenderix Magic Evolved v4.1
Rayeks End - Mini Hideout v05
Reapers The Dark Tower v1.1
Ritual Armor of Boethiah v4.24
Riverside Lodge with Sauna 1.3.2
Sabre Gear Backpack v2.0a
Scout Armor v2.2
Silver Dragon Armor v1.1
skyBirds - Airborne Perching Birds
Skyrim Monster Mod v10
Sneak Tools v0.61BETA
Tales of Lycanthropy -Werewolf Overhaul v1.5
Temptress Race v1.3
TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim v1.7
TERA Weapons Collection for Skyrim v1.1
Tribunal Robes and Masks v2
Triss Armor Retextured v2.1.1
Tundra Defense - Construct Your Own Outpost v3.06
Tyrael Armor and El-Druin v1.6
Vilja in Skyrim v1.3
Warglaives and Silverlight Armor v0.992
Warzones - Civil Unrest v5B
Weapons of the 3rd Era MoS Edition v1.51
Wearable Lanterns v2.2a
Wet and Cold v1.10
Winter is Coming (Plus Cloaks Patch) v2.1b

Compatible Mods Not Included in Ultimate 15
Balanced Magic v3.05
Complete Crafting Overhaul v1.12
Crafting 300 - Armory of Tamriel v1.0.0
Guard Dialogue Overhaul v1.2
Immersive Weapons v1.3
Imps More Complex Needs v0.25b
More Craftables v2.4.2
Realistic Needs and Diseases v1.8.1
Skyrim Unlimited Rings and Amulets v1.5
Skyrim Redone v0.99.22
The Art of Magicka v7.8
Total Realism - Basic Needs v0.94
Unofficial Dawnguard Patch v1.1.4
Unofficial Skyrim Patch v1.2.6
Vals Crafting Meltdown v1.7a


This is a complete overhaul of Skyrim's menu system. Not the menus themselves, but how everything is sorted. I know there are already a bunch of sorting mods on the Nexus, but they all fell short of what I personally wanted and I never felt comfortable asking someone to spend hours of their time modding for my benefit so I did it myself. I quite literally renamed thousands and thousands of files. I posted some screenshots that should show mostly how I did things, but i'll go more in depth on each section as there are a few things the screenshots do not show.

Agony's Sorting Frenzy is an ongoing project to make as many mods compatible as possible so you don't run into the issues other sorting mods have of their files being overwritten and messed up. I generally stick to the most popular mods (1000 endorsements +) unless I personally use a less popular mod or receive a request for a conversion. The only requests I won't undertake are for the more "adult" mods out there. Nothing against the modders or the people that use them, just isn't my taste.

General and Lore

Anything that had been named Dwarven is now named Dwemer. All the lore I've seen refers to them as dwemer so I felt all their items and constructs should also be referred to as dwemer. Also, Gold has been renamed as Septims for the same reason. The currency has always been Septims so why would they list it as gold in the inventory and menus? Most things should be changed now, however, I do randomly find something that hasn't been and fix it so if you see something just throw me a comment and I'll fix it.

I used the prefix Quest: to label various quest items for easy identification, although I have to give the credit to Valdacil as I used his item sorting mod as a reference. I did not know how to tell if an item was quest or not and have not played the game far enough to really know so I cheated. Valdacil, I believe, was one of the pioneers to the item sorting genre, proceeded only by Better Sorting, and did a really great job. Plus his mod is completely modular so if you decide you only want some items sorted his mod is the way to go. You can find it here

I've added a configuration for Categorized Favorites Menu that should work with my patches for all the mods listed above.

I've also incorporated Lostvampires RelativePrice _ Gold per Weight Value to calculate the amount of gold an item is worth per pound. I sent Lostvampire an email asking permission to merge his mod and I never heard back. If Lostvampire comes around and says he does not want his mod merged with mine I will remove it. You can find the original mod here


All potions and poisons have all been given a prefix to fit them into their own categories. Furthermore, all CREATED potions and poisons will have the same name as any you find in the world space except for the intensity. Also special potions have been better sorted as well while still retaining the original names for lore.

World Space
Poison: Health, Damage I
Poison: Health, Damage II
Poison: Magicka, Lingering Damage V
Potion: Resist Frost II
Potion: Resist Frost IV
Potion: Stamina VI

Poison: Health, Damage
Poison: Health, Damage
Poison: Magicka, Lingering Damage
Potion: Resist Frost
Potion: Resist Frost
Potion: Stamina

Potion: Health {Falmer Blood Elixer}
Potion: Resist Frost {Ice Wraith Essence}
Potion: Stamina {Skooma}


All ammo has been given the prefix Arrow: for easy reference.

Arrow: Bound
Arrow: Daedric
Arrow: Glass
Arrow: Iron


All of the armor and clothing have been given prefixes to be sorted in a more organized fashion. If the item is magical then the enchantment has been listed with the intensity whilst retaining the original name for lore.

Amulet: Ancient Nord
Amulet: Gold Necklace
Amulet: Necklace {Fortify Stamina III} of Major Stamina
Armor: Fur Shoes
Armor: Fur
Armor: Fur Bracers
Armor: Daedric Gauntlets {Fortify Archery V} of Extreme Archery
Armor: Daedric Gauntlets {Fortify Archery VI} of Peerless Archery
Circlet {Fortify Alchemy IV} of Eminemt Alchemy
Circlet {Fortify Destruction III} of Major Destruction
Clothes: Farmer's Boots
Clothes: Fine
Mask: Morokei
Mask: Rahgot
Ring {Fortify Block VI} of Peerless Blocking
Ring {Fortify Two-Handed II} of Sure Grip
Robes: Red
Robes: Red, Hooded
Robes: Novice
Robes: Novice Hood
Shield: Dwemer
Shield: Dwemer {Resist Fire IV} of Fire Suppression


All books, notes, journals, maps, spell tomes, etc have been given their own prefixes. Skill books now have their skill listed and books that give quests are also listed as such. Spell Tomes have in addition been sorted by school and perk level.

Book: Ahzirr Traajijazeri
Book: An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim {Map}
Book: The Legend of Red Eagle {Quest}
Book: The Refugees {Light Armor}
Book: Twin Secrets {Enchanting}
Journal: Faded Diary
Journal: Hunter's
Journal: Ruined Trailbook
Map: Fort Neugrad Treasure
Map: Treasure Map IV
Map: Treasure Map X
Note: Have Need of Cynric
Note: Isabelle's Letter
Note: To the Brotherhood
Recipe: Atronach Forge
Recipe: Invisibility Potion
Recipe: Restore Health Potion
Spell Tome: {Alteration III} Detect Life
Spell Tome: {Conjuration I} Conjure Familiar
Spell Tome: {Conjuration III} Banish Daedra
Spell Tome: {Destruction IV} Icy Spear
Spell Tome: {Restoration V} Bane of the Undead


All items in the miscellaneous menu used in crafting have been labeled with the prefix Craft: for easy identification. I have also added subcategories for groups such as ore and ingots. Furthermore, any mods that add recipes will be gone through and have any additional items labeled with the craft: prefix as needed.

Craft, Gem: Diamond
Craft, Gem: Diamond, Flawless
Craft, Hide: Deer
Craft, Hide: Fox
Craft, Ingot: Orichalcum
Craft, Ingot: Steel
Craft, Ore: Dwemer Cog
Craft, Ore: Iron
Craft, Ore: Quicksilver
Craft: Dragon Bone
Craft: Dragon Scales
Craft: Leather
Craft: Leather Strips

Example with Mods
Craft: Firewood
Craft: Linen Wrap


All food and drinks have been given a prefix to separate them into their own categories.

Cooked: Beef Roast
Cooked: Mammoth Steak
Cooked: Potato, Baked
Drink: Nord Ale
Drink: Nord Mead
Drink: Spiced Wine
Raw: Beef
Raw: Mammoth
Raw: Potato


All ingredients have been given the prefix Ingredient: I realize that they have their own menu in the inventory, however, if you don't have a mod separating the contents of a chest in a similar fashion they can be easily looked over. I also did not sort the ingredients by type (egg, feathers, claws, etc) for the sole purpose of there being many alchemy programs and apps you can use to make alchemy easier. These programs have the ingredients listed in alphabetical order so if I were to sort by type it would mess up the original alphabetical order and make using these programs a pain.

Ingredient: Chaurus Eggs
Ingredient: Large Antlers
Ingredient: Pine Thrush Egg
Ingredient: Small Antlers


Keys have been reworked for the same reason as the ingredients. Also I may have edited some names to make finding the right key a little easier.

Key: Brandy-Mug Farmhouse
Key: Mehrunes' Shrine
Key: Riften Fishery


All items that I saw as vendor trash have been given the prefix Misc: for easy selling. There may some items I missed or wasn't sure of so I'll fix as I find them or if you want to shoot me a comment about any you find I'll fix those as well.

Misc: Bowl, Dwemer
Misc: Cup, Dwemer
Misc: Cup, Glazed
Misc: Linen Wrap


Scrolls have been adjusted in the same fashion as the spell tomes.

Scroll of {Destruction III} Lightning Cloak
Scroll of {Illusion II} Calm
Scroll of {Illusion III} Frenzy

Soul Gems

Soul Gems have been given the prefix Soul Gem: for easy locating. I did not differ the names between empty and filled soul gems as I noticed the game lists the level soul located in the gem for you.

Soul Gem: Black
Soul Gem: Common
Soul Gem: Grand


The spells were a little more difficult to come up with a system that would manage them neatly and hold onto the original names for lore. I decided to sort them by type/effect and perk level more so than by name and am quite happy with the result. Unfortunately sorting by type makes converting magic mods extremely difficult as modders spells generally have more than one effect or the effect is hard to discern. The examples will explain the whole system better.

{Detect III} Life
{Light I} Candlelight
{Protect IV} Ebonyflesh
{Protect V} Dragonhide

{Banish III} Daedra
{Bound I} Sword
{Bound II} Battleaxe
{Bound III} Bow
{Conjure IV} Dragon Priest
{Raise V} Dead Thrall

{Cloak III} Flame
{Fire III} Fireball
{Frost V} Blizzard
{Shock III} Chain Lightning
{Wall IV} of Frost

{Calm II} Calm
{Courage I} Courage
{Courage V} Call to Arms
{Fear II} Fear

{Circle IV} of Protection
{Heal III} Close Wounds
{Heal IV} Grand Healing
{Repel V} Bane of the Undead


Weapons were done in the same fashion as the armor where each type has its own prefix and the enchantment and intensity is listed.

Battleaxe: Bound
Battleaxe: Ebony {Frost IV} of Freezing
Bow: Ebony {Banish V} of Expelling
Bow: Elven {Fire III} of Scorching
Bow: Elven {Soul Trap IV} of Animus
Bow: Nightingale
Dagger: Daedric
Dagger: Ebony {Turn Undead V} Virtuous
Greatsword: Dwemer {Fear II} of Cowardice
Greatsword: Glass {Magicka V} of Enervating
Mace: Dwemer {Shock III} of Shock
Mace: Dwemer {Shock IV} of Thunderbolts
Sword: Ancient Nord
Sword: Blade
Sword: Gauldur Blackblade {Absorb Health IV}
War Axe: Iron, Lunar {Silent Moons III}
War Axe: Orcish
War Axe: Steel
Warhammer: Elven {Absorb Stamina III} of Reaping
Warhammer: Shagrol's

Ultimate File

Agony's Sorting Frenzy - Ultimate is an all in one .esp of all the mods I have made compatible so far with a few exceptions. The Ultimate file is able to work because most mods ADD items into the lists instead of replacing them. Typically the only files not able to be in Ultimate are overhaul mods such as Unofficial Skyrim Patch, More Craftables, and Complete Crafting Overhaul as they replace too many vanilla files. I labelled the files differently so all mods not included would be located at the bottom. All the files are preceded by an _ as in _Unofficial Skyrim Patch, _More Craftables, _Complete Crafting Overhaul.

Another thing to note is that some mods that add items also for some reason edit a vanilla item as well. That edited vanilla item is NOT included in the Ultimate file as is could pose conflicts between mods. An example is Joe Schmo's Superb Bows Mod adds 15 bows and also edits the iron bow and steel bow. Well Wendy's Super Duper Bows Mod adds 20 bows and also edit the daedric bow and steel bow. The Iron and Daedric Bows would be fine, but which Steel Bow should I choose to use? For this reason I just remove the vanilla edits before adding the mod. The exception to this is in the miscellaneous menu with the Craft: items. I do include the changed Craft: items with the mod, but this also poses a problem. If you don't use all the mods Ultimate encompasses then you may have items labelled Craft: that have nothing to do with crafting. I assumed people would rather have this issue than not having the items labelled properly so I went with it.


Just copy the .esp and the Interface folder into the data folder or have the Nexus Mod Manager do it for you. The Main File should load very early in the load order and all optional files should load after it and their respective mods. The ultimate file should load after all included mods.

Change Log

Added Jaysus Swords, Weapons of the 3rd Era, Cloaks of Skyrim, and Lore Friendly Armor Pack

Added Isilmerial LOTR Weapon Collection and Winter is Coming

Added The Art of Magicka (Includes .esp for Ghost Robes), Spell Tome Sorting

Fixes Main File Spell Tome roman numerals to sort properly

Fixes Main File More things that said gold now say Septim
Added Made Alice-Madness Returns Weapons, Better Bows, Blades of Chaos and Athena, Blade of Olympus, Black Tower and Black Sacrament Armor Pack, Dragonbone Weapons, Elven Weaponry, Gizmodian Oblivion Weapons, Nicoroshi's Creations {Nico's Gift, The Bow of the Drow, Wyrmfang}, Triss Armor Retextured, and Scroll/Spell Sorting

Updated Nico's Creations {Doomshard Bow, Nico's Scimitars, Obsidian Axe}
Added Made Crafting 300 - Armoury of Tamriel, The Chronicles of Steel -Skyrim- Realswords, Dragon Bone Weapons Complete, Parsian Weapons Pack, Vini's Legit Food and Rest, and Hothtroopers Creations {Baratheaon Armor, Hedge Knight Armor, Redguard Knight Armor, Vagabond Armor, Warchief Armor}

Added Balanced Magic, Complete Crafting Overhaul, Dovakhiin Hideout, and Sader's Creations {Divine Aegis and Mystic Elven Armor}

Added Weapons of the Third Era MoS Edition requested by Parasyte79

Fixes Main File Dwarven Constructs now say Dwemer and numerous naming errors
Added Unofficial Skyrim Patch and Skyrim Redone

Fixes Main File Naming errors All Files: Renamed .esp's for easier use
Updated Cloaks of Skyrim and Unofficial Skyrim Patch
Added 83Willow's 101Bugs, The Asteria, Bandolier - Bags & Pouches, Deadly Dragons Armory, Immersive Armors, Knight of Thorns Armor, Silver Dragon Armor, and Temptress Race

Fixes Main File Naming errors Cloaks of Skyrim Few adjustments to match Winter is Coming Patch
Updated Better Bows, Crafting 300, Winter is Coming (Includes CoS patch), and Weapons of the 3rd Era MoS
Added Tyrael Armor and Wearable Lanterns.

Updated Isilmeriel's LOTR Weapons
Added Levelers Tower

Fixes Main File Fixed a sorting issue with the Keys
Added Agony's Sorting Frenzy - ULTIMATE!!!!

Updated The Black Sacrament

Fixes Main File Naming errors
Updated JaySuS Swords and Nicoroshi's Creations
Added Divine Aegis, Frostfall, Magicka Sabers, Masters of Death (Sicarius Armor only), Moonpath to Elsweyr, Mystic Elven Armor, Nicos Craftable Arrows.

Fixes Main File Naming errors
Added Armored SabreCat Mount, Build Your Own Home, Deus Mons, Dread Knight Weapon Set, Eisen Platte Armor, More Craftables (Not in Ultimate), Omegared99 Armor Compilation, Rayeks End, Reaper's The Dark Tower, Silverlight Armor, Skyrim Monster Mod, Tribunal Robes Set, and Warzones - Civil Unrest

Updated Unofficial Skyrim Patch

Fixes Main File, Ultimate File Fixed UI so Gold says Septim Thank You Ypselonia!!
Added Phenderix Magic Evolved

Added Total Realism - Basic Needs

Added Blood Witch Armor and Frostmourne & Lich Kings Armor

Fixes Main File, Ultimate File Naming errors and Changed Septim to Septims.
Updated Cloaks of Skyrim, Levelers Tower, Skyrim Monster Mod, Tribunal Robes, and Tyrael Armor
Added Atvir Dres - Last Prince of Tear, Belua Sanguinare Revisited, Cerwiden -Smart Healer-, Dread Hunter and Huntress Armor Echo, Imps More Complex Needs, LC-Become King of Riverhelm, SkyBirds - Airborne Perching Birds, TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim, Tundra Defense - Construct Your Own Outpost, Vals Crafting Meltdown, and Vilja in Skyrim

Added Skyrim Unlimited Rings and Amulets requested by Solongchu

Fixes Main File, Ultimate File Deleted unplayable files, Added missing enchants, Removed fortify from armor enchantment names, Added spaces in weapon/armor enchants to allow roman numerals to sort properly, Cleaned with Tes5Edit
Added Dawnguard support, No spell book/magic version requested by Archontic , Customized Favorites Menu config requested by Fuzzemz

Updated Unofficial Skyrim Patch
Added Unofficial Dawnguard Patch

Fixes Main File, Ultimate File Random Naming Errors Mods Fixed errors and deleted useless files in Bandoliers Bags & Pouches, Belua Sanguinare, Arise-Black Sacrament, Build Your Own Home, Cerwiden, Cloaks of Skyrim, Complete Crafting Overhaul, Crafting 300, Dovahkin Hideout, Imps More Complex Needs, Knight of Thorns Armor, Nicoroshi Creations, Omegared99 Armor Compilation, Reapers The Dark Tower, Temptress Race, Triss Armor Retextured, Tyrael Armor, Vals Crafting, Winter is Coming
Updated The Art of Magicka, Balanced Magic, Dragonbone Weapons, Frostfall, Immersive Armors, Isilmeriel LOTR Weapons, More Craftables, Phenderix Magic Evolved, SkyRe, TERA Armors, Tribunal Robes and Masks, Unofficial Dawnguard Patch, Unofficial Skyrim Patch
Added Apocalypse Spell Package, Ashara Princess of the Woods Armor, Babettes Feast requested by TehHobo, Better Vampires, Cooking Expanded requested by TehHobo, DaggerCraft, Dragon Knight Armor, Evil Mastermind Armor, First Aid requested by nynik, Guard Dialogue Overhaul, Immersive Weapons, Leere Armor, Lustmord Vampire Armor, Midas Magic, Monster Wars, Realistic Needs and Diseases requested by nynik, Ritual Armor of Boethiah, RIverside Lodge with Sauna, Sabre Gear Backpack, Scout Armor, Sneak Tools, Tales of Lycanthropy, TERA Weapons, Total Realism, Wet and Cold requested by Akyute Also Added a No Dawnguard Version of 3.0 requested by Akyute which will no longer be supported and I merged RelativePrice _ Gold per Weight Value Created by Lostvampire