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Superseded by my new mod here:

A Video by beatbox567:


Spartans have found their way into Tamriel, in their secret hideout under Whiterun, they plot. They wait-patience is not something to be overlooked- for the time will soon come when their crimson army engulfs all of Tamriel! Will you, the Dova, lead the Spartan army to victory?

This mod contains:

1) craftable standalone Spartan armor, boots, gloves, helm and shield. They are easy to make, as good as daedric and require the advanced smithing perk.

2) Five unique Spartan followers, Leonidas, Dilios, Artemis, Stelios and a generic Spartan. They should all level up to 100 apart from the generic Spartan who’s capped at 50, to try to balance any battles you have. Also they have almost all the block perks, but I don’t think the game allows npc’s to benefit from *all* of them.

3) A Spartan faction-this is only really used for battles to make them aggressive to most things.

4)A small Spartan hide out. I’ve kept its appearance in skyrim limited to a trapdoor so it’s not imposing on game play when not using the Spartans. It’s located west of Whiterun and has its own map marker.

patch 1.3 or higher.


Just drop the data folder into your Skyrim folder and make sure the mod is activated.


West of Whiterun. It has a map marker called Spartan HIdeout.

Change Log:

V11, the esm, bsa and bsl will say v10-this was an oversight on my part when I originally made the mod-should have kept the version number out of the file name.

1)This version lowers the minimum level of all Spartan followers from 20 to 10. Don’t want them too over powered early on.
2)Lowered the level multiplier on the generic Spartan, from 1 to 0.9, in an effort to make him slightly weaker.
3)Double checked to make sure the generic Spartans were non-essential and would respawn.
4)Added decapitating perks to all followers
5)Added a craftable, standalone Spartan Spear. It comes under steel in the smithing menu. It’s reach is slightly longer than a sword and is slightly slower. Its damage is slightly higher than that of a daedric sword.
6) added the Spartan spear to all Spartan followers.

To Update, just merge the data folder in the mod with the data folder in your skyrim directory, the new files should override the old ones.


I highly recommend expired6978’s increased follower limit mod. This will enable you to lead a vast Spartan army through Skyrim.

More muscular men texture normals is actually really good to use with the Spartan armor.


Open the console and type,
"Help Spartan"
This will give you the npc code for the generic Spartan, now type,
"player.placeatme" "BBBB" "XX"
Where BBBB is the generic Spartan npc code and xx is the amount you want to spawn.

Hope you like it, if so please endorse!!

Known issues:

For some reason the Spartan armor; when displayed in the menu screen, seems to render near the bottom of the screen. Haven't a clue why it does that-it doesn't detract from its usability thankfully.


Do not upload this mod anywhere without specific permission from me. Do not upload this mod on Steam Workshop.

Thanks to:

Davis237834 for his shield

Solidus2845 for his armor

The Spear mesh was made by Hel Borne and ZuSkunks, the texture by Sushiyant: